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UW Badgers Football 2011 - Still No Respect?

So far the UW Badgers football 2011 team has taken every team they have played to the figurative wood shed, with the real statistics to back it up. The Badgers have to show for their impressive victories an equally impressive number 4 ranking in both polls, yet we still have to put up with the trolls throughout the country that claim we aren't very good.

We hear it around here all the time in the fall that UW wins because of its system, oh no wait that is the basketball team the football team wins with a combination of talent, smarts, grit and athleticism that comes together unequally in Madison. Please keep in mind when you watch the Badgers that they aren't beating teams because of a unique concocted offense instead they are running a pro style offense to perfection, they don't get by on defense with multiple blitz packages or unique coverages to hide less skilled players they just lace them up and come at you.

If your team has more talent on offense than the Badgers in 2011 you must be from Oklahoma and combining teams and that is about it because the Badgers have a bountiful roster of players that will be playing in the NFL very shortly. In short why do the Badgers score a lot of points against all competition the last two seasons, because their quarterback, both running backs, fullback, tight end, entire line, and both starting wide receivers will be drafted to the NFL at some point. Can your team say that? We didn't think so. The Badgers offense has scored the most points in the country and done it with the most balanced offense between passing and rushing, something for your defensive coordinator to ponder. Our final point is our QB has the highest QB rating in the nation at 210.9. Quit saying we don't want a piece of your team whoever it is trolls, the Badgers match-up versus anyone.


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