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UW Badger Football vs Iowa Hawkeyes Live Score and Live Blog

UW Badgers vs Iowa Hawkeyes Live Blog
Badger Score 31 Iowa 30
TV: ABC, Time 2:30 CT

Final thoughts at the bottom we will have more later after this program defining win by the Badgers, yes this is the program defining win people have been waiting for.

Welcome, we will be doing the live UW Badger vs Iowa blog for the duration, so please stay with us and get in on the action with a comment! This post just keeps updating at the bottom, just keep hitting refresh and go down.

What we are looking for as the secret key to the game is look for James White to get the ball on short passes to get him in space. We also think that Clay will continue to rumble, look for him to look where he took off against Iowa last year before he got hurt. What we are worried about is that Iowa will abuse us in the passing game, the backfield has played better of late but this still has to be a big concern. In addition look for problems if their running back gets to the second level as we still don't have complete faith in the linebackers, if we had Boreland they would be a strength but we have to move on. Our prediction is a high scoring game, Badgers 34 Iowa 31.

Start of the first Half

Badgers 1st Drive

Badgers decide to take the ball to receive, and Gilreath with not a great return only to the 15.
Gilreath gets two yards on the first down end around, nice try but didn't work
Clay bursts up the middle for 12, nice hole and Clay just exploded through. That was over the left side.
Clay goes up the middle for 2 or 3.
Clay goes middle left and picks up another 4. Didn't find a hole but moved it forward.
Tolzien with a bullet of an awesome pass for 15 to Kendricks. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty. Pump fake and the dart.
Tolzien rolls right and hits Kendrick in stride for another 12. The Badgers clearly have a plan for this first drive and they are executing it.
White in and he slides up the middle for 3.
They toss left to white and he slips up the left side for 6, nice job of making sure he got as much as he can.
White, on third and 1 and he did a great job of reading where the hole is for 1 more than needed.
White runs right and he just does a great job again of picking up every yard, that time for 4.
Clay over middle right and he knocks down the umpire, hope he is OK. Clay for the first down.
Badgers handing it to Iowa right now, 3 to 5 yards at a time.
Clay over the left side for 3 or 4.
Tolzien bumps into Tolzien on the hand off and that started ugly but Clay used his burst to find the edge and came up just a little short of the sticks.
White makes a huge mistake on third down trying to find the edge, he went backwards and lost. 8 yard loss, and that really sucked as all they had to do was keep pounding it.
Welch field goal is good from about 23.

Badger score 3 Iowa 0
(That was about a eight minute drive where the Badgers mauled Iowa but only got 3 after the mistake by White trying to get the edge for the touchdown. You have to question that, stay inside the tackles and just keep pounding it. Even if he had just gone down when he was initially stopped they would have maybe had a decision to make on 4 and 1 or so. Now on that drive White did an outstanding job of gaining every yard he could by sliding past be for an extra yard here and there but hopefully he can learn from that decision.) The Badgers again beside the poor decision on third down just worked over Iowa like they were beating on the drum, one whole note at a time. That was truly brutal for Iowa and you can bet their defense felt what was going on.

Iowa 1st Drive

Iowa returns it to the 22, nothing special there.
Lets see how the Badgers start on defense.
To much cushion and time and an eight yard pass complete.
Robinson tries to run in the middle and St. Jean did a good job of standing him up for only 1 yard.
The fullback gets it and goes for 6, his first carry of the year. Shoot he hit the whole well for a guy who doesn't carry.
Short throw in time for 7 beats Brinkley, nice tackle though by Brinkley.
Robinson can't find the whole and gets maybe 1, you can tell the difference right there between the talent Clay and White have and Robinson as either one would have gotten a big gain.
Robinson finds the whole this time for 8 and then a facemask adds 15 and the Hawkeyes are moving now.
Huge hole somehow over the left side and they run it all the way to the one. 30 yards on that gain.
Robinson finds the endzone, and Valie got run through on the tackle.
Extra point might have been deflected no good by Watt.

(The Badgers really had problems getting off the field on that drive as they had some good chances on third and short if the defense stay stout. Of course that is the problem is they never got a chance to force a third and long as Stanzie completed on quick short passes in the eight yard range. Nice drive by Iowa aided by the 30 yard run after a huge hole opened up on the left side.)

