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Wisconsin Badgers Football Coaches Pay - Competitive

In Bret Bielema's quest to give a decent reason for leaving Wisconsin he has thrown the Badgers under the bus saying that the resources weren't there to pay coaches competitive salaries. This in fact is a load of ... as Mr. Chryst was at the top of his profession for pay during his tenure as offensive coordinator.

Even after this season when the Badgers had a large turnover in assistants their combined pay added up to around 21st in the NCAA. That is a real high number when you consider that Bielema likes to hire upwardly mobile assistants which means that most were being promoted and don't have as much service time in the profession as other places equally less pay. Bielema indicated he had three coaches get offers after the Nebraska game for substantial raises from other schools and he said he couldn't compete on pay. Don't let Bret fool you he didn't say if they were going to be getting a promotion to obtain that pay as they likely were. Also remember Bielema hired inexperienced coaches with a low starting point, it isn't like the Badgers have never raised the pay of an assisstant worthy of merit.

Bielema complains he can't retain coaches but then he purposely likes to hire the best young upwardly mobile college coaches. If he couldn't compete at Wisconsin how on earth did he hang onto Doeren for as long as he did with everyone knowing he was college footballs elite rising stars in the coaching profession. How has Bret been able to hang on to Hammock for more than one year as he clearly has a future bigger than what he is at. How did Bret manage to hire Azzani last year to coach the wide receivers when everybody had him pegged as a rising star in the coaching ranks. How did he manage to hang onto Ash with Doeren not around as a friend?

If Bret Bielema has one complaint it might be that Barry didn't let him go out and find the best offensive coordinator he could find, because we will agree that Canada seems like a fiscally conservative move. The fact is though maybe just didn't like the guy they were going to get that much more for the big money and there just wasn't an offensive coordinator on the market last year with enough upside to justify the salary.

Make no mistake about it the staff that is hired at Wisconsin for 2013 by the coach Barry hires will have more than enough resources to compete. Bret Bielema has been ripped apart for his national championship argument and he should be equally ripped for his coaching pay argument. If you have one more question the answer is yes if Bielema asked Barry for 3.4 million he would have gotten the money if necessary.


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