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UW Badgers Football vs MSU 2011: Looking Past Spartans

The UW Badgers football team takes on MSU in 2011 in different circumstances than the 2010 squad. We all know what happened in 2010 the Spartans were the first team on the Big Ten schedule after a lackluster non-confernce schedule and the Badgers came out flat on the road and lost the game. At that point in the season the Badgers were still searching for an identity and to determine how well they might stack up in 2010 with the rest of the Big Ten, as it turns out they still recovered nicely. In 2011 things are very different as the Badgers have already found their mojo and are trying to determine where they stack up in the National Title race.

The rallying cry from people across the nation is Wisconsin will be exposed as the fraud it is when it comes out flat against MSU on the road again. We have a few argument points for you on why that will not happen. First the Badgers are a better team at this point in the season than last years squad was, they are a National Championship contender not a hope we can make the Rose Bowl team. The 2010 team was tested often during the non-conferce schedule because the offense wasn't yet clicking even against not the greatest competion and this carried over to the MSU game. In 2011 the Badgers offense has clicked on every cylinder possible from the get go and this has to do with this being a much more talented offense. Our next point is the Badgers haven't come out flat in a single regular season game since last years MSU game, there is no reason that they would now.

Our final point to teams in general left on the schedule on why you won't catch a break with the Badgers overlooking you is simple, they aren't going to be coming to the field to beat you they are looking for a title shot and are coming to the field to beat you into a silly looking pulp on national TV. Right or wrong the Badgers need to kick your tail feathers every game, so make no mistake about it they are scheming and preparing for domination. Frankly we love this approach because while we understand domination might not happen in every game it is the optimal approach to come into a game, if you come to the field to dominate your standards are high and you are sharp and looking to improve every quarter. Of course anything can happen, we can't guarantee a Badgers victory but the odds are not in the Spartans favor.


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