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UW Badger Football vs Indiana Hoosiers Live Score and Live Blog,Stats

UW Badgers vs Indiana Hoosiers Live Blog
Wisconsin Badger score 83 Indiana 20
TV: ESPN 2 / ESPN 3, Time 11:00 CT

Welcome to the Badgers vs the Hoosiers live blog for hopefully every play of the action. Please note the latest play / game insight will always be at the bottom of the article. Final thoughts and stats are at the bottom as Indiana let the beast out of the bag and got mauled by the Badgers high powered offense.

Look for John Clay not to play in this game as he is a "game time decision" which is code for he isn't playing in this game unless both White and Ball get hurt, no way does he take the field as conditions in Madison are not projected to be optimum come game time.  Other news of note of course is that Indiana at home last week managed to take Iowa down to the wire loosing only after their star receiver dropped the ball in the end zone on a last second play, in a show of support he has been voted a captain by his team for this weeks game. The Badgers came out flat last week against Purdue, don't look for the problem to happen again though against Indiana as Brett seems to have enough command of this team that doesn't happen in back to back weeks. One thing you will want to keep an eye on is if the Badger secondary can continue to show the progress it has all year because Indiana is 11 in the country in receiving yards at 311 per game, yikes. Last week Indiana QB Ben Chappell went 27 out of 46 for 222 yards and he leads the Big Ten with 296.3 yards per game. Of course there is always a flip side when you see numbers like that and that is that their rushing averages only 97 yards per game, don't look for the Hoosiers to have anywhere their average number of passing yards per game as the Badgers will limit their possessions with ball control on offense to the point that is impossible.

Stay with us folks all game long, we are guessing this is going to be a fun one for the Badgers.

1st Quarter
Sorry folks we were having trouble with the cable so we missed the early going but are live now.
Badger score 10 Indiana 7
Indiana 3rd Drive
Hoosiers on the drive, Ben Chappel the Indiana QB has been abusing the Badgers zone coverage.
Indiana in Badger territory and they get 4 yards on the carry on first down.
Indiana has gotten a hugely surprising 91 rushing yards in the first quarter they barely average that for a game.
Of course that has been aided a lot by a huge 67 yard scamper by Nick Turner.

2nd Quarter
Indiana on the Badgers 30, third and 7 and he can't find a receiver and Chappel scrambles and gets taken down and he comes down awkwardly and he limps off.
48 yard field goal attempt and the Indiana kicker kicks a season long kick which he drills.
(It turns out that Chappel didn't get hurt, his brace got tangled up. The Badgers were good just to get off the field on that drive to limit to 3 because Indiana had a head of steam going. For the second straight week the Badgers are in a ball game early.)

Badger score 10 Indiana 10

Badgers 3rd Drive
Gilreath takes it from the 2 and finds a seam up the right sidelines all the way to the 50, great return and the field position the Badgers need right now.
Play action on first down and Tolzien ends up checking down to Ball for 9 and a half yards.
On second and inches Ball takes the handoff and finds a huge lane up the right side for we will call 8.
Ball with a nice move in the backfield to make sure he got back to the line of scrimmage. Ball only gets a half yard. Carimi came up lame but it doesn't look to bad hopefully he can shake it off.
Tolzien trying to hook up with Kendricks over the middle but Kendricks slips on the play.
Tolzien all day to throw and he drives a dart of a pass to Gilreath, nice pass into a zone for a big third down chain mover.
James White goes up the middle and finds room, he picks up 8. Nothing fancy there from White, he knocks someone over at the end for an extra 2 yards.
Tolzien rolls left and he is looking to the end zone and it is covered and Tolzien tries to run but eats a sack.
Badgers stopped themselves there, just run the dang ball.
Tolzien tries to connect with Nick Toon in the end zone but he can't hang on. Luckily they were working on a freshman and he interferes with Toon and the Badgers get a break. What do we not know about the Indiana rush defense that the Badgers didn't stuff it down their throats.
Ball on the handoff and he takes it to the 6 inch line. Nice tackle by Indiana to keep the ball out.
Ball on second and goal and he isn't met with much resistance. TD.
(Well the Badgers have had the ball on offense and scored on every possession. Not sure what they were doing trying a pass on that second down in the red zone but it ended up working out after the Indiana mistake. Ball is running well and the holes seem to be there. That pass to Gilreath on third down was nice vision, patience and passing by Tolzien.)

