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UW Badger Football vs MSU Live Score and Live Blog

UW Badgers vs MSU Live Blog
Badger Score 24 MSU 34

Badgers get the ball first after a poor kick return to the 12 or 13.

UW Badger 1st Drive
Ewing takes a short pass for four
Clay on second down
Toon drops a nice pass from Tolzien after Tolzien got pressure. The good news is that was a nice play by Tolzien. Also a holding call on UW is declined.
Punt is only a 35 yarder with no return, bad kick.

MSU Spartans 1st Drive
MSU goes play action on first and the Badgers break up a good pass with a nice secondary play.
Kahoot with a nice stop on the second down run.
Badgers leave the tight end all alone for a gain of 14 and a first down.
JJ Watt gets in the backfield but Cousins gets by him for a nice pass completion.
Spartans with third and inches, MSU is a bad third and short team but they get it this time with the QB keeper.
Badgers need to get things under control, a little shaky early.
Something you don't see everyday is the Spartans get called for offensive pass interference in the end zone, nice call.
Spartans go with a screen and Watt blows that up easy, great play.
Big stop needed this time on second. Spartans on the 40 and Cousins takes off for 5.
Badgers give up 15 on a pass to Nichols which gives a very makable kick.
Spartans up first with the field goal good.

Badger Score 0 - Spartans 3
(The Badgers haven't looked very sharp early in pass coverage, a couple of nice plays when the coverage was actually there but overall there have been some wide open receivers. On offense the Badgers first drive stalled quickly after Toon dropped a pass that needs to be caught.)

Badgers 2nd Drive
White from a yard deep in the end zone takes it to the 24.
Toss to Clay on first down and he gets the corner and picks up 18. He gets tackled at the legs from behind.
Tolzien rolls out but is pressured quick and the short pass is incomplete.
Second down, White in and he snakes up the middle for a couple. To tentative there for White.
Hope Clay didn't get nicked up on that tackle.
Tolzien gets sacked on third down, no chip from the rb and that was bad.
Punt is fair caught on the 15, pretty solid kick that time.
(The Badgers haven't gotten anything going in the passing game yet which needs to change in a hurry, Clay had the nice first down run and then the drive stalled a bit when he couldn't ram it in there again on the next play due to the tackle. That would have been a nice drive to work Clay for all he was worth, and see how far they get)

MSU 3rd Drive 
Brinkley with a solid tackle on the short swing pass to the outside, pretty disciplined tackle as he was all alone.
Badgers great stop on the second down run, Taylor gets there quick.
Third and 6, Badgers don't get to the QB and get burned for 34 yards after the receiver is wide open and one missed tackle.
Bell up the middle for 3 or 4.
Bell picks up at least ten as he pushes the pile and that was scary.
Bell picks up 3, bulling forward again.
Bell for another 2 or 3.
Badgers need this third down stop because the defense is reeling right now.
Cousins has all day to throw and throws it right through Fenalis who picks it off.
(Just what the Badgers needed, lets see if that gets things turned around.)

Badgers 3rd Drive
Lets see if Clay is back in on first down or if he is actually hurt. Look for another play action pass on first down as the Badgers really need to get that passing game going. Kendricks name hasn't been called yet, look for that very shortly.
First down, Clay in and up the middle for four. Nice to see he had some running room early.
Clay shows great speed up the middle for ten, like to see that. He hit that hole fast.
White picks up 8 slicing up the middle again, they might have found something to attack.
Now at the 50 and White is to tentative going up the middle and not much there.
White was pretty good at going forward for what he could and got the first.
Ball slices left middle for 7 or so. Badgers are really pounding now.
Ball tries to change direction in the backfield and that was a mistake he should have just kept pounding.

End of the First Quarter.
Badger Score 0 Spartans 3
(Badgers looked a little asleep until late in the quarter and have a big third down coming. Clay keeps getting nicked up after nice runs which is killing things. Ball really made a mistake when he didn't go straight ahead for 3 on the last play. Clay on the sideline with the helmet off, not good)
Third and 4, Tolzien with a nice pass for 26 to Pederson. That was planned all the way.
White shows off the speed, MSU blitzed and White finds the outside and goodbye for the TD. Oh baby, that was Badger football on that drive. (For those of you not following the progress of White closely enough, he is good, very very good for a freshman. Keep this in mind the Great Dayne didn't play this much early in his freshman year)
Badger Score 7 Spartans 3
The heavily wind aided kickoff goes to the back of the end zone, so the Badgers don't have to have there suspect special teams tested.

Spartans 3rd Drive
Brinkley with some nice coverage breaks up the first down pass. Watt with the pressure.
Baker hit in the backfield but keeps his balance for a few more and then gets drilled.
Badgers need to show they can cover on this third down. Badgers give up another big pass play for a first down but then strip the ball and recover the fumble.

