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Wisconsin Badgers Running Back U, Now Official?

For about the last 15 years Wisconsin has done its best to seemingly brand the Badgers as Running Back U, but with the new name for the Big Ten trophy for best running back has Barry Alvarez in a great marketing ploy gotten it to be an official title. The Big Ten trophy for running backs is now named the Ameche - Dayne trophy, it is one only two of the 14 trophies to have both names represent only one school with the other being the QB trophy being all Purdue. You have to wonder in this convoluted process of picking two names for each trophy and trying so hard not to give any team an edge that they let Barry convince them to name the entire trophy after Badgers, the Big Ten has such a strong tradition of running backs you would think there would have been strong debate on the second name. Of course Ron Dayne has to be on the trophy he took the conference by storm, but Ameche could have been debated for the sake of equality. 

Some of you may ask why does this matter, haven't we tried so hard to shed that image as only a running school with only this years beast of an offense slightly shedding that image (weren't some Badger fans even trying to go on other football boards promoting we have no running back this year because we have three in a case of subterfuge)? Well no, this is a good thing that the Badgers probably lobbied hard for given that if it can get them in the door on a couple of the nations best running backs every single year it is a big advantage. Think about it Wisconsin can now go into the second best running backs kitchen from Florida and say you know what kid we are Running Back U in the outstanding Big Ten conference, if you come here we expect you to represent and win the trophy named after two former Badgers something now Ohio State, and Michigan can't say to a running back. Any edge you can get is a good edge on the recruiting trail. The other thing it is a lot better to be known for the Badgers as Running Back U than say Offensive Lineman U and you have to think if Barry had tried hard for it he might have been able to get one of the lineman names instead. Wisconsin will get its lineman in any case, but running backs is a nice position to get any edge you can in. For those of you who missed it Richter is on the Richter - Howard trophy as well with Jim Bakken being on the Bakken Anderson trophy as the other Badger trophy representatives.

One final point on trophies is we would like to propose a new walk-on award trophy for the student athlete that improves the most after entering college, of course it should be just named the Jim Leonard trophy. Lets make sure we have a trophy case ready to house all those Ameche-Dayne, Richter-Howard, and Bakken-Anderson trophies that will pile up at the Camp.

Stay with us for all the Badger Rose Bowl 2011 reporting we can.


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