Badger score 17 Indiana 10

Indiana 4th Drive
Indiana takes the kick up the right sideline to the 36.
Audible at the line on first down. The pass rush almost gets there but Chappell throws it long up the seam, to long.
Nick Turner looks like he war running to daylight but gets ankle tackled from behind, that was close to a disater instead gain of 2.
Badgers come with a blitz and get heat but Chappell finds his man on the outside three yards beyond the sticks. Indiana pushed off on that one and didn't get called.
Turner picks up a couple on the carry up the middle.
Chappell on the blitz did get a little hurt on the play.
Indiana at the 50, Chappell has time and finds his man on the right side wide open in a zone. First down.
Indiana driving again now, JJ Watt brings the pressure and Chappell throws it away.
Badgers bring pressure on what was a swing pass and the back drops it.
Badgers need a stop on third and 10, this is what you work for third and long.
Look for pressure again, no pressure but the throw goes underneath and picks up 5.
Indiana is going for it on 4th and 5. Play clock winds down on Indiana and they call a timeout.
Indiana probably made the decision to go for it on fourth as they got themselves into third and manageable.
Now Indiana brings the kicker out for a 52 yarder, um OK interesting. It didn't get to the uprights.
(well again the defense got the stop but it didn't look pretty)

Badgers 4th Drive
Badgers are going to start just inside their 40 yard line.
Ball finds a huge seam after he goes up the middle and picks up call it maybe 40.
Ball at 115 yards rushing on the day.
White takes it this time going left and he hits a hole does a dance and he is gone for the TD from the 30 and that is what you would call a running display. 2 carries 70 yards by 2 different backs, that is going to sting a bit for Indiana. WOW
(That drive took all of maybe 20 seconds, all on the ground. You know what the blocking was the most impressive part and of the runs maybe Whites was the most impressive as he exploded and made a little cut. Clay is smiling on the sidelines and that is good to see)

Badger score 24 Indiana 10

Indiana 5th Drive
Indiana again takes the kickoff up the right side to the 30.
Chappell is out of the game with a hip injury, he might return.
Indiana brings in a redshirt freshman and he has trouble giving it to the back and the ball is on the ground and Watt has it.
(Indiana is falling into destruct mode.)

Badgers 5th Drive
Ball takes the first carry 8 yards as their defense stiffens a little.
Ball powers it up the middle for 5 and a first down.
Badgers at the Indiana 16, Ball on first down finds 5 yards over the left middle.
Ball takes a sweep over the right side and only gets 3, don't like that play as it took to long to develop just run it.
Third and 1, Ball finds a huge lane on the left side and runs in untouched.
(Indiana is now starting to find tread marks on their backs from the Badger run game. It looked like the Badgers even called a completely different run play on every down, it is like Indiana is hoping they take it to the same hole at least twice and stocking up and that isn't happening. Run left, Run right, run middle, outside it doesn't matter)

Badger Score 31 Indiana 10

Indiana 6th Drive
Better kick coverage this one only comes back to the 24.
Handoff up the middle, gets 3. Chappell still out.
Another handoff and the runner looks tentative going up the middle and finds red.
3rd and 7. Indiana tries to throw it long up the right side and that wasn't a pretty pass as it was 10 yards over thrown to an open receiver.
Punt almost gets blocked, rolls to Gilreath and he picks up a big time block early that springs him for a 25 yard gain over midfield.

Badgers 6th Drive
Badgers on the Indiana 45, White looses a few running right on first down. Nice tackle Indiana.
Timeout Indiana.
Tolzien in the shotgun, he throws high over the middle and Kendricks flashes the skill going vertical for the first down catch.
Tolzien throws in quick to Toon for a first down to the 20.
Tolzien throws to the left side now to Anderson for another 11 yards and a first down.
Badgers first and goal from the 4. Tolzien darts it to the back of the endzone to Toon for a touchdown.
(so Indiana proved they could stop the run on one play and the Tolzien ripped them apart. That went middle,right,left, middle and was like they do it in practice. So this game was looking a little dicey and the Badgers on offense have hit the puree button on the Indiana defense as they are in pieces right now.)

Badger score 38 Indiana 10

Indiana 7th Drive
Indiana hands it off to run out the clock and JJ Watt blows up the runner just in case the poor kid didn't want to remember the first half.

