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UW Badger Basketball vs UW Milwaukee - Live Blog, TV Info

The UW Badger basketball team takes on the UW Milwaukee Panthers tonight and we are going to try for a live game blog for a good junk of the game. For those of you Badger fans looking for the UW Badgers vs UW Milwaukee on TV hopefully it is on in your area otherwise you are in luck for this one as it is on the internet legally at http://www.horizonleague.org/live/4577, now just because we gave you the link doesn't mean to not follow the live blog at all.

What we are looking for in this game is first can Jordan Taylor snap out of his shooting troubles, next can Ben Brust show he is reliable game in and game out, the same goes for Berggren can he be consistant, and finally how will the Badgers do against a team that defends behind the arc. We look for this game to go pretty well in the Badgers favor due to the defense but you never know.

UW Badgers Basketball Live game blog:
Badger score 60 Milwaukee 54
Milwaukee scores the first 2, we missed it.
Ryan Evans converts down low to tie it at 2, good idea early.
Milwaukee with a couple chances misses from 3.
Ryan Evans again down low putting 2 more in, nice hustle tipping in his miss.
Milwaukee with a quick miss from 3.
Taylor drives and puts it in Badgers up 8 to 4.
Evans gets out muscled down low and gives up 2 points for Milwaukee.
Badger score 8 Milwaukee 6
So far not a lot of great defense for the Badgers, the Badgers so far are going to work down low with fairly good success.
Evans works down low and hits a wide open Bergrren and he buries the open 3, 11-6.
Milwaukee takes another 3 off the front iron.
The Badgers swing to Brust and he is wide open for a deep 3 and drills it, long look but don't leave the kid open.
Milwaukee puts up another hard 3. Badgers foul down low. Milwaukee hits 1 of 2. 14-7.
Taylor stops and shoots and he is cold early again.
Milwaukee with another hard 3 miss and the Badgers can't get the board. Bergrren with a nice block. Bruiser gets beat down low and fouls his second. Milwaukee makes 1 of 2. 14-8.
Kaminsky with an early 3 and it is hard, Badgers miss another 3 and it goes the other way.
Nice job of Taylor drawing the charge, Taylor sits.
Evans backs it in for 2 more so he has 6,, nice work.
Rough jumper by Milwaukee.
Brust on the dribble, kicks it back. Brust handling a lot on this position. Brust had a great runner that looked like it was going down anyways but then Kaminsky goaltends. Shoot, nice move by Brust.
Timeout: That was a real nice looking position by Brust as he was clearly being counted on to generate offense. Where is Gasser? Kaminsky getting some good minutes there but it was a learning experience.
Badger score 16 Milwaukee 8
Milwaukee working hard on offense now, settle for a three that is way off.
Badgers working the offense on this trip and Taylor turns it over.
Milwaukee really working offense now and they don't get a shot off. Out of the timeout they clearly stressed movement but they aren't shooting now.
Taylor drives and forces up a bad runner.
Milwaukee misses down low and Taylor goes on the break and it gets ugly for the UW but Taylor gets it back and finishes.
Quick Milwaukee miss. Ryan Evans almost with a nice shot down low, really pretty just didn't get the roll.
Milwaukee rushes up a shot, misses and fouls Taylor out of frustration. 18-8.
Badgers work Kaminsky a wide open 3 and he misses, they get the rebound but can't put it back.
Milwaukee rushes the other way to a quick miss down low.
Badger score 18 Milwaukee 8 7:30
Well that little bit of basketbal got pretty ugly on both sides, interesting to see the Badgers really looking to get Brust and Kaminsky involved. Milwaukee in an 0-11 shooting slump.
Ryan Evans takes it to the hole and gets hacked hard. Evans smooth on the first and the second. Nice game so far by Evans.
Badgers with a team block down low, Evans might have been involved again.
Brust with the pretty pass on the drive down low to Kaminsky for the finish and that was great.
Milwaukee gets open down low for the easy two.
Nice pass to a cutting Brust, he is fouled but can't finish. Brust hits his 2 foul shots 23-10.
Milwaukee works for a good luck at a three and hits it, gets the crowd involved.
Badgers miss a couple down low, Wilson with a tough shot.
Milwuakee misses on the runner, bad Badger defense.
Nice ball movement to the cutting Gosser and he finishes. 26-13.
Off the dribble Milwaukee hits a three, that was bad defense.
Double dribble by Taylor and that is his second turnover, his play is unfortunately brutal right now. The Badgers would be well served to maybe try and get Finley or someone to give him a pep talk because he is really struggling now.
Badger score 26 Milwaukee 13
Badgers abused down low and give up the foul. Milwuakee misses both.
Brust drives and pops but misses, you could tell he thought it was money but no.
Brust and Evans abused down low and give up the easy 2.
Bergrren with an early three shot that was way short and Milwaukee is getting back into this.
Milwaukee stops and hits the mid range jumper now down 6.
Badgers really need a timeout, Brust misses on three and he was going the other way because he thought he hit it and he didn't. Badgers lucky to get the ball back.
Bergrren hits a three after some nice movement.
Milwaukee shoots a quick 3 and turns it over.
Badgers score 44 Milwaukee 39
Badgers aren't finishing this half very well, nice to see the cofidence from Brust but he needs to learn to follow the shot if he thinks he nailed it or not.
Shot clock is off as the Badgers work clock. Badgers work it down low and Evans puts it in with 3 seconds left.
Badger score 41 Milwaukee 27Well Evans came out and has had a real nice half. Brust is playing hard on offense and he has had a couple just not fall the way he wanted, overall really pretty great except not following all shots. Kaminsky got a lot of minutes and needs them to improve. Taylor is just really struggling right now, don't know what else to say.  Bergrren has done some nice things on offense at times but also has been abused at times on defense. The Badgers are shooting the ball well from the free throw line, not missing one as of yet.

