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What Assistants are Leaving Wisconsin with Bret Bielema for Arkansas

It is a very interesting question of what assisstants are leaving Wisconsin for Arkansas with Bret Bielema. One of the things Barry Alvarez always said is you should always know what assisstants you want with you when you take on a head coaching job, so who does Bret know he is taking? Last year we could just see the power battle that would have ensued had he wanted any of the current assistants to come with him, Chryst would have gotten the UW job within 30 seconds of his departure and it would have been an all out war on allegience to the man. The thing is that most of the ones you would have thought left with Chryst to begin with.

So the question is who did Bret recruit to Wisconsin knowing he would want them somewhere else? It certainly wasn't the orriginal offensive line coach, was it Matt Canada, we think not considering he isn't the rising star that Bielema seems to prefer.  Was it Eddie Faulkner, no he was a former Wisconsin player under Barry not a Bielema guy. Was it Andy Buh the linebackers coach who had been a defensive coordinator in the past, no he doesn't fit the mold of the type of coach Bielema relates with.  Was it Zach Azzani the wide receivers coach of one year, yes we assume he is gone. But that is only one coach out of six hired that you could point to and clearly see that is who Bielema would want with him at Arkansas to build a staff, they ask you who you would take and how you will build your staff and he sure had to give Arkansas a better answer than the wide receiver coach for a team that has one productive receiver.

The fact is on the surface Bielema looks like a lone rider looking for some hired guns, but the fact is we know that isn't the case he knows better and has his list. Face the facts there were no Doeren, Ash or Hammond type hires despite needing 6 new coaches, Wisconsin should have been a top destination for the very young coach and it wasn't. So we will leave you with this sobering fact, Bret Bielema last year didn't recruit the top guys on his list to come to Wisconsin, instead he saved them for another day. It is going to be very interesting how soon he builds a staff and the people on it.

Update: Ash has left for Arkansas, which is logical and points to our theory that Ash is the sort of normal hire Bret would have gone for last year when he hired 6 new coaches but for some reason none besides Azzani was a typical hire.


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