Brett gets asked if he was thinking about running the clock out with 1:45 on the clock on that last drive, and he answered the best he could that they needed to score. BB also said an understatement that he thinks the Badgers can run the ball on Indiana, you think 186 yards in the first half and four rushing touchdowns. Brett also says that they came out a little sloppy which is actually what we wanted to see most in this game that this program comes out rolling week in and week out. In that half especially late Chryst was like the puppet master seemingly playing Madden in the living room as he taunted the Indiana defense with different plays all over the field, in fact our guess is at least one player on that defense got whiplash trying to figure out which way the play was going.
Some first half stats for you Montee Ball has four touchdowns and 145 yards on 20 carries in the first half folks, not bad for a kid who found himself third on the depth chart. White has 36 yards on 5 carries and a touchdown. Toon picks up his first touchdown of the season and 3 catches for 26 yards.Gilreath had 1 kickoff return of 49 yards, 1 punt return of 22 and 2 catches for 28 yards.
Badgers have 281 total yards to Indiana's 153, 94 yards passing to 62, 187 rushing to 97. Wisconsin has no penalties and Indiana has 5 for 50 yards. Time of possession goes to the Badgers at 17:23 to 12:37.
Hopefully Ben Chappell can return for Indiana as you never want to see a competitor get hurt and Indiana doesn't have much to call on offense without him. Hopefully the Badgers can stay focused in the second half, stay healthy and keep the throttle open.

Second Half

Badgers 1st Drive
Lets see what Gilreath can accomplish on this kick, he has had an impressive all around game to say the least. You have to feel proud for this kid, he has really turned himself into a weapon that not many people saw coming. In fact there was talk at the start of the season that White could replace him on the return units.
Well we are going to have to wait for one more commercial and then the kick, jeez that seemed like a long half time.
(Things to look for in the second half, Badgers will punt at least once he didn't in the first half as the Badgers maximized their opportunity for points leaving only 4 on the field in the half.)
Indiana decides they don't want any part of Gilreath and kick it short and Abrederris gets it and takes off and takes it all the way down to the Indiana 24 on a nice run.
Ball gets it on first down, cuts to the middle and runs someone over for 8 yards.
Ben Chappell the Indiana QB is done for the game.
Ball cutting up the middle and he takes it all the way to the 2.
Tolzien throws to Byrne on first and goal for the touchdown.
(That was very quick after the nice field position setup up by Gilreath being a weapon and Abrederas having talent ahead of him.)
Badger score 45 Indiana 10

Indiana 1st Drive
Indiana picks up a first down on the 1st down handoff.
Indiana tries a run again and JJ Watt takes down the runner in the backfield.
The redshirt QB they have out there is an athlete and he takes off for 3 yards.
Third and 12 coming, Badgers bring pressure get to the QB and he fumbles and JJ Watt comes up with the fumble recovery. The wheels are very off oh my, Watt with that trademark high motor to get the ball.

Badger 2nd Drive
Badgers at the Indiana 41 and White gets it and gets 3 after a touch in the backfield.
Carimi is done for the day as he got tweaked and the Badgers are up 45.
Tolzien hits Kendricks up the middle for call it 20. Tolzien still looks sharp.
Ewing gets it and he has a 17 yard catch which he takes inside the 5.
White goes up the middle and does a good job of letting it develop and he is in for his second touchdown.
(we called the Badgers offense would have some fun in this game but we aren't sure if we have ever seen a defense look as defeated as Indiana's is. The Badgers are dropping the playbook on their heads every time they get the ball.)
Badger score 52 Indiana 10

Indiana 2nd Drive
Indiana takes it at the five and runs it up the right sideline to the 26.
Indiana has switched QB's to another redshirt freshman and this one is billed as a passer.
Indiana rushes on first down for a 1st down, fumbles but gets it back.
Indiana on another carry picks up a first down and they are moving for the first time in a while.
Indiana at the Badgers 40.
Indiana on a long sideline throw and they can't find the shoulder.
Nice pass all the way to the 13 over Brinkley and that was a nice pass, Brinkley tried to break it up but couldn't.
Handoff to the back and he gets 2.
The QB and the receiver aren't on the same page in the end zone and that pass falls harmlessly.
Third and 8 for Indiana at the 15. The QB has the ball fall off fingertips and it is 4th down. Ball thrown early and high.
Indiana kicks the short kick and pick up 3 points.
(well the Badger defense was put on alert that there is in fact still a ball game, one thing to look for is the Badgers just missed on getting home on the QB a couple times so they were still playing hard.)
Badger score 52 Indiana 13