Second Half:
Milwaukee doesn't go up hard enough down low.
Taylor hits a three on the Badgers first trip maybe that gets him going.
Bruiser picks up another 3 down low. Evans almost gets the steal on the inbound.
Badgers give an easy two on a switch down low.
Bergrren backs it in and is fouled but can't convert the bucket.  He hits 2. 36-22.
Milwaukee drives the lane and is fouled. Panthers miss both from the stripe.
Evans works down low and gets fouled on the turn around jumper. Evans knocks home 1 of 2.
Gasser gets abused by the taller player down low. Panthers make 1 of 2 37-23
Badgers work it down low to Bergrren and he converts.
Nice move down low by Harsma for Milwaukee for the score.
Brust does a nice fake to get an open 3 but is a little off.
Bergrren gets abused down low and gives up the bucket.
Taylor fouled out high on the dribble. Evans draws the foul and hits 2 foul shots and now has 13.
Harsma abuses Kavinsky and he will get to shoot 2.
Milwaukee misses both free throws and they are brutal from the line.
Badger score 41 Milwaukee 27
Evans on the stop jumper and he is on fire, draws the foul as well and makes it the old fashion 3.
Milwaukee misses the three and another shot.
Taylor with a quick miss but Evans with a rebound in a career night for him.
Badger score 44 Milwaukee 27
Badgers with a quick miss down low.
Milwaukee can't hit in the paint and the Badgers clear the boards.
Badgers working the offense this trip, and Brust tries a runner and gets blocked.
Nice runner by Milwaukee, a little bit of a transition play.
Evans tries another jumper but can't connect.
Kaminsky picks up a foul battling down low away from the play.
Milwaukee misses the straight away three.
Bergrren turns it over as he steps on the line down low. Bo Ryan upset on the hip check that pushes him out a little.
Badgers give up a quick three pointer and that gets the crowd going.
Taylor tries to go the other way and score quick down low and is way off.
Milwaukee goes down the other way and hits another three to get within 9. At this point Bo might need to actually bench Taylor as he is hurting this team.
Badger score 44 Milwaukee 39
Badgers make one of 2 foul shots and then Milwaukee hits a three in transition.
Badgers turn it over down low.
Milwaukee drives and Taylor gets beat and another bucket Milwaukee on a 13-1 run. Taylor needs to sit.
Taylor drives and misses quick, he is still out there.
Taylor gets abused again in the paint, Milwaukee makes the shot and Taylor fouls. Taylor needs to sit the heck down becuase this is brutal.
Badger score 45 Milwaukee 43.
Taylor on the dribble on the wrong side of a 16 to 1 run. Crowd into the game.
Taylor pusts up an absolute brick of a forced three.
Milwaukee tries a quick 3 but misses and Badgrs coming back.
Gasser finally scores down low. 47-43.
Timeout Milwaukee
Hopefully this timeout give Bo enough time to think about placing the senior Taylor at the end of the bench before he looses this game. Taylor has been abused on defense and on offense has been a disaster missing bad shots leading to buckets going the other way.
Milwaukee misses a nice look down low.
Taylor on the dribble and he turns it over, what does Bo not see.
Milwaukee misses an open 3 and the Badgers get the board.
Long three by the Badgers is off and then Bergrren commits a foul trying to get the board.
Badger score 47 Milwaukee 43.
Not sure how Bo can't sit Taylor now, his play has been beyond bad senior leader or pre-season All American unfortunately for the good of the team he needs to sit.
Milwaukee scores and it is now 47-46 Badgers.
Badgers can't score and Milwaukee back the other way. Shot goes up and out of bounds off of Milwaukee.
Taylor still on the dribble, Bergrren goes up with the jumper and is fouled. 5 minutes left.
Bergrren hits 1 of 2.
Milwaukee drives the lane and ties it, the Badgers can't do anything on defense down low.
Brust throws it down low on a wild pass and lucky it hit a Panther out of bounds.
Badgers run down the clock and Bergrren hits a three out top at the buzzer. Big shot. 51-48.
Brust abused down low and gives up the easy 2. 51 - 50.
Taylor drives down low, spins and finally scores. 53-50.
Milwaukee travels.
Badger score 53 Milwaukee 50
Milwaukee goes big out of the break, Milwaukee fouls away from the ball. Taylor was trying to cut and gut a bump. Taylor hits 2 of 2. 55-50.
Milwaukee shoots a long quick 3 and the Badgers get the board.
Evans works down low and throws to Brust who is well off on the stop jumper.
Bergrren redirects the ball and Gasses can't slide and save it.
Milwaukee has to shoot a deep three and it doesn't draw iron.
Under 2 minutes and the Badgers work clock. Taylor on the dribble and he drives and throws up a terrible shot.
Evans gets beat to the rim and Milwaukee scores and is down 3.
Badger score 55 Milwaukee 52
Taylor still in the game and on the dribble, Badgers need points only up 3. Taylor with a deep 3 and he hits it.
Milwaukee shoots a long 3 and that is way off. Badger tie it up on the board but it stays with the Panthers.
Milwaukee down 6, Milwaukee with an open look and the Badgers foul on the board what a critical mistake.
Milwaukee hits both.
Milwaukee with the full court press but Gasser breaks it and runs a bunch of time of the clock.Gasser misses the front end and Milwaukee misses a quick 3.
6.6 seconds left and it looks like the Badgers will likely pull it out. Bergrren with the foul shot make.
Badgers win this one 60 to 54 in what was an ugly second half for the Badgers on the road as they were outplayed and dominated inside.


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