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UW Badger Rose Bowl 2011 Report: Coaches Poll Voting Thoughts

Badger Rose Bowl 2011 Report
The final Coaches Poll is announced and the Badgers stayed put at number 4, what is always interesting in the last poll though is how some of the coaches voted. Bret Bielema seemed to be a realist putting the Badgers at number 4 and then showing a little Big Ten love by putting OSU and MSU 5 and 6 ahead of Stanford (also really probably how it should be with how weak the PAC was this year). Stanford coach Jim Harbough returned the favor putting the Badgers number 8. Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio still believes his team would apparently beat the Badgers as he had MSU 4, OSU 5, and UW 6, apparently he doesn't get a chance to watch some other Big Ten games week to week, we can see the logic on MSU over UW but using the same logic UW is then over OSU right?

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel took off his rosed colored glasses and just voted putting the Badgers at 4, OSU at 5, Stanford 6, and MSU 7, the vest does have some class. It looks like Bret Bielema and the Badgers make the most friends when they don't run up the score on a team Ron Zook of Illinois put the Badgers at number 3, of course we didn't play Illinois this year. The interesting thing about Zook given his reputation as a recruiter you would think him and Bielema might not get along like Bielama and Brewster didn't but this would show otherwise. The other 2 coaches that put the Badgers 3 are Dan Mullen of Mississippi State and Rick Stockstill of Middle Tennessee State, interesting in particular that Stockstill did you think he might be pretty inclined to go with the small school. If you are looking for low votes Nick Saban had the Badgers at 7, Stanford 4, MSU 5, and OSU 6, the votes don't help the SEC so it would be interesting to know the motive we can see MSU as the first Big Ten school given his history does he know Harbough well? Fellow SEC coach Urban Meyer of Florida who knows a thing or two about good teams places the Badgers at number 4. Well that should be enough with the voting but it is sort of fun to look at, especially on the final vote.

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