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UW Badgers Rose Bowl 2011 Report: A TCU Horned Frogs Primer Part 1

So the UW Badgers are taking on the TCU Horned Frogs in the 2011 Rose Bowl and you are asking yourselves who are these guys really? Sure TCU has been in the upper reaches of the college football landscape the last couple of years but you were just hoping they were a fad to be ignored before you learned some background information on them, like say for instance TCU stands for Texas Christian University. Well the Badgers are taking on TCU in the 2011 Rose Bowl so now is officially time to learn some useful and maybe not so useful facts about the Frogs. We want you to be educated by the time you are in Pasadena so study up.

1. TCU Horned Frog sports have been around a while starting way back in 1914, they joined the SWC athletic conference in 1924 and stayed there until it was disbanded in 1995 because the rest of the Texas teams aligned with the Big 8 to form the Big 12. From there TCU moved to the WAC and then to Conference USA so their bags are well traveled. If you can't tell TCU is sort of on the outside looking in with regards to the other Texas schools.

2. The TCU Horned Frogs currently play in the Mountain West Conference, they will be moving one more time to the Big East Conference for all sports in 2012. We would think this would make the Badgers defeat of TCU look better in the future when they join a BCS Conference because people will forget TCU was actually playing in the MWC at that time, of course the Big East is sort of sad in football right now anyways. (for those of you keeping score at home the Big Ten count but apparently now the Big East can't do geography so everything is all good, right?)

3.  There are 18 Horned Frogs varsity sports teams, the women's teams are often referred to as the Lady Frogs.

4. The TCU Horned Frogs have a proud football heritage having won 2 National Championships in 1935 and 1938. Since the 1998 season TCU has won 6 conference titles, 2 in the WAC 1999, 2000, 1 in USA 2002, and 3 in the MWC 2005, 2009, 2010. I guess the lesson here is don't go spouting off to their fans to much about not knowing football because they are winners with some heritage.

5. TCU has had 36 1st team All-American players with some of the most famous being Sammy Baugh, Davey O'Brien (Heisman Trophy winner), Rags Mathews, and LaDainian Tomlinson.

6. TCU plays its football games at Amon G. Carter Stadium named after a prominent business / newspaper man. The stadium is located in Fort Worth Texas and seats 44,008 people. The stadium is currently undergoing a 115 million dollar renovation to the West stands.

We are going to have a lot more TCU basic facts and get deeper into the actual football team and matchups so stay with us for our UW Badgers Rose Bowl 2011 reports.


  1. Dallas is in NFC East so not all that crazy for TCU to be in Big East. Never mind the counting I still can't believe Leaders and Legends

  2. What logic is that, because the NFL can't do geography that makes it somehow better for the Big East. The Pac 10 can't count either so I guess it isn't all that crazy that the Big 10 can't either. Nobody can believe Leaders and Legends, but you know what nobody could believe the stupidity of the Big Ten Network until it started to mint money.

  3. The TCU are real travellers, from conference to other. Thank u for the inforamtion about their next camp in BIg East. I wish them good luck for the game facing wisconsin in Rose Bowl. If they win, they deserve gifts from father christmas!