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UW Badgers vs NU Wildcats 2010

When the UW Badgers take on the NU Wildcats on Saturday for the final Big Ten game of the 2010 season Badger fans are expecting only one outcome, a win.  While the fans always expect a win this time Vegas and the experts agree, and so do we all leading up to what we all hope is a chance to play in the Rose Bowl.  Normally we would go into all of the breakdown about the game, how tough the Wildcats have been for the Badgers have been over the years, how you can never look ahead, and so on but with the opponent missing their starting QB, RB, and a valuable linebacker and with the offense the Badgers we are going to save the speach. Badgers to roll at the Camp 45 to 24. We will however leave you with some other thoughts.

1. John Clay is still the best running back on the roster, he is the guy we would want carrying the rock if the holes weren't double wide. Clay has the best vision at this time in his career and he doesn't get stopped behind the line so in a big game he is still our man. We love White, he has a Heisman Trophy in his future but right now he is still a freshman.

2. We saw it elsewhere and while it is a game to early the question is when we talk about this team 10,15 years from now who is the player we are going to associate with this team? Actually a great question and we will go with Lance Kendricks who isn't the most popular choice or even one we have seen suggested. The reason being is he is a great pick because he is the best at his position in college football. He is a senior who has improved a lot during his time in Madison which exemplifies this team and finally he is going to have a long great NFL career which is going to keep himself in the spotlight. Sure Clay, the line, Tolzien, Watt might be flashier picks but Kendricks has done a lot and will be the one remembered.

3.  Finally besides the talk about Roses this is Senior Day, don't forget that. We know the stadium will be rocking but please show up early and support this senior class, they have earned it big time.

Oh, and just finished watching Boise State lose to Nevada and we will tell you right here and now if you missed the game there are probably 5 Big Ten teams that would beat them more often than not and only maybe 3 teams that you would say they won't win.  Boise against the Badgers would have been a complete disaster for them with the power rushing game destroying them, the passing game dicing them, and their offense not being good enough playing straight up football.

1 comment:

  1. This Tolzien's and Watt's team, end of story. Those two are the leaders of the offense and defense.