Badger score 3 Iowa 6

Badgers 2nd Drive
Gilreath with a real nice return on the kickoff to the 40, as he shakes and bakes a little and flings himself forward. Oh ... Kendricks is on the ground on the kickoff and not getting up real quick. He had the back of his knee rolled into. He limps off under his own power, so hopefully he comes back.
Clay tries the left side, but good penetration gets him before he gets moving, no gain.
Tolzien with a pretty nice pass for 9 yard to Anderson on the right. Big cushion and a nice comeback by Anderson.
Clay pounds left and picks up the first on third and really short.
Jacob Peterson comes free in traffic over the left side and Tolzien does a nice job of finding him for 18 yards. Tolzien looks really crisp right now.

End of the First Quarter
Jake Byrne makes his first career catch as he was wide open for 9 yards.
Tolzien 5 for 5 now.
White takes it for a couple for the first down.
Kendricks sprained his ankle and he is working out on the bike trying to stay loose.
Clay dropped for a loss as Iowa had big penetration.
They try a swing to White and nothing doing. White is hurt as well on the play and they are looking at his knee. No good, but he walks off under his own power but don't expect him back in this game.
Third and 12 now as Badger stars are dropping like flies.
Shovel to Ball and he takes it up the middle for the first down. Great call. Ball didn't play last week by the way.
The Badgers fake the handoff and Ewing is so open he could have taken a nap and then eaten a sandwich. TD Badgers.

(That was like another 12 play long drive where Iowa didn't have many answers, more than last time but still only a couple none positive plays by the Badgers. Tolzien is 6 out of 6 in the game so far and sharp as it gets. Iowa for the most part is on its heals on if it is a pass or the rush down there throat. Problem for the Badgers is now Kendricks and White are hurt, and that is a big problem. In particular it looked on that last drive like the Badgers are already missing some Kendricks blocking ability and clearly not having the White option could hurt going forward. Chryst really nice playcalling on that drive)

Badger Score 10 Iowa 6.
Welch kicks it deep into the endzone on the kick and it will come out to the 20.
Iowa picks up an unnecessary roughness penalty on the kick somehow.
Iowa from their 10. Short pass and it goes for 12, as the Badgers were out of position for it.
All day to throw for Stanzie but he throws the first incomplete pass of the game. Way to long to throw on that, pretty nice coverage though.
Robinson goes up the middle for 2 or 3, did a good job of picking up the extra yard.
Badgers need to stand up on this their first third and long force.
All day to throw and Stanzie throws high and the ball is dropped. All dang day to throw.
Gilreath back to receive, and he fair catches on the 27. Good 49 yard punt with no return.
(Frankly the Badgers got a gift on that drive as Iowa stopped themselves. Take it when you can get it and smile)

Badgers 3rd Drive
Clay in the backfield. Tolzien throws a great pass to Anderson and he just drops a very, very easy one. Boy don't know how that happened.
Clay on second down runs into traffic after a 4 yard gain. Sort of went into a blocker on that one.
Tolzien gets pressure and he looses the ball, Carimi falls on it luckily.

(That drive really blown up by the complete drop by Anderson. Clayborne for Iowa is starting to be disruptive)
Booming punt and a crazy good tackle by Shelton Johnson and Iowa at their 28.

Iowa 3rd Drive

Robinson almost down in the backfield but spins and picks up 11.
All day to throw and Stanzi hits his man in stride but Valai blows him up and forces the drop.
Zero pressure, and I mean none right now.
Robinson sheds another tackle that could have been a loss and he gets 7. Valai on that miss.
Iowa with a nice push from the offensive line and Robinson for the easy first down. Boy that was sad.
Iowa marching now at the Badger 45.
Watt gets called for being across the neutral zone.
Watt hasn't done anything yet in this game and now would be good.
Stanzi all day and Brinkley with some decent coverage on the incomplete pass to the sidelines.
All day to throw and that was a 21 yard game after the crossing route.
Robinson runs right and picks up 3, Badgers just can't get him down in the backfield despite the attempts.
Iowa with a short pass to a wide open man at the sticks. Brinkley with a nice open field tackle, but to big of cushion.
Iowa jumped offsides on the third and very short. Lets see if the Badgers can take advantage. Beau Allen is now hurt.
Iowa completes a first down pass but they get called for an illegal motion penalty. OK Badgers need to take advantage here.
5 receiver spread formation.
Quick pass to the right side but 3 yards short of the sticks as the receiver falls.
(well at least the Badgers forced the field goal but it wasn't pretty.)
The field goal attempt does not happen after the poor snap and hold.
(The Badgers got gifted no points being put up on the board by Iowa on that drive)

