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Wisconsin Badgers Run Up the Score? Indiana / Minnesota

Did the Wisconsin Badgers run up the score on Indiana, no way! Well yes maybe? We don't know, only Brett Bielema knows if he ran up the score and you know what our guess is that he didn't do it on purpose one bit. For all the talk about Brett being a not well liked guy he seems to be a pretty straight up fair kind of guy who loves the game and the Big Ten. We haven't heard a word about Brett making recruiting violations, when a Badger player gets in trouble it is dealt with very swiftly by Bielema, the Badger players are also succeeding in the classroom. The Badgers players have shown almost nothing but class on the field during his tenure (no excessive celebration penalties, no big brawls, no major taunting, way more behaved than the student section or band), so it has to make you question why he is being questioned about his respect for the game. Sure Brett's forte is not public speaking, does he stick his foot in his mouth from time to time, yep he does. Bielema walked on at Iowa to play football and is not a self described communications expert, he is a football coach.

We are sticking with coach on this until proven otherwise, all he has shown is a strong desire to get the Badgers back to the BCS and someday a National Championship. The only two cases you could make against Wisconsin running up the score against Indiana was in the third quarter with Tolzien in passing, and in the fourth with White running. But you know what Indiana had a better chance of forcing a punt with Tolzien passing than Ball or White running and if you ask Indiana or Brett and if they could speak freely they would tell you that. Did Brett try and get his QB some game work so that he might be prepared for a tough battle up in Ann Arbor, yes he did, did he keep White in because he looked visibly rusty at times so he could get more work before Michigan, yes he did, did he run up the score no! Indiana played no defense against backups, Tice ran it in for ... sake.

Did Wisconsin run up the score against Minnesota? No it didn't, they went for two points because Bielema again was trying to prepare the Badgers for the BCS and they hadn't gone for two much and it was a legit situation on the coaches card. In this case it is more questionable on whether he should have done it, but the answer is the same he didn't run up the score against Minnesota and if he did, he did it by 1 point. Don't you think every major coach in the nation has rung up the score once by more than one point? We hate to say it but Brewster is a prick anyways and deserved it, the players didn't but it was one point and you know what they have moved on and got a win. We can't wait to see the Gopher program head in the right direction, because it fell off the path big time.


  1. Yes they tried to run up the score and it was wrong. Don't try and defend your ... coach!

  2. Anonymous, your a dipsh*t, you didn't watch the game so shut your pie hole!

  3. Tell him how it is CheeseNbeer! You have to watch the game and then you get to spout off.

  4. Classless Ohio State put up 73 on poor Eastern Michigan this year, with a margin of victory 10 points greater than Wisconsin's over Indiana.

    What a trashy display of despicable low-rent sportsmanship by The Vest.

  5. Of course Eastern Michigan got paid well for their whopping, Indiana is a fellow Big Ten school and valued academic partner. Just kidding how many times did they beat us bad at Basketball, did we complain to them because we sucked no we went out and got a coach who knew where the whistle was.