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Montee Ball Heisman 2012

Montee Ball should win the Heisman in 2012, because when you say Montee Ball you said it all. Of course the last part is our catchy slogan that Montee Ball needed from day one going into this tough Heisman trophy pageant, and that is what it is a pageant because if this was a real deal award they would already be polishing that good looking thing up for Montee. We have the utmost respect for the other players in contention for the 2012 Heisman but lets be realistic now, playing in a conference with great defenses built to stop the running game Mr. Montee Ball put on a rushing show this nation hasn't seen in probably a decade or more. What the other Heisman candidates have done is great but it isn't legendary. Montee Ball just had 4 touchdowns in an epic Championship game against an extraordinarily talented defense, he has 32 rushing touchdowns and 6 receiving touchdowns, he leads the nation in rushing while playing in a balanced offense, and a passer rating of 504.4.

We are going to give you the quick argument as to why Montee Ball should win the Heisman by comparing to the other competitors.

First lets take care of the running back competition vs pretty much only Trent Richardson of Alabama. Trent is a quality player but his Heisman worthiness shouldn't even be a topic with Ball in the mix, for comparison Montee has 14 touchdowns against ranked teams and Richardson has 3; end of story. Montee also has a 6.4 yards per carry versus Richardson's 6.0 and Montee has more yards, and a better arm what more do you need to hear.

Next lets take care of the real competition and that is the Quarterbacks. The real competition comes from Baylor's Robert Griffin. Griffin has had a great season even exceptional if you look at past years except for one key stat and that is he isn't leading to touchdowns which are the ultimate goal, this year the running back has had the more special season and frankly his passer efficiency rating is off the charts at 504.4 so if you need your Heisman winner to be a passer you are in luck. In all seriousness Griffin is great, however how much better is he than the Badger's own Wilson and the stats and the tape will tell you not much. Sure Griffin now leads the nation in passer rating over Wilson but it is 192.3 vs 191.6, he has thrown for 5 more touchdowns than Wilson but actually trails Case Keenum by 9. Griffin is great but Ball had the better season and what people forget is that as shown by his passing and 6 touchdown catches he is also more multi-dimensional than the competition.

The football nation needs to see the facts for what they are Montee Ball pretty much had the quietest historic season in history. Griffin's season was great and will live on, Ball's is the season that should be celebrated for years and years to come.


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