Badgers 4th Drive
James White is supposedly going to try and give it a go on this drive, Kendricks sounds like he will sit the rest of this one out unless something forces the coaches hand. Kendricks is one tough guy and with him working out on the bike it looks like he could go back in, but would it be wise for his career if he is more defenseless in there.
Badgers from their on 17.
Gilreath with some really nice running to pick up 13.  That was a dynamic run by Gilreath, looked up and you would have swore it was White.
Clay works right, but a flag on the play. Holding and this is a really poor time for that as the Badgers would like to hold the ball the rest of the half with 2:31 left. Carimi with the hold.
Tolzien has his pass knocked down at the line and that was the first poor pass by Tolzien.
Tolzien throws it away as the screen never developed. That was the worst possible outcome by Wisconsin on this drive. Clayborne again disruptive.
Badgers try the shovel again and nothing doing. Would have been better off even with two Clay runs than what they tried.
(Horrible series and hopefully it doesn't end up with Iowa putting points up before the half. That Carimi hold was just a killer. The Badgers offense looked like it was going to roll this game like it did early against Ohio State but on the last two drives there have been critical mistakes to kill it)
Bad kick and a nice return and Iowa with great field position across midfield.

Iowa 4th Drive
Iowa with great field position.
Run goes nowhere but a faskmask penalty bails them out, 15 yard penalty.
Watt needs to make himself known pretty soon.
Robinson gets wrapped up after a yard, Watt with the tackle.
Stanzi moves forward and completes a first down pass.
Stanzi works quickly and it is an incomplete wide open pass. Stanzi hasn't been real accurate today.
Brinkley with nice coverage forces the pass to be caught out of bounds.
Big 3rd and 10 play. All day to throw and Stanzi finds his man for 1st and goal. Fenellus with the coverage gets beat on the comeback to the ball by the receiver. All day to throw.
Stanzi throws the ball out of bounds on first down.
Badgers need something big here, this isn't how you want to end the half.
(timeout Iowa with 55 seconds. The big story on defense this half for the Badgers is they have had a pass rush on maybe one play this half. It is incredible that Iowa hasn't taken better advantage of this as Stanzi just has all the time he could ever want.)
Iowa hands it off to Robinson and Watt with the tackle after 2.
It would seem Iowa wants to run out the half on the Badgers.
On third down Iowa had there guy wide open for the touchdown.
(it would seem Iowa had a play they were extremely confident would work on third down, and that is nothing you want to see. It was almost as if they didn't want to score to fast and give the Badgers to much time to work with at the end of the half. As we said that last offensive drive by the Badgers was a killer.)

Badger Score 10 Iowa 13

Badgers 5th Drive
Squib kick, Badgers get it on the 35 with 10 seconds.
Tolzien throws to Abberderas all the way to the 50 but not long enough and to much time off to get 2 more plays. Welch is coming out for a 67 yard field goal, no freaking way the wind is at his back but wow. Didn't make it to the endzone even.

End of the First Half
Any comments feel free to ask questions as well!

The big story of that half was the lack of a pass rush by the Wisconsin defense and the early ball control of the  Wisconsin offense. The Badger offense held the ball for huge chunks of time on their first two drives that really shortened the half as both teams really got only 4 drives in the half. The problem for the Badgers despite looking like they can move on offense against Iowa they had two costly plays that stalled their last two drives and so with only four in the half they didn't put up as many points as you would expect. In addition White had the costly third down play in the Red Zone where he lost yards and forced the field goal. Important to remember is that Kendricks and White are now hurt with White sounding likely to return and Kendricks not.

