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Montee Ball Denied Doak Walker? What, How?

Montee Ball was denied the Doak Walker award we sort of saw it coming with the clear hype machine, but this is one of the most blatant screwups in recent voting for "major" trophies. As you know Alabama's Trent Richardson won the award given to the "nations best" running back". I really thought this award was more of a pure award that was actually based more in reality but clearly that was wrong.

We haven't touched on this yet but want to throw this out there on how impressive Ball's touchdown numbers are in reality. What the nation somehow hasn't grasped is that Ball is scoring a historic level of touchdowns on a team with a number of other big time playmakers that could be getting the opportunity and responsibility in the red zone. The Badgers have a legit Heisman trophy QB contender and he isn't looked at to throw it into the end zone to two very capable receivers and a high quality tight end. You combine this with the fact that Big Ten defenses know who is getting the rock in the red zone and they haven't done one thing to stop it and it is extremely remarkable. Plus you add on the fact, how many time can you think of that the plan failed? Complete joke of an award, you can't have a historic season in a major conference and not pick up the hardware. Richardson's season wasn't even that remarkable for a top running back if you look at other years and how he didn't deliver in big games. Plus the final point is Montee Ball is a more complete back when you look at things besides rushing. Montee there are those who apparently have heard of cable and the internet and those who may or may not be living in the Southeast or in the East and are living under rocks, don't know what else to say. Wish there was one more game for you in Madison to start the Heisman chant for you.


  1. Trent Richardson faced 8 top 50 defenses. Scored 20 rushing TDs in the SEC (joining only Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Hershel Walker and Bo Jackson to do so). He rushed 263 for 1583 yards, caught 27 passes for 327 and 3 TDs. To cap it off, he averaged 22 yards per kick return.

    Montee Ball faced four top 50 defenses. He scored 39 total TDs, 32 rushing. He ran 275 times for 1750. Both backs averaged over 130 ypg on the ground, and 6 ypc. Both did well in big games. Trent put 170 yards total offense on LSU on Nov. 5, and Ball excelled in the B1GCG.

    In other words, with the exception of one variable swinging Ball's way, and another Trent's, the two were actually very comparable.

    But, you know, don't let facts get in your way.

  2. I am a Badger alum living in Atlanta. Huge Monte fan and Badger fan. Ur off base a bit. Badger schedule was weak, and I realize he didn't touch ball in 6 4th quarters. T Rich is a beast on a more limited offense at Bama playing better competition whether u like it or not. Both deserving. Had Monte on ATL radio today and he knows the deal. He is a class act. Hope he sticks around. May be NFL bound .......

  3. Good comments from both of you, but we will say Ball had just as big of an impact on the Badgers going to the Rose Bowl as anything that Richardson has done. This years Badger defense and special teams are embarrasing to the point that if you didn't have a Heisman back this team might not even have a winning record. Richardson has his whole defense to help him as well, so you have a minor flaw at QB. At Wisconsin we have seen elite backs have great seasons very close to Richardson's this year with a QB that couldn't pass to save his life any top level college back and a decent line like yours can over come it. Ball has done historic things, we wish Richardson all the best for sure and will be looking for him to where the Green and Gold even but this is about one special college season. The Badgers maybe finish .500 at best this year without Montee Ball, what does Alabama finish without Richardson?

  4. Ok, should have proof read the last post and now I can't figure out how to correct it so be kind.

  5. For starters you are way off about the trent richardson montee ball comparison. Trent Richardson faced nothing close to eight top 50 rushing defenses lol. He faced two where he had a dominant performance in Penn State, and Florida. Montee on the other hand faced five top 50 rushing defenses in: Penn St, Illinois, Ohio State, and Michigan State twice. Trent and Montee played against the same team once and that was Penn State. Richardson rushed for 111 yds two tds, Ball.....156 yds and FOUR tds. Montee ball is a great running back deserving of at least the Doak Walker running back award. He had a higher yds per carry, more rushing td's against tougher defenses and scored WHEN THEY NEEDED HIM, something Trent Richardson was unable to do at home when they were favored and when bama needed him the most. I am a loyal Michigan fan but I am also a loyal Big 10 fan. Montee deserved much more and that's why Barry Sanders tweeted him. He was robbed he is clearly the best rb in the nation. Just my humble opinon good luck in the rose bowl Wisconsin represent our conference well!!!