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UW Badger Football vs Purdue Thoughts

This was another game that showed the UW Badger football program under the leadership of BB is on the rise to joining the national elite year in and year out.  Of course the Badgers came out flat against Purdue which you never like to see, never ever like to see on the road because it usually leads to a loss like against MSU but adjustments were made at halftime that allowed the more talented team to win.  Purdue got some nice breaks to contain the Badgers offense in the first half which was very unexpected but we would venture that the Badgers defense did a nice job in this game from the get go considering they were facing a QB they didn't have tape on. It was clear that when the Badgers coaches were able to see the new Purdue offense in person they were able to put the defense in a clear position to dominate in the second half, and it couldn't have gone better. 

We have been skeptical that the Badgers don't have the playmakers on defense to really be considered for the now number 5 ranking they have, however over the last three games the players on the field on the defensive side have proved us very wrong. Most of this has to be attributed to coaching as the Badgers defense is still clearly lacking the athletic playmakers we have grown accustomed to in past dominating Badger defenses but what this team has is a group of players playing together on defense, staying on their assignments and never quitting. With every game it is becoming clear that Ash was an excellent choice for the defensive backs coach as he has his unit playing at a superb level right now that probably hasn't been seen since the Badgers had physical specimens such as Echols and Fletcher patrolling the field. 

The offense is another story completely as despite the injuries which have plagued the unit we believe the Badgers have one of the very best most fierce-some dynamic offenses in the country in 2010.  This offense particularly with a healthy White and Kendricks just has weapons to burn, but the weapons are nothing without the coaching mastery showing by Chryst taking advantage of them at the right times.  It is really hard to figure out what Chryst is going to dial up on any particular play this year, and we will go to the significant fourth down call in the third quarter where Chryst gave it to Clay again on fourth and two that wasn't expected by Purdue despite it being a high percentage play call. Of course the final thought on the Purdue game and the coaching should go to Ball who again had a huge game, a lot of this can be attributed to Ball being a pretty dang good player with clearly a solid head on his shoulders but you have to give some credit to the coaches for keeping him involved in the program and his spirits up as a lot of kids might have checked out if that happened to them and it wasn't handled correctly. 

The Badgers have shown they have talent all over the field on offense that extends well down the depth chart and that combined with the emerging smarts of the defense has us now expecting and demanding that this team wins out this season. Indiana you had a shot against Iowa but you are about to get rocked by a team that really is top 5 in the country this week, and a lot of that has to do with coaching.


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