Badgers 4th Drive
Badgers start on the MSU 33 need to take advantage.
To cute on first down and after the pressure short pass is incomplete.
Clay on the toss is one step short of getting the corner for a big gain, instead gain of just 2.
Tolzien with a bad pass to Toon on third down and that was a terrible drive.
Badgers to try a 49 yard field goal attempt and Welch hits it true. (hate that first down play call, that should have been Clay all the way going straight up the gut or at least a big time play action. Tolzien with an unusually ugly pass on third down.)

Badger Score 10 Spartans 3

Spartans 4th Drive
The Badgers need to prove they can stop a third down pass on this series.
Shorter kick this time and MSU player reverses it after bad tackling for little gain but a face mask call adds on 15.
Cousins completes for a big pass up the middle and that was just a nice pass.
Spartans already at the Badger 23, Bell goes for just 2.
Watt with pressure and forces a quicker pass incomplete, Valai got his monies worth after the pass on the QB.
Badgers do a nice job of only giving up an underneath catch for short of the first down.
MSU kicks a 34 yard field goal. (The defense does a nice job of getting its act together after the big pass, one of these times they need to hit home on the sack as it has been close but no cigar so far.)

Badger Score 10 Spartans 6

Badgers 5th Drive
White on the kick takes it from the 8 to the 29.
Solid Clay run on first for 7 or 8, Zeitler with the nice block.
Clay hit early and quick and he gets only a couple. Clay looses the ball and then gets it back.
The punt gets returned 74 yards, crap wide open up the middle.

Badger Score 10 Spartans 13

Badgers 6th Drive
Clay taken down from behind for only 4.
Tolzien finally completes a pass to Anderson.
Hopefully this drive can get moving now.
Clay is hit early and doesn't get backed to the line. Clay doesn't look right.
Tolzien just beats the blitz to Kendricks for 8. Nice pass and toughness by Tolzien.
Tolzien with a pass behind Kendricks, and that wasn't sharp.
Well the Badgers will have to kick again so hold your breath. Now the punt is straight up in the air, horrible kick.

Spartans 5th Drive
Badgers need a stop here to stay in the game.
Cousins all day and runs for 2.
Pass is tipped and picked off.

Badgers 7th Drive
Tolzien is hit and fumbles, and now it is going to be Spartan ball. Nope it stays with Wisconsin.
Second and 37 to Toon and he drops another, and he is a little off.
We aren't sure they have a 3 and 37 play call.
Screen pass to White and the Badgers make it worse with a hold now.
Keep in mind they are now going to need to punt.
Nortman with a 46 yard punt and this time only a few on the return.
(that was the first MSU turnover not to result in points)
Spartans 6th Drive
Cousins all day and week coverage for another big pass completion.
Watt needs to make himself known right now.
Bell drives for 4 or 5, power back right there.
Bell gets stood up by Kuhut this time, no gain.
1:24 to go in the half. 3rd and 4 and the pass is complete but about a foot short of the first down.
Nice tackle by Rouse. Spartans are going for it on fourth down, and now the play is being reviewed for a catch or not.
Spartans pitch it wide and pick up 23, and that was really bad defense.
Cousins with another good pass and St. Jean with a big hit but it is hung onto.
Spartans to the 7. Timeout Spartans.
Jay Valai jumps the route and almost picks it for the 96 yard TD.
Third and 5, and a MSU TD. (That was the last things the Badgers needed as this is getting out of hand, they will really need to regroup at halftime now)

Badgers 10 Spartans 20

Badgers 8th Drive
The Badgers are really getting whipped in this game except for all the MSU turnovers, not good.
White takes it to the 25 with 16 seconds left. Clay runs on first down for 1 and that is the half.

End of First Half
That fourth down play call was huge for MSU as there is a big difference right now in being up 10 instead of 3 or less. Badgers really need to find there passing game, and Clay needs to put together a whole series where he feels OK.

Second Half

Spartans 1st Drive
Short return to the 22 on the kick.
A couple of rumbling runs but then Watt shows up for two huge sacks.
Punt of 43, and Henry takes it to the 50.

Badgers 1st Drive 
This is a big drive to get in the game with good field position at the 50.
Play action and a nice pass to Anderson and he just drops it, another bad drop.
Clay with a nice run to the outside for 10.
White with a great cut and he is gone to the outside and it is another TD this one 35 yards, see you as he flashes the talent again. (43 second drive and now they are only down 3, lets see if that run starts getting the defense to second guess how to defend the Badgers)

Badger Score 17 Spartans 20

Spartans 2nd Drive
Watt really disrupted the last drive, it would be great to see the d-line intensity stay high the rest of the half.
Another adventure kickoff goes to the 30.
Play action all day and wide open for a big pass play.
All the way to the UW 45. Martin with the ball falls after 2.
Good blocking gets Baker 8, zone stretch really beat the Badgers.
Bell hit in the backfield and gets nothing.
Badgers need to make sure they don't give up a TD on this drive. Quick pass out side for 6 or 7.
3rd and 2 and the Badgers haven't been good on 3rd down. They had Bell in the backfield and lost him.
First and goal MSU now. Bell does a good job of getting a foot after the Badgers were in the backfield quickly.
Bell forward for one maybe 2 and a big third and goal.
Bell is stopped short and it is short, fourth and goal. They have to kick right?
Timeout and they are going for it, gutsy call but only a foot out. UW calls a timeout.
Bell is destroyed at the line and that wasn't even close. Badgers just nasty with the run defense.