The Badgers just don't have enough playmakers right now on defense. Missing Boreland like we have said is a big problem. The Badgers are going to have to do a better job of stopping Robinson in the backfield and forcing the third and long from that. The Badgers had a number of chances to stop Robinson early but he spun out of tackles multiple times. Stanzi has been very off in this game, if he gets hot in the second half it could prove something the Badgers can't overcome with their lack of pass rush. On the flip side Tolzien has been very sharp in the first half so you can't stand to look at the scoreboard and seeing only 10 points in the half with both the rushing and passing game seemingly working.

First Half Stats
Tolzien 10 of 13 for 99 yards, Clay 10 rushes for 38 yards, White 6 for 10 yards, and Gilreath two for 14.
Kendricks 2 catches for 26, Jacob Pederson 1 for 18.

Play to question? Why did the Badgers attempt a 67 yard field goal? Can't Tolzien hit the end zone from the 50 with a wind at his back?

Second Half
We never like to sound negative but we don't have a great feeling about the second half. Like we have stated the defense just hasn't gotten it done in the trenches in this game yet, and we don't see it changing. One thing to look out for if this game stays close it seems that Iowa is having all sorts of trouble with their field goal unit.

One Item of note is that Tolzien has completed passes to 8 receivers and not attempted one pass to Toon.

Iowa 1st Drive
Welch line drives the kick through the end zone with the wind at his back.
Ball on the 20, Badgers look to already show blitz but back out and Stanzi has all time to pass again.
Robinson carries up the middle for 4, and another 3rd and short.
Badgers again look to be sending pressure looks now.
Short pass to the outside and a horrible spot gives him the first down and they need to review this.
Iowa was stupid not to snap this quick and now Wisconsin calls timeout. And now it is being reviewed and this should be pulled back and a fourth down as this should be pulled back over a yard. Not sure why we didn't have to call a timeout as it was way short. Well we should also mention it was a good tackle. The officials now wave off the timeout as they said they were getting buzzed by the replay booth before the timeout, and the review showed it was short.
Monster kick goes 71 yards out of the end zone.

Badgers 1st Drive 
Clay stutters going up the middle and gets 3, that one was over center. Maybe only 2 on that one.
Clay gets it outside and he picks up 12 but is pushed out of bounds and hits the bench and gets hurt.
Ball with a poor run up inside for maybe 2. White probably won't come back in judging that Ball came in.
Byrne with a short pass catch of 4.
Nice pass to Gilreath on the 19 yard third down pass completion. Gilreath losses his man and Tolzien has time to find him. Gilreath with a nice game today.
Gilreath on a short pass catch for 4.
Badgers doing it differently with the running backs hurt.
Ball with a 7 yard catch. Tolzien has been very short.
Ball catches runs out and fumbles. Flag at the end of the play. Iowa picks up a dead ball personal foul 15 yard penalty half the distance to the endzone.
Boy this drive heated up in a hurry with some short passes. You have to really be worried as though as the Badgers have seemed to admit that now without Clay and White they don't have a running game. Nice pass catching by Ball and those are some plays we thought they would try to work to White as the game progressed.
Got to push this drive through the end zone as this looks like a great chance.
Clay injured his arm hitting the bench. Clay begged to go back in and has. White and Kendricks have not left the locker room to start the second half so we can pretty much assume what that means. Toon hasn't played in this game by the way so our mistake on thinking we saw him out there once.
Badgers on the 11, Clay gets it and breaks a tackle and spins for 7. Clay if he stays on his feet finds the end zone.
Clay takes it only for 1, that wasn't a very good hard run. He needs to hit harder and quicker than that.
Clay gets stacked up and doesn't get the first down and third and 2.
Badgers going for it on fourth down. Clay straight up the gut for the Touchdown. BB showed his belief in his team on that one and that was huge.
Gutsy call but a huge one in this game.
(12 play 6 plus minute drive that ends in a touchdown, welcome to Badger football folks as they just keeping pushing on Iowa. Hopefully Clay can finish this game as the Badgers are now without three big time stars on offense and can't loose him as well. You have to love Clay's heart demanding to get back in this game and quick after the injury)

