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Badgers Head Coach Rumor Mike Riley

A new big time Badgers head coach rumor has emerged as Mike Riley. This seems like an interesting rumor for sure in that he has something with his head coaching experience in the NFL and has been a star sort of coach in the past with the exception of coaching Oregon State partially because he is from Corvalis. We all know that Oregon State beat the Badgers this year and there is absolutely no doubt that Barry is very familiar with Mike Riley. Riley also comes with the offensive pedigree that we think that Barry covets while also having a defensive background, we really think this is the gold combination he is looking for.

We don't know what to think of this rumor because there are a ton of great things about Mike Riley, he got offered the USC job because he truly is a top notch game changing coach at the college level. The one thing we worry about is that he doesn't probably have the midwest connections on the recruiting trail, has he been keeping a list of who he would bring to Madison. We believe Barry ideally would like to go with someone younger but Mike does probably have 8 good years left before a transition could be made to a rising coaching star with Badger blood like Bollinger or Rudolph.

The one thing that we think actually makes this deal work out is that the Badgers have a very young stud offensive line coach Riley can retain and be set with the heart of the team and be left to work magic with the rest of the offense. The other item is it sounds like Canada would like to stay so the two of them potentially working together might be pretty potent. The other item is if potentially he kept Charlie Partridge as defensive coordinator that would help as Charlie is a solid recruiter and has done a good job with the defense, Partridge seems to be a better coach than Ash as it is.

Could this Badgers coaching rumor be true would Mike Riley leave Oregon State again, we think yes because if you look at his history he is a go getter with an itch to prove himself. Our guess is he is about ready for another excursion from Oregon State. Mike Riley wasn't on our radar but this is very intriguing and we are guessing would make a very big splash in the college football scene as a redemption moment for loosing Bielema.


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