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Wisconsin vs TCU Rose Bowl 2011 Game Report,Time,TV

Wisconsin Badgers vs TCU Horned Frogs
January 1st 2011
Time: 3:30 PM CT

Wisconsin will take on TCU as expected in the 2011 Rose Bowl Game and while we would have preferred the tradition of a PAC 10 opponent this game should be great (well we hope so, you never know it could get a little one sided with another big Badger number on the board). TCU of course is in the Rose Bowl because Oregon is in the National Title game and the BCS Bowls have to take at least one school from a non BCS Conference. TCU is a fine opponent on paper being ranked third in the nation and not loosing a game in 2010. The match up of TCU and Wisconsin is actually the first time that the 3 and 4 ranked teams have played in a bowl game in the same year that the number 1 and 2 ranked teams played each other as well. If Wisconsin wins this game there should be no question that it was the third best team in the country this season. Of course there is the problem that it is difficult to judge how great TCU is this year as their big victories are over Oregon State, Utah and Air Force which don't really jump off the page at you. As Barry has told this group of players winning this game is really important, it isn't the time to let up and with this group we are sure they read him loud and clear.

We are going to have much more on the game hopefully with a Badger Rose Bowl 2011 report every day leading up to the big game so stay with us.


  1. All of TCU's impressive numbers won't mean a thing when they play a Big Ten school like Wisconsin. Ohio State would roll on them, MSU would beat them and the Badgers are going to pound them for real.

  2. Should be an interesting game to watch given how the Badgers rolled over their opponents in the last few games of the season.

    If the Badgers blow out TCU, it only provides additional fodder for proponents of a true post season playoff arrangement.

    It really would be nice to have one final college game of the year with the winner of the 1/2 match-up playing against the winner of the 3/4 match-up. Now that would be one hell of a game and create a true national champion.

  3. your badger comments seem so pompous. a humbler view would allow you a better way out when you lose. The big ten is nothing, I repeat nothing. They just have more money, but are no better or worse than anyone else.