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UW Badger Basketball: Wisconsin vs North Carolina State Live Score - Live Blog

UW Badger Basketball
Wisconsin vs North Carolina State
Time: 6:15 CT
Badger score 87 - NC State 48

UW Badgers vs North Carolina State Live Blog:
The Badgers need to get on track vs North Carolina State as the team hasn't gotten it all together yet in a game this year. Last year of course the Badgers upset eventual National Champion Duke in the Big Ten ACC Challenge in a well played, big time game.

NC State wins the tip.
Working down the lane NC State draws the foul and is shooting 2. Quick foul on Gasser.
Badgers turn it over on their first pocession.
NC State attacks the rim but misses on the drive, NC State foul on the board.
Badgers get pressured in the back court, Nankivil comes up empty on an open 3, Leuer clears inside and puts it home.
Badgers give up an open 3 attempt but off, NC State pounds the glass and puts it home.
Badgers run a lot of offense and Taylor hits an open 3 with 7 left on the clock.
Mike B. gets abused by Leslie down low for 2.
Taylor works in the lane and puts it in, nice trip.
Leslie for NC State is way off on the shot.
Taylor back inside and throws it out to Gasser who drains the open 3.
Taylor gets a hand up but gets a 3 hit right over him.
Timeout: Badger Score 10 NC State 9
Badgers off to a nice start given their shooting problems this year, currently at 4 out 5 from the floor.
Badgers with the ball Evans in and Bergerren.  Jarmusz misses an open 3, Evans gets the board but then dribbles it out of bounds.
NC State misses on a runner, Leuer with another board.
Leuer gets blocked from behind. Still Badger ball. Nice inbound down low to Evans and he lays it in and is fouled. Nice play all around. They don't count the bucket Evans shooting 2 hits both clean.
Foul inside goes against Leuer. NC State is really trying to work it down low every trip.
Taylor gets abused on a pass down low and NC lays it in.
Evans puts up a flat jumper that doesn't go down, Jarmusz with the board. Gets fouled, shooting foul.
Nankivil and Gasser in for Leuer and Nankivil. Jarmusz hits 2.
Carry on NC State.
Badgers really look bad on this trip. Bad movement. Evans ends up with the ball with 2 seconds left and gets bailed out with a foul. Evans misses the first, nails the second.
Mike B. in for Ryan Evans. Great pass down low by NC State but they can't finish on 2 tries inside.
Gasser drives and Mike B. to Nankivil and he misses the open jumper.
Another palm call on NC State, young team.
Timeout: Badger score 15 NC State 9
Badgers haven't hit a jumper in a while and they just don't look good on the court on offense with Leuer or Taylor in.
Badgers get pressured in the back court. Nankivil way short on a pull up jumper and he looks off today.
NC State travels trying to push the other way.
Gasser to Taylor inside and he hits ending a 5 minute field go drought.
NC State throws it away trying to go down low.
Taylor puts it in off the glass from the block and he is feeling it.
NC State doing crazy things down low but they put it in and get the foul. 3 point old fashioned.
Wilson in for the first time.
Leuer hits an open 3 from out top. Not sure why they let him shoot that open.
Evans with the block, still NC ball. Wilson gets burned, gives up a 3.
Leuer puts it in down low and he has 5 straight points.
NC State manages to turn it over again.
Taylor to Leuer and this time he is off on the jumper.
Open NC State three is off.
Mike B. down low to Evans and he does a good job of drawing a foul.
Timeout: Badger score 24 NC State 17
Badgers look like a different team with Leuer and Taylor in there, like the look with Gasser and Evans with them on offense and defense.
7:42 left in the half. Evans shooting 2, he hits 2.
Mike B. forces an off shot down low.
Taylor goes to the rim and is off.
NC State misses down low but puts it back.
Mike B. wide, wide open and he hits.
NC State pushes and rolls in an easy 2.
Evans feeling good shoots a long jumper and it is flat and not down.
Badger board and a NC State foul. Leuer shooting 1 and 1. Leuer hits 2.
NC State turns it over out high.
Smith jacks up a quick 3 and is off, Badger board and Mike B. hits another open 3.
Timeout NC State: Badger score 34 NC State 21
Badgers taking advantage of some really bad defense, nice to see them hitting the open shot.
Taylor gives up an open 3, off but Smith can't corral the board, out of bounds.
Mike B. forces the turnover down low.
Taylor off with a 3 at the end of the clock, Nankivil gets the board and throws up a complete brick later.
NC runs and Nankivil with the rejection down low.
Foul against NC State, Taylor will shoot 1 and 1 after the break.
Timeout: Badger score 34 NC State 21
Nankivil with some real nice hustle after another brutal shot with that rejection, wow is he off today.
Brett Bielema in the crowd. Taylor hits his free throws.
Smith draws a charge outside the lane.
Alley oop to Evans and he can't finish.
NC State turns it over yet again.
Smith has to drive with 4 on the shot clock and draws the foul. Smith hits 1 of 2.
Leuer back in. NC State off with a quick jumper.
Evans on the dribble why, Taylor gets fouled with the clock winding down.
Taylor hits 1.
NC State can't buy a bucket if they were free.
Evans great pass underneath to Leuer and he hits the bunny.
NC State tries to bank one in and can't.
Leuer hits an open jumper. Badgers up 21 now.
Taylor with the steal and he takes it to the hoop and scores.
NC State hasn't scored in 6 minutes and the half ends.

End of First Half
Badgers end on a 15 to 0 run on a NC State team that just looks horrible. This isn't a matter of good Badger ball but an example of what can happen to a young team with maybe talent but little basketball knowledge.
This is Jimmy V week at ESPN and if you get a chance make sure to watch Jimmy's speech it is well worth it.
Taylor with 14, Leuer 13, Mike B. 6, Evans 5

Second Half
Wisconsin turns it over to start the half.
NC State turns it over again on the other end.
Leuer working his way down low and NC State picks up a foul. Number 4 on Howell.
Nice inbound pass and Taylor lays it in.
Leuer with a block on a quick drive down low.
Leuer hits from down low.
NC State timeout: Badger score 48 NC State 21
So far it has been all Leuer in the first couple minutes of the half.
NC State short on the jumper that is their 18th consecutive empty trip.
Nankivil finally scores as he hits the hook shot.
NC State can't hit the straight away jumper.
Leuer almost looses it and then gets fouled recovering it.
Leuer spins and scores and that was pretty . Badgers up 31 now.
Sorry folks we ran into computer problems so we couldn't finish the live blog.
Badgers to win big though.


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