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Wisconsin - Wofford Score,Live Blog:UW Badger Basketball 2010

UW Badger Basketball

4 Wisconsin vs 13 Wofford
March Madness 2010
East Regional

Time: Friday, 2:05 PM CT
Live Score: Badgers - Terriers 53-49 Final
(recap/final thoughts at the bottom)
Alert game time has been moved to 2:05
Badgers live blog: (latest update is always at the bottom) We will be live blogging all game long for the Badgers vs the Terriers. Hopefully Wisconsin doesn't get upset like some the March Madness shockers that occurred yesterday. We haven't really seen anyone picking the Badgers to get upset but nobody thought Georgetown was loosing to Ohio. If the Badgers take care of the ball and have a halfway decent shooting afternoon they should be just fine. The good thing is with Taylor sliding over to the starting point guard late in the season the Badgers are much less likely to have a game with high turnovers than with Hughes running the point as he was known to fall off the wagon in some games. 

In general this is the time when Hughes and Bohannon the senior guards need to step up, everybody knows March is a time for great guard play and if the Badgers senior guards maximize their experience and talent there isn't a team in the country that will beat the Badgers with their defense,low turnovers,balanced offense, and potential three point shooting. The thing about the Badgers is they have been unfortunately one of those inconsistent teams prone to shooting 22% somehow from the floor in large parts of games, and if that happens again they are going home. The one thing we are most worried about is if Bo Ryan has learned his lesson and will trust Ryan Evans to come in off the bench in the tournament, the Badgers need his defense and intangibles boost of the bench to win close games.

Wofford wins the tip goes to the paint and draws a quick foul by Nankivil.
Nankivil still shaken up and Evans in very early.
Dahlman hits two free throws and the Badgers are down to  start.
Leuer misses his first jumper and the Badgers can't get the board.
Leuer stole the ball. Leuer with a nice move to the hoop and the dunk.
Wofford with a nice drive to the hoop and th runner.
Leuer misses the hook but Badgers get the board, Evans way to strong off the glass down low.
Hughes with an explosive runner and that is what you like to see.
Wofford stays with it down low and hits on their third attempt from 5 feet.
Taylor passes on the three drives and is fouled not shooting.
Nankivil back in for Evans. Badgers working the swing and Hughes hits the three and he is looking good early.
Wofford is off with the jumper and Nankivil with the strong board.
Hughes gets fouled on a three point shot, crazy dumb foul as he hacked him hard way outside.
Timeout: Badger score 7 Wofford 6
(Hughes looks very good early, Evans didn't look ready to go in so early and seemed to be playing very tight in his first March Madness game. Badgers need to make sure they clear the glass on defense, it was frustrating to see the Terriers grab those boards. Badgers clearly came in wanting to establish Leuer but he is a little off early. PS Siena 32 to 29 Purdue)
Hughes makes his 3 foul shots, he has 8.
Wofford misses the short jumper.
Leuer shoots a quick 3 and that was a mistake.
Wofford misses another close look.
Hughes slices and dices through the lane and puts in the runner he has 10, great looking early for Hughes.
Taylor with some nice defense and they turn Wofford over.
Nankivil off with an open 3 and that didn't look solid.
Wofford with a nice finger roll but itdoesn't fall.
Taylor off with another 3 and the Badgers need to go inside or usethe dribble drive.
Badgers give up an offensive rebound and then foul on the put back.
Evans and Jarmusz in for Nankivil and 
Wofford hits one of two foul shots.
Leuer abuses his man with a spin move but can't get it to drop. They need to keep going inside.
Leuer gets called for a bogus travel. Nankivil in for Leuer.
Evans man thought he went right by him when in reality he was still right in his face and had to put up a wild shot.
Nice pass to Evans down low and he is fouled.
Timeout: Badger score 12 Wofford 7
(Badgers are keeping Wofford in this game because Leuer has just missed a lot of shots and the Badgers went away pounding it inside for a while. If the Badgers pound it inside they are going to win this game easily, drive down low or thow it down low and repeat. PS Siena 32 to Purdue 29 at the half, sorry Purdue but Hummel or no Hummel you should be up)
Evans looks tight in his first March Madness game and misses both free throws.
Jarmusz gave up an open 3 but it was off.
JBo is off with a long 2 after some good ball movement.
Wofford misses their tenth straight, nice to see no more offensive rebounds.
Leuer with a nice pass to Evans and he will get a chance at the line again.
Evans misses another free throw, he is really frustrated now but rattles in the second.
Nankivil back in for Evans now.
Badgers with a nice steal and then Leuer banks one home, nice looking move.
Nankivil forces another turnover and the Badgers defense is really picking up.
Timeout: Badger score 15 Terriers 7
(It is frustrating to see this game still so close as the Badgers look to be able to score at will if they run their game but Evans has missed some free throws and Leuer's shot was off just a little early. Throw the ball down low and repeat,drive down low and repeat. Nice to see the Badgers start grabbing all the boards on the defensive glass, Wofford hasn't had a rebound in a long time.)
It has been 8 minutes since Wofford has hit a shot.
Leuer catches drives,stops and hits, that was pretty.
Nankivil to strong with the turn around jumper, they could have gotten a better shot than that.
Wofford called for a palming.
Evans back in and the pretty pass from Leuer to Evans for the layup and that was sweet.
Wofford finally gets a shot to drop after 9 minutes.
Evans off with an open jumper and he is coming out, how about that reaction time from Bo Ryan on the Evans hook I think he called for Mike B. before it clanged off the rim.
Timeout: Badger score 19 Wofford 11
(Given all the playing time for Evans early despite his clear first March Madness game jitters it clear that Bo Ryan realizes that the team is going to need Evans in this tournament. Hopefully Bo can have a constructive talk with Evans on the bench and then run him back out there. PS Purdue 37 Siena 32 early in the second half)
Wofford gets a basket down low.
Hughes finally drives again and is fouled Johnson picks up his 2nd foul for Wofford.
Hughes hits 2 of 2 foul shots.
Wofford misses a three Hughes had a hand in there.
Taylor misses the jumper but Leuer gets the rebound misses and then Hughes puts it back.
Timeout Wofford: Badger score 23 Wofford 13
(Nothing fancy the last couple trips to run the score out, Hughