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5 Wisconsin Badgers All-Americans in 2010: Thoughts

The Wisconsin Badgers had 5 players that made the APs All-Americans teams, that is a new record for the Wisconsin Badger program. You know winning usually starts with fine players and it is clear most of the nation has recognized Wisconsin as a team with real talent this year, and as being really good. Some teams end up 11-1 or even 12-0 and you shake your head and go how did they do that, this team it is clear how they did it and that is with a large quantity of talent and the right mentality. Badgers fans like to play the no respect card, but clearly there is nothing but respect right now for the Badger program and we see that lasting into the future. By the way the talent card is a clear recipe for success for the Badgers as they have never lucked into a Rose Bowl and have only gotten their with a ton of future NFL players on both sides of the ball, it is also the main reason they have won the last three Rose Bowl's they have been in.

The Badgers placed Gabe Carimi and John Moffit as first team All-Americans, J.J. Watt and Lance Kendricks as second team All-Americans and John Clay made it as a third team All-American.  This class of great players is a blend of what can happen by winning the recruiting battles in state, developing players and Wisconsin producing some gems. First lets start with Gabe Carimi a guy who has started every game he has played in at the UW but came in as only a three star from the area, Gabe unlike some five star lineman to come to the Badgers proved again that the packers develop lineman as well. John Moffit is the same way needing the time to develop in Madison to turn himself into an elite player.

J.J. Watt is a guy who wanted to be a Badger all the way being from Pewaukee, WI and proved it by transferring to the Badgers and switching positions. Can you believe this guy has switched teams and positions, was lightly recruited and is already a second team All-American who very easily could have been on the first team. With Lance Kendricks you have another Wisconsin product this time one who was a five star player out of high school but the Badgers were able to turn him into the finest tight end in the country despite the fact he is on the second team, make no mistake Kendricks is the best this year.

Then there is John Clay also from Wisconsin a complete five star stud out of high school who one would expect would have made the first team All-American by his Junior season, but considering he was injured and sharing carries third team isn't half bad. For all those fans who laugh and say Clay isn't deserving of this award, he is the third best back on the team you are wrong he is still one of the finest backs in the country. If a team had a line opening up normal size wholes John Clay is just the man you would want pounding his way through them. You know the other thing is John Clay played huge in big games this year, so stop the swings at the big guy and get behind him because we have a feeling TCU is going to spend a lot of time looking at the back of his jersey.

These 5 players are all very deserving of the recognition they have gotten. It is impressive to note that 4 players on the Badgers offense are All-Americans and 4 players from the state of Wisconsin are All-Americans. We don't want to take away anything from these 5 and there special day but we think Scott Tolzien should be mentioned in any article talking about Wisconsin excellence in 2010, and now we did. Final thought is one more All-American on defense could have made all the difference between being a team for the ages, Boreland you were greatly missed.


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