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UW Badgers Three Running Backs and a Cloud of Dust

The UW Badgers showed Nebraska what Big 10 football is all about, running the football down your throat until you are broken. Of course these Badgers do it a little differently than the old mantra three yards and a cloud of dust, instead we are nicknaming them Three Backs and a Cloud of Dust because they sure gain more than three yards when things are clicking. Against Nebraska they clicked for over 10 yards a carry, touchdown after touchdown and over 500 yards of pure rushing pleasure as they found the corner, the middle and every seam in between. Who knew a running game can be more explosive than the most explosive passing game.

Give credit where credit is due this offensive line and the play calling of Matt Canada have come light years since the days of Oregon State disasters, however you absolutely do not run for over 500 yards of offense twice in a season unless you have running backs that have pure talent. At Wisconsin we know something about this because just think back to the history, a Heisman winner who holds the NCAA record for rushing yards couldn't pull it off behind an all everything offensive line and with other backs helping him who had NFL talent. In the days of Fletcher and Moss and an outstanding line it couldn't be done, no in order to rip of yardage like this you need two running backs that are the best in the game and the Badgers have that in Ball and Gordan, and when your third back is James White that is how you rip off 500 yards of rushing.

Ball has the footwork, the patience and the vision that you just can't coach and that is why he is now the all time touchdown leader in NCAA history, which when you think about accomplishments is pretty high up the list. Gordan has the pure athleticism that can't be taught as well as a toughness and drive at the end of runs that for a freshman has to have the rest of the conference cringing. Melvin Gordan is going to own the Big Ten next year in a way that hasn't happened since the days of Dayne. With White you get a player that just knows how to play football, he doesn't have the pure uncoachable talent the other two backs have but he does a lot of things correctly and most any other team would be delighted with him as their feature back.

This season has put the explanation point on something the rest of the country should get around to acknowledging and that is that Wisconsin is Tailback U. If you are a talented high school back it shouldn't be hard to make up your mind on where you should be playing if you want to use your talent to the best of your abilities and probably have a little fun in the process.


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