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UW Badgers Basketball vs Belmont Reaction

You already know that the UW Badgers basketball team proved the babble head Seth Davis wrong by defeating Belmont 72 to 58 in the March Madness 2011 round, so here are our thoughts. A bunch of talking heads somehow convinced themselves that they should take a team that doesn't even seem to have players in good enough shape much less basketball skill to stay with a team that had two Naismith award finalists on the roster. We really don't know how this could really ever happen, lets recap two Naismith award finalists versus a team of decidedly average athleticism, we hear from time to time how the UW doesn't have enough athletes but make no mistake about it every guy on the Badgers was in better shape than Belmont and a better "athlete". Not to belabor a point but how in the world does an "expert" pick against a team that leads the nation in free throw shooting percentage and least amount of turnovers, well you wouldn't if you were a real expert as those folks in Vegas who make the odds kept their bosses happy.

Enough with the rant and now to the actual game, this Badgers team does have a problem starting and we want to have a big shout out to Ryan Evans for breaking the ice in this game and doing what was needed. Evans only added two early points but his aggressiveness and drives to the hoop clearly jump started his teammates. We don't know why this team isn't starting at the tip but maybe Bo needs to rethink the lineup to start things off. Great game by Mike B., for those who think this programs cupboard is bare next year you clearly haven't seen the way Mike B. has developed because he has the potential to be a first team Big Ten player. We don't know what Gasser thought he was doing out there but either Bo or Taylor should have hit him upside the head early on because he should have had a great day driving to the hoop. Speaking of guys who seemed a little lost is Keaton saving his energy for future games because he seemed tentative again. Finally Tim Jarmusz had his best game in ages in this one. This really seemed like a game where Belmont had the energy to play some decent defense early on and then the Badgers realized they were playing back at the SERF with the really good recreation players that are good but couldn't actually stay with them physically.


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