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Badgers Coaching Rumors: NFL List

There are many Badgers coaching rumors because despite the fact that we all know Barry Alvarez had a list ready to go before Bielema left, none of us actually have a clue who is on it. For those of you who aren't Badger fans you should know that Barry just likes to be prepared and has always had that list in case his head coach gets hit by a bus or something tomorrow. The list is the reason why to quote Barry I don't use search services they use me.

So the question is what are the realistic Badgers coaching rumors that involve NFL coaches because we have heard some good ones.

Darrell Bevell - Seattle Seahawks Offensive coordinator won a Rose Bowl at QB for the Badgers under Barry. Take him out of consideration he could have been on your list when Bielema was hired and Barry didn't go that route, he won't go that route now. Bevell isn't a college coach.

Brad Childress - Former Vikings head coach and former Wisconsin Offensive Coordinator under Barry Alvarez. You can cross this one off the list, he is about as inspiring for young men as your calculus professor.

Mike Holmgren - Won a Super Bowl with the Packers likes the idea of the front office as well, so he could take over Barry when he decides to hang up the AD job. Not a chance in the world, he is even more fleet footed than Bielema.

Pete Carroll - Seatle Seahawks coach and former USC coach. Very, very small possibility as he would be an explanation point hire and he has been known to get burnout from the NFL. Honestly this is like a 1% chance though especially with the shape he left USC in.

Steve Mariucci - Former Packers QB coach and former 49ers coach. Is a likable guy who players would love but has proven he probably isn't a good enough coach or focused enough.

Tony Dungy - No it will never happen despite your crazy dreams, if he wanted to go to college football the Gophers would back the money truck up rename the stadium and any other wild and crazy thing they could come up with.

Mel Tucker - Currently with the Jaguars, is a rising star in coaching and played for Barry. He doesn't have head coaching experience like Barry is looking for and made a decision to go down the NFL route.

Mike Sherman - Former Packers and Texas A & M coach. Might actually be a good hire in a caretaker role as he did help recruit the first freshman to win a Heisman and nobody has ever said anything negative in his approach to coaching the college game. It just won't happen at Wisconsin as the spotlight on him would be far to intense.

So there you have it those are the Badgers coaching rumors that we currently know of and as you can see we don't think the Badgers next football coach will be from the NFL.


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