Badgers 3rd Drive
Lets see what Indiana decides to do on this kick, kicking it short of Gilreath didn't work out well.
They go ahead and kick it to Gilreath and he takes it to the 37.
Play action by Tolzien and he checks to Ewing on the right side for 9.
Badgers moving forward again as White takes it for a first down up the middle.
Badgers on the Indiana 45. James White with a cutback and he almost has another first down.
Tolzien finds Byrne open on the left side and he is slowly becoming more a part of the offense, first down.
Tolzien fakes the handoff and rolls right and Gilreath makes a diving catch for first and goal at the 7.
White goes up the middle cuts for a couple but is met at the 3.
White drives for the goal line and an Indiana makes a lone man stand to keep him out, White was driving hard but couldn't push the guy back.
White waits a little and walks in on the right side. Flag down though and this could be the first of the day on the Badgers and it is. Holding call apparently on 2 players.
Wagnor and Ewing get called on the hold.
Tolzien throws over the middle to Kendricks in the back of the end zone a little leap and a touchdown.

Badger score 59 Indiana 13

Indiana 3rd Drive
The kick is bobbled and put on the turf and the Indiana man goes forward to the 17.
The handoff up the middle for 3 yards.
Jay Valai with the big hit on the handoff, not much doing.
The third down pass falls incomplete, and that was a quick three and out with the defense showing they still remember the game is going on.

Badgers 4th Drive
Gilreath with the fair catch at the Badgers 42 with 19 seconds left in the quarter.
Tolzien is out of the game and Budmayr is in.
Jump around time, Jump, Jump, Jump

Fourth Quarter
Second down and 6 for the Badgers, White on the handoff outruns people to the left corner and takes it 12 yards.
Tolzien was 15 out of 18 today.
White again slicing to a whole and he is up the sidelines for another big chunk of change. Good to see him appearing to running healthy and confident.
Ball on the 10 first and goal.
A little swing pass to Abbrederas and he gets 4, flag on the play.
Badgers pick up an unnecessary roughness penalty their second penalty of the game.
Now it is 1st and goal at the 20 and White gets tackled for a loss.
Budmayr gets pressure and throws to the feat on the dump off incomplete.
Now it is third and goal at the 23.
Budmayr does a nice job of escaping the initial pressure but takes the sack in the end as he doesn't force it down the field, really a nice decision to be seen made.
Welch kicks and it is good.
(you hate to see penalties and that dump one took 4 points off the board likely, not really liking even keeping White in this game but it does help to have him take some handoffs from Budmayr)

Badger Score 62 Indiana 13

Indiana 4th Drive
Welch drives this kick out of the end zone.
Indiana runner gets a couple up the middle maybe.
Indiana airs it out along the sidelines and it falls incomplete.
Third and 9, and the pass is picked by Henry and he walks it in for the score and the band gets some more practice.
(Overall the defense has tried to do its part in this game and now has a fumble recovery and an interception touchdown return. For those of you unsure if the Badgers have lucked their way to a top ten ranking, we think not.)
Badger Score 69 Indiana 13

Indiana 5th Drive
Indiana finds room on the right side all the way to their 37.
The first redshirt QB Baker is back in the game after the pick.
Indiana gains 1 on first down.
Turner on the carry losses half a yard.
Indiana dumps it off and that goes for a couple but not the first down.

Badgers 4th Drive
Gilreath with the fair catch at the 22.
Handoff the middle gets 1.
White on the carry over the right side for 4 yards.
Budmayr rolls out and on the bomb throws to the future Abbrederris for a long TD, nice. Budmayr gets hit late but our guess is he feels just fine. (Bucky has left the building fearing more push-ups.) That drive looked like the first punt coming and true to form turned into a highlight real touchdown. We will tell you what Abbrederris is going to be a fun player to watch in the coming years, the Badgers are just stacked on offense when you think about players like him playing a supporting role. Brett is going to get and is already getting heat for bombing it out at this point in the game.

