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UW Badger Rose Bowl 2011 Report: Dave Doeren's Last Badger Game

Dave Doeren will be the defensive coordinator for the UW Badger football team at the 2011 Rose Bowl, but that is now his last game as a Badger coach. Dave will take over after the game as the new head coach at Northern Illinois and we couldn't be happier for him. Dave getting the Northern job is a great situation for both him and the Badgers. In the case of the Badgers we get to be seen as a program where young coaches can go on to become head coaches, which is the ultimate recruiting tool in attracting the elite new young coaches you need to be successful. Dave Doeren was up for two other jobs in Vanderbilt and Indiana and if he had gotten either one of those positions it is conceivable he could have poached an additional Badger coach as a coordinator on his staff, but at Northern Illinois that is highly unlikely.

For Dave it is a big win becomes he becomes a head coach at a school that is on the up and up with top 25 potential, something that Indiana and Vandy can't come close to saying. In addition if he does well at Northern Illinois someday he will be inline for a coaching job in a BCS conference that isn't a complete disaster going in. For Northern Illinois they get a very capable young coach who should have a bit of an edge recruiting the second tier Wisconsin talent they need to lock up to be a successful program year in and year out. Really you can look at Dave going to Northern Illinois much like Jeter going to UW Milwaukee in basketball a while back.

For those of you worried about loosing the defensive coordinator, Dave Doeren in our opinion is likely better suited to be a head coach than a defensive coordinator anyways. Dave never did get the Badgers defense up to elite status, which has happened at Wisconsin in the past. Bret Bielema has already said he hopes to promote from within for the vacant position, we think a lot of the coaches left on the roster so that sounds great to us. Partridge is the senior coach now on the defense and the highest paid but we have a hunch that the job will go to Chris Ash who did a great job with the defensive backs in his first year. Our hunch is partially based on the fact that Bielema knew that Doeren could very likely be gone in 2011 and likely brought  the young hotshot Ash in for a firsthand audition and we don't know how he couldn't have passed. Like we said either Ash or Partridge is just fine with us, of course if he does promote one of the two he will likely still have to find someone from outside the program to take that job. We would like to say with the success he has had in hiring former Badger player Joe Rudolph that he take a very strong look at other available former Badgers, Troy Vincent (one can dream).


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