Badger Score 17 Iowa 13

Iowa 2nd Drive

Welch line drive two yards deep and a Badger stumble and it comes out to the 30.
Robinson picked the wrong place to run as he hits three Badgers at once, interesting.
Stanzi off with his throw and it is ruled incomplete.
Third and ten, Badgers bring no pressure and Iowa gets a 11 yard completion up the middle. Blitz did nothing as it was easy to see and pick up.
Play action and a short pass to Robinson for 3 yards.
Kendricks is done for the day as he is back on the field in warmups.
Robinson runs through tackles for 3.
Stanzi short pass on third and 4 and they get 7. To much cushion.
Iowa not at the UW 45. All day to throw and wide open for the TD catch, the back seemed to stumble and he was just all alone.
(very costly the Badgers couldn't force the kick on a couple of third downs. 49 yard reception after the wide open catch)

Badger Score 17 Iowa 20

Badgers 2nd Drive
The Badgers offense needs to keep on putting up 7's as like we predicted the offense just doesn't seem to be able to get the job done unless Iowa stops themselves.
Gilreath from the 2 and he dances but can't get to the 20. Iowa offsides on the kickoff and they will re-kick.
Gilreath from the 10 and the kicker saves the touchdown as he trips him up at the 45, Gilreath stumbles to the 50. Great field position for the Badgers.
Clay just powering all the way to the 35. He  carried people for 10.
Clay runs right for a couple. White is in street clothes now on the sidelines, what you going to do.
Tolzien throws for 8 yards to Anderson and then he goes out and earns another 12. Wow he showed something on that.
Badgers 1st and goal. Clay rumbles it on in up the middle.
(Well the Badgers got nice field position after the kick, and then took advantage this time in a hurry. Lots of prime time Badgers offensive players out but Clay looked sharp and purposeful on that drive. Tolzien has been hot all game)

Badger Score 24 Iowa 20

Iowa 3rd Drive
Welch kicks it into the end zone and Iowa will start on the 20.
Come on defense, show something!
First down short run, flag and an illegal formation against Iowa. OK this is what they need a first and long.
Stanzi rolls out and hits for 12 on the sidelines. They review it and there isn't enough evidence to rule out of bounds.
Stanzi completes a 9 yard pass up the middle, and hey guess what the Badgers at least knocked him on his backside for probably the first time today.

4th Quarter

Stanzi throws incomplete to the sidelines on first down.
Huge holding none call and Robinson gets 9 up the middle. Not sure how you miss the holding call.
Iowa hands it to the fullback and he gets an easy third down. The Badger defensive line just is not winning the battle of the trenches.
Stanzi pulls it down and runs for 7.
Robinson on 2nd and three and we don't know what the running back was looking at as he ran right at the Badgers.
Third and 2 and they throw short to a wide open receiver for the first down.
Nice looking play as the Badgers looked to have no way to stop a complete pass.
Iowa at the 24 after a first down pass for 11. A couple missed tackles including Valai.
Robinson runs right for 9, attacking the outside and he took a big hit and kept going.
Robinson now with over 100 yards on the day. Wisconsin calls timeout. Hope their is some sort of real clever scheme they come up with because what they have been doing hasn't worked much at all against Iowa. The Badgers with little happening from the defensive line just can't force a third down out.
Badgers catch a break as they review a spot and give Iowa a first down instead of 2nd and short.
6 yard game for Robinson as the line just isn't getting it  done.
This time Robinson for 2, big 3rd and 3 coming up.
OK Badgers this is where the big teams stand up!
Stanzi finds his man open in the back of the end zone, TD Iowa.

Badger Score 24 Iowa 27

Badgers 3rd Drive
Like we said before the Badgers need all touchdowns as the defense just isn't getting things done today, and show no hope of that changing. Give the secondary props for not breaking down to bad, but with the line getting crushed you can't rely on the defense.
Lets see what the Badgers do to start this drive, we are thinking you might see a play action long pass on first down to start the drive. Of course if we can think that you have to assume Iowa will be ready for it.
Gilreath decides to take it out from a couple deep and only takes it to the 15 and it gets the crowd fired up.
It sounds good and loud there right now.
Tolzien fakes the ball to Clay and rolls out and throws the pick. Crucial mistake and that could be the game. That was just a huge mistake as he really risked it on that one.

