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Josh Gasser Badger Basketball Freshman Guard #21

For Josh Gasser (#21) a freshman guard on the UW Badger basketball team his debut night against Prairie View A and M was impressive to say the least. Here we all thought the Badgers might be in big trouble for the 2010 / 2011 season at the 2 guard and Gasser puts those questions to rest in the first game, as he is clearly already a competent player on the court.

Note that we have decided to update this article with the latest Josh Gasser news and notes as he goes through his college career. New notes about Josh Gasser and his performance will be at the bottom of the article.

Josh Gasser is from Port Washington WI, and is listed at 6-4 and 185 pounds. He flew "under the radar" in his college recruitment and Scout for instance had him rated 44th at the guard spot nationally and as a three star recruit. So what does a three star recruit do coming off the bench in the first game of his college career, he scores 21 points second most on the team behind the senior Leuer on 5 of 7 shooting, 2 of 4 from downtown, and 9 of 10 from the charity stripe, in addition he just misses a double double with 9 rebounds, adds 3 assists and a steal in his 26 minutes of action. Gasser's 21 points is the second most in Badger Basketball history for a freshman in his debut as Rashard Griffith scored 26 in his first game, and Devin Harris is now third with 20. Shooting the ball straight is all well and good and maybe not as hard to do against Prairie View but in addition Gasser showed good vision on his passes, played solid defense, was able to get the rim and the line, and grabbed rebounds inside.

From everything we had heard about Josh Gasser and our little exposure watching him, he was a sharp shooter with potential in other areas. He has way more than potential, he is a player and one that might be the first freshman to start on a consistent basis for the Badgers since Tucker and Wade. He is going to need to show he can play defense against Big Ten caliber competition but he looks much farther along than advertised in all facets of his game. In Bo Ryan's post game comments he mentioned what he liked about Gasser's defense was that he was getting beat by his man for threes in the first half, got upset about it and made his man  put it on the floor in the second instead. That shows that he is way ahead of a lot of freshman in terms of how he thinks about the game. Gasser is quicker than JBo so we expect him with the help of Ryan to be an abover average defender soon.

We already had a good feeling Gasser was going to be thrown into the fire at least a little this year because this team needs the shooting that we were promised he had, but this kid can already create his own shot better than a pre-senior JBo, so the Big Ten is now on notice. It is so refreshing to have a player that is billed as a shooter step on campus and carry on that reputation, as you probably recall TJ, Krabbenhoft and others have been billed as plus shooters and that hasn't been the case once they lace them up at the Kohl Center.

Josh Gasser as you recall kind of entered the Badger recruiting picture after the whole Blue fiasco, he may or may not have been a replacement for him so you ask how did Vander Blue do against Prairie View as Marquette played them last? Blue started and in 28 minutes had 7 points on 2 of 3 shooting, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals, 3, blocks, 4 turnovers and 3 fouls. Overall it was a pretty full stat sheet for Vander Blue and it seems he played well but Gasser more than held his own with 1 turnover, no fouls, and 21 points in 26 minutes. It is all kind of subjective of course as they play on different teams but fun to look at.

You know one more thing about Josh Gasser is that he seems to really fit the Badger way, he looks fit and plays tough, he looks like a chip off a block from past and current players like Tucker, Taylor, Krabby, and Mike Wilkinson.

Welcome to the Badgers Josh, it looks like the UW Basketball team just hit reload for 2010/2011 instead of the almost rebuilding button, because we needed to know where we could find some points.

Josh Gasser Update
The lone bright spot was Josh Gasser who finished 5 of 9 for 12 points and added 4 assists and 2 rebounds vs Manhattan. Josh Gasser again showed he is going to be a player for the Badgers in just his first season as he does some very nice things on offense both distributing the ball and creating his own shot. On defense though Josh needs to improve as he was late to cover his man from beyond the arc, and went for offensive rebounds when he should have been going down on defense to stop the fast break. On the plus side in this game he did have a nice steal which he converted to three points going the other way strong to the hoop.


  1. Welcome to the Badgers Josh, can't wait to see what the next four years bring.

  2. What is all the ballyhoo about. He is a kid who has faced almost no competition in his high school carrer. He will be abused defensively if he gets much playing time as a freshman. They do have competition at the big 10 level - not div 2 or 3 highschool.

  3. Well if he does get abused Ryan won't have him in the game but he showed enough tenacity,quickness and smarts that by the Big Ten season he should be just good enough on defense to play and a contributer on offense. Got to hand it to you though it is pretty rare to find someone who sees 21 points and then goes and talks defense, it shows you either really love the game or are a true Badger fan in the Dick Bennett mold. I am way more skeptical than I ever would have been than after watching Rashard and Devin put up huge first games but some times you get lucky on a player. Devin Harris announced himself in his first game and he wasn't a big time prospect either, he took some lumps too his freshman year but helped the team more than not.
    If you aren't a Badger fan give us this kid because the rest of the freshman class is going to take a while to develop.

  4. To whoever said he did not face any competition in high school you have no clue what you are talking about! The conference he played in had a division 1 prospect on every team except one. Not to mention the AAU travel circuit he played on.

  5. Oh and not to mention he was double and sometimes triple teamed throughout his high school career.