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UW Badger Football vs Austin Peay

Well I don't think any of us are expecting this to be the most exciting game out there, in fact that is an understatement. This game has all the feel to it that those very first NFL preseason games have, the problem is this isn't even the first Badger game of the year. The other part that sort of sucks is that these sort of games are a lot more fun to go to when it sunny skies and warm out and you get the wave going, a little jump around, and passing the beach ball through the stands but the weather doesn't look that great for today.

It will be interesting to see what sort of game Lance Kendricks has vs. Peay, he has been a complete beast so far and under normal circumstances we wouldn't expect anything different in this game but Peay doesn't have that many other receivers to stop with all the injuries. Although it has been a joy to watch Jared Abbrederis get in the lineup and prove he belongs, I think we have found are next in line of the great Badger walk on players because like the ones before him this kid is a gamer. Expect Tolzien and the Badgers offense to start a little slow but eventually Tolzien finds a rythem and picks apart Peay.

One last thought is what Clay are we going to say, people have been talking a lot about his weight early but we think the biggest problem so far is hole recognition. One of the things we really liked about Clay last year is his ability to see holes and shift direction through them, in the last game he left yards on the field that we don't think he did in the Big Ten season last year. Hopefully this is just a deal for him that he needs a few games to get going to start feeling comfortable changing direction and hitting those holes.

FYI with the start of the Big Ten season next week we will go back to full in game blogging for every game, with commentary on every play.

Jump Around, Badgers will soon be 4-0.


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