Badger score 76 Indiana 13

Indiana 6th Drive
Welch blows it threw the end zone.
The running back takes it up the gut for 8 or 9 yards.
Running back carries for the first down.
Indiana driving? This time the run looses yards.
QB on the keeper for 6.
QB finds a man wide open after a Badger falls down on the coverage and that is a 62 yard touchdown pass.
(that play helps the defense take it on the chin a bit thanks to that in this game)
Badger score 76 Indiana 20

Badgers 5th 
Zulinger on the return? taken to the 32.
Nate Tice now in at QB for the Badgers.
White still in there doing the freshman's work and he gets a couple as it is looking vanilla now.
Never mind James White goes up the middle busts free for a bunch of yards.
White tries to stay in bounds and he took it to the 27.
Sorry guys but don't know think that is Zulinger on the run down to the 17.
Zulinger doesn't find much on second down.
Play action on the keeper and the QB Nate Tice gets a gift and runs it in.
(Brett is going to here about the score now from the media as the score ties a modern day Big Ten record. Keep in mind folks a Doak Walker semifinalist has been chilling on the sidelines all day.)
Badger score 83 Indiana 20

Indiana 7th Drive
Indiana gets a short kick and gets to the 25.
Indiana run goes nowhere up the middle.
Indiana up the middle for a few.
We are guessing there will not be much of a handshake at the end of this game.
Third and 8 and they run for a few and that should do it.

Final Score: Badgers 83 Indiana 20

Final Thoughts:
BB can't resist and in the post game interview with ESPN says that he thinks even Bo Ryan would be proud, yes he probably would be. This game reminds a nation again that Wisconsin is not slow and plodding but an offensive machine. We have said it multiple times all season long, absolutely not defense in the country wants anything to do with a healthy Badger offense. The Badgers pull all the levers and put up 83 again without a Doak Walker semifinalist. Brett Bielema didn't really look like he was trying to run the score up, he took multiple steps to take players out and had Tice in at QB on the last one. The one thing you could argue is he could have taken out White and made anybody else carry the ball because we know White is not exactly a backup quality player. By the way Northwestern pulled off the upset over Iowa at Iowa so that is going to be disruptive in the BCS / Rose Bowl chase. We don't know how this game will effect the Badgers in the BCS our guess is not much but you have to think they won't be dropping. If you get a college video game next year our tip would be to play Wisconsin vs Oregon and see what happens. FYI the final handshake between Brett and the Indiana coach Bill Lynch wasn't a disaster.

Final Stats
Badgers 597 yards total offense to Indiana 316.
337 rushing yards for the UW, Montee Ball 22 for 167, James White 19 for 144, Nate Tice 1 for 17, Scott Tolzien 2 for 6, Kyle Zuleger 2 for 6, Jon Budmayr 1 for -3. Rushing touchdowns Ball with 3, White with 2, and Tice with 1.
260 passing yards for the Badgers with Scott Tolzien finishing 15 of 18 for 181 yards and three touchdown. Jon Budmayr got a nice dose of play and finished 2 of 3 for 79 yards and a touchdown.
Receiving went as follows Jared Abbrederis 2 catches for 79 yards and a touchdown, Lance Kendricks 3 for 47 and a touchdown,David Gilreath 3 for 41, Nick Toon 3 for 26 and a touchdown, Bradie Ewing 2 for 26, Jake Byrne 2 for 18 and a touchdown, Isaac Anderson 1 for 18, Montee Ball 1 for 9.
Gilreath returned two kicks for 84 yards and a punt for 22. Welch banged home two field goals and Brad Norman was in a state of boredom as he didn't get to punt with the Badgers scoring every time they touched the ball.

Game Balls:
Montee Ball for getting this game off on the right track with some power running.
JJ Watt for making himself known early.
Scot Tolzien for throwing at a very high level while given the chance.
David Gilreath for a huge overall day.
Jared Abbrederis for his big display of the future being bright.
Really a bunch of players could get game balls, what you going to do at 82 to 20.


  1. I think this is going to be a lot closer game than people think, that passing game scares me. Of course if the weather is a factor the Badgers should win because that hurts the passing more than the rushing.

  2. Bielema shows how classless he is by leaving White in the game.

  3. There is nothing Bielema could do, the Hoosiers couldn't even stop Tice. Badgers offense is a thing of beauty this year. If we don't get a BCS bowl it has to force changes in the system.