Badgers 2nd Drive
Well the ball gets the offense at the 1, not great but better than giving up the TD.
Clay in but Tolzien goes forward for 3, nice run by Tolzien.
Clay tries to go outside instead of pounding and MSU saw it coming.
White on the run is stopped short at the 8 and that play call sucked. (Badgers were really conservative on that drive and considering the punt coverage not a good idea).
Great punt to the 50 with no return thanks to the great hang time.

Spartans 3rd Drive
Badgers need to avoid giving up the big pass play that has plagued them in this game. The defense should have some momentum after the big fourth down stop but they are also right back on the field after the offense stalled early.
Wide open after another play fake and that is the big 27 yard gain we worried about. Come on, this can't keep happening. The Badgers could use another MSU turnover.
Baker stalled on the run out of bounds for a short gain.
Baker on a good cut takes it up inside the ten.
Pass play takes it to the one and the Badgers have another problem.
Bell gets killed again inside the one, he might have lost one.
The pass play is good for the TD.

Badger Score 17 Spartans 27

Badgers 3rd Drive
White takes the kickoff to the 30, he has been solid on kicks but has yet to flash a sign he could break one.

End of the Third Quarter
The Badgers are down 10 with one quarter to go and based on the poor passing game today things aren't looking good. On the other side of the ball the defense has been giving up far to many big plays and you don't get the sense they can stop the Spartans without a turnover. Boy that special teams return is killing the Badgers right now as this game would have a completely different feel to it otherwise.
Tolzien throws a strike to Kendricks for what looks like a big gain they need and then it is incomplete.
Clay finds the hole and goes through it for the big gainer.
Clay off the right side for only a couple.
Clay gets good blocking and uses it well and Clay goes for the first down.
Bad Tolzien short pass to Kendricks and it is incomplete.
Big play here, Tolzien for Toon way over thrown and now it is third and long.
Middle screen to Kendricks for the first down and that one worked well.
White in takes the carry and makes something out of nothing going outside for 6 or 7.
Tolzien to Abradaras over the middle for the first down.
Peterson over the middle for the TD pass and the Badgers are back in this.

Badgers Score 23 Spartans 27

Spartans 4th Drive
Bell on the kickoff return and he gets only to the 22. Nope offsides Wisconsin, that hurts you can't keep doing this on the road.
Martin fumbles the kick but picks it up and goes to the 22. Flag again and this one is a MSU hold, brings it back to the 16.
Baker on the carry and that was a short 2.
Play action fake and that one was to high as at least they got a little pressure with Kohut coming.
Third down and Cousins throws a strike. Badgers needed that one just past the sticks.
Badgers get pressure and Cousins needs to throw it away.
MSU tries a toss and Wisconsin has that sniffed out this time.
Huge third down play coming and the Badgers have struggled today getting off the field.
The screen picks up like thirty yards against the blitz, and that is a killer.
Baker picks up 7 after he found a nice hole and now the Badgers on their heels.
Baker cuts back after some MSU holding and gets a big gain of call it 20. MSU picks up a personal foul after the play. That really helps the Badgers.
Baker right up the middle for 8.
Baker stopped in the backfield, and the Badgers will get one more try at stopping the third down bleeding.
This time they run it for another first down, the Badger defense is just breaking.
Baker up the middle for nothing on first down.
Baker up the middle on second for maybe one.
Another third down coming and is MSU just toying with the Badgers. 7 minute drive going after all the third down problems.
Kaper gets the carry and gets to the one.
Fourth down. MSU going for it. Play action and they get the TD and this game is over. (Well that drive was an embarrasement for the defense, if they could have done better at least on the third and goal play to force the field goal this would still be a ballgame.)

Badger Score 24 Spartans 34

Badgers 4th Drive
Badgers need to score very quickly now and hope for the best.
White to only the 22 on the return. White goes up the middle for a first down.
Tolzien throws short of Anderson.
Draw play to White picks up nothing, what was that.
Third and 11, Tolzien to Toon for 28 yards.
Tolzien throws into Toon's back, Toon never turned.
A screen to the middle of the field for no game and the clock just runs.
Badgers timeout.
Badgers offsides and now it is third and 17.
Tolzien throws it to Toon but well defended but incomplete.
Wisconsin just looked off all day, Tolzien completes it but short of the first down and thats the game.


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