Iowa 4th Drive
Robinson for a couple on the run.
Short pass to the 23, gain of about 4 or 5.
Third down pass is off the mark incomplete, Brinkley with the coverage and it was pretty solid.
Iowa sends on the kicker, 41 yarder here and it is good.
(Well the defense gets a pretty decent stop to keep the Badgers in the game after the Tolzien mistake. It sort of looked like Iowa didn't have a plan on that drive and was shocked to have the ball already or something)

Badger Score 24 Iowa 30

Badgers 5th Drive
How will the Badgers approach this drive with 8 minutes on the clock, will they try to score quick or pound it out.
Iowa kick out of the back of the end zone.
Clay runs left and he gets hit early but keeps the feet moving for a couple.
Clay up the middle on a slow developing play and he gets nothing.
Now a big third and long and you can really here the crowd.
Badgers with 5 wide receivers and the snap is low and Tolzien has to pick it off the ground and he throws it out there complete but short of the marker.
Badgers fake the kick and not a Hawkeye anywhere for 17 yards. Holy cow, BB wants this one.
Clay runs inside for 3, and the line isn't really doing Clay favors right now.
Toss sweep to Clay and he gets only 2 yards.
Third and 5 coming up. Tolzien hit as he throws but he finds Peterson for 13 and a first down.
Lets see if the line can open up a hole for Clay. Nope they go 5 wide.
Tolzien leads Gilreath just a bit to far and boy that could have been a big gainer.
Tolzien has time and keeps it and runs to the sidelines but he couldn't fully turn the corner and gets only 6.
Tolzien throws incomplete as it is tipped at the line. 4th down and they are going for it.
Tolzien and a big time catch sliding up the middle, boy that kid has nice hands.
Clay hits a small crease up the middle for 7.
Clay doesn't no where he wanted to go but he went forward for a couple of yards.
With two minutes on the clock Badgers taking all day now.
Ball takes it to the 8 on an 8 yard run up the middle. Clock keeps on rolling.
Ball with a real hard run to the goal line and he might have pounded it in. It is under review right now. Ball justed really wanted that one, he was bruising for it, reaching for it, pounding for it, and you know what he got. So this is a kid that didn't even get to play last week and he has come up huge in this game.
Very long review and they rule it a TD. You know what the Badgers probably would have been better off with 1st and inches as they could have run more time off.
(15 play 80 yard 7:30 drive with a fake punt in Badger territory and another 4th down conversion, one thing we can tell you for sure is that this team is playing its heart out right now)

Badger Score 31 Iowa 30

Iowa 6th Drive
Iowa is going to have 1:06 to try and pick up a field goal which is forever in college football, so the defense is going to really have to come up with a stop.
Iowa returns the kick to the 25.
Short pass out of bounds stops the clock with 55 seconds and he has all day.
Stanzi throws into coverage over the middle incomplete.
They put it on the ground and pick up the first down clock pauses at 46 seconds.
Broken tackle lets Iowa get to the sidelines and stops the clock with 35 seconds.
Watt finally comes up big with the sack, he comes up huge and takes him down by the shoe laces. 26 seconds now on the clock.
Badgers call their last timeout.
Iowa at second and 21 right now, and the Badgers get a little pressure Stanzi steps up and throws incomplete over the middle. All day to throw and a nice throw over the middle is a little short of the sticks so Iowa calls a timeout. 14 seconds left.
Stanzi keeps it and goes up the middle for the first down and now calls timeout, their final timeout called.
Watt time, but this should come out quick from Stanzi. A short pass and the player doesn't get out of bounds and the clock runs out. Bad play calling to end the game.

Badgers Win!!!
Jump Around!!!
Great Gritty Effort by the Badgers they just wanted it more!!!

Badger Score 31 Iowa 30

(This was just a gritty game with multiple key Badgers hurt, are players of the game are first Ball, second Clay and third Tolzien. BB says in the postgame that they saw the punt fake chance on tape and decided to take advantage when it became needed. Fans you need to take a step on to the BB fan wagon right now because he and the other coaches have this squad coached up really well, they are playing hard, fast, smart, and with a lot of heart.)

Jump Around!!!


  1. What a win, a very big win for this program like you said. How proud I am to say I am from Wisconsin right now!

  2. That was a good watch but unfortunately not the day for Hawkeyes, the goals for Badger keep updating as livescore
    do lol.