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Bielema Leaves Badgers with Frantic Search

Barry Alvarez said everything you need to know he was shocked that Bret Bielema left for Arkansas. This means that Barry Alvarez wasn't listening or looking for the signs. Let us hope really hard that Barry has been practicing what he has said in the past that you need to have a plan for who your hires are if people leave. Right now Barry Alvarez has to find a coach and with the early vacancies just filled up with what seems to be the top available coaches he is left looking for the chair to sit in. In fact if Bielema would have announced his decision a week sooner the Badgers coaching search would have completed before it got started because Dave Doeren would be wearing Red and White on the sidelines in the Rose Bowl, but that isn't what has happened.

Who is the Badgers next football coach, it seems we are going to have a lot of suspense in front of us because while Barry says he is already working on it we doubt it will come easy. The fact is there is nobody left on the staff after last years departures of assistant coaches who can just be promoted to the head coach, Ash isn't a Bielema he isn't at the level where he gets a Wisconsin job without coaching a mid-major and proving himself. Doeren was a Bielema and it was debatable that he needed to go to a mid-major but he did and it paid off with a better major conference job than he would have gotten without the Northern Illinois job.

Who is out there for assistant coaches because that is who we will likely get, is it back to the Notre Dame tree with the year they are having, does Stanford have someone to poach? It isn't going to be a Big Ten coaching jumping ship because there aren't any worth taking other than the ones completely under lock and key. Who is the next Wisconsin head coach the fact is it is very hard to say and that probably isn't the best thing.

The Wisconsin Badgers Football program is in territory it hasn't been in for over 20 years complete chaos and disarray and it happened in the blink of an eye.


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