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UW Badgers Rose Bowl, Rose Bowl, Rose Bowl

Say it with me Badger fans out loud just once UW Badgers Rose Bowl, Rose Bowl, Rose Bowl. That is right your UW Badgers are going back to Pasadena for their third Rose Bowl appearance in three years, how do you even wrap your mind around that. We know all the buzz kill the nay sayers will say, they didn't win the last two they lucked into the third one and to that I say OK fine have your opinion but this program is doing many very good things the right way and that is an undeniable fact.

I don't think Barry Alvarez ever imagined in his wildest dreams when he took of the UW program that he would one day get a chance to face is alma mater Nebraska in a meaningful title game and the UW Badger football team would take the Huskers to the wood shed for the second time in two years. I had my doubts with Bielema, and who hasnt' (heck even about 5 weeks this year) but it doesn't matter if your team is playing in the WAC, Division III, or flag football you win the conference three years in a row with a bunch of new players every year you are doing many things well.

Lets just look at some of the facts the Badgers have won a confernence championship in three consecutive years with three different quarterbacks, how does that even happen. If you told me that a team was going to win a crown in three straight years I would tell you that they have the same All Conference QB who is an NFL draft pick at least two of those years, nope not Wisconsin. What else would you expect, how about a coaching staff that is extremely consistant and has their schemes working at a top notch rate, the Badgers got the first two with a little of this but the third is inspite of it. Now your saying the consistant theme is an All American caliber running back for three straight years and while we say you are on to something, lets make this clear the line has a big part to do with Ball's success and that has had consistant turnover.

Right now the Badgers have some secret sauce in their program and when things are clicking on offense which they are doing like no other time in the Badgers program this team is fun, and down right scary if you are an opposing team. Big Ten football has been around a whole lot of years and you find a team that put it in the back of the end zone for three straight years ever in the Big Ten like the Badgers have done, admit it when they are on this team is an absolute joy to watch that sparks the talk of you are doing something wrong not to win a National Championship by now. To be able to say that the Badgers should have expected to win a National Championship as a program is all you need to know.

Let us know your thoughts, but our feeling is this team just caught lighting in a bottle to finish out the year and Stanford isn't going to know what hit them because the Badgers are going to light the scoreboard up like they did against Oregon with the difference being Stanford is going to have no answer on offence. Badgers are going to make a lot of people very quite in about a month.

On Wisconsin!


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