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Wisconsin Badgers vs Nebraska Huskers 2011: Prime Time Game - Husker Ignorance

While there has already been plenty of smack talked by all of the Nebraska Huskers fans regarding Wisconsin and Nebraska's prime time tilt at the start of the season, it just went to fever pitch with the Badgers signing up Russell Wilson to presumably start at QB. You have likely heard the Nebraska talk, and if you hadn't we would point you in the right direction but at this point it is pretty easy to find. To summarize Nebraska has a defense the likes of which the Badgers have never seen, Wilson adds little as Nebraska's defense could shut down Aaron Rodgers if it had a couple weeks to prepare.

For the most part we are going to let the play on the field speak for itself, and besides a lot can happen between now and a Badger vs Huskers game that is months away but we will point out a few items. First this is a night game at Wisconsin, not sure how you Husker fans don't realize that you start at a big disadvantage no matter what. Next we would like to point out that the majority of the Badgers offense went up against a dang good defense everyday in practice last year which is a big reason it should be very difficult to stop this team. The Badgers have a formidable running attack, welcome to the Big Ten guys because you haven't been hit in the jaw yet by a team that prides itself on running the ball like this in a while. The Badgers still have a young coach that made a major mistake in the Rose Bowl by not pounding it down TCU's throats in the second half, the man learns his lessons well and it won't happen again.

Look we aren't saying we are going to win, we aren't sure we have enough playmakers on defense to be a Rose Bowl / National Contender because we feel you need at least 3 prime time players for that. We are the home team, and one of the top teams in the Big Ten and your going to have a problem on your hands when you come to Madison.

PS we hope you don't make the mistake of coming to the game as fans talking all this trash because as nice as we are in Madison, we will let the door hit you on the way out if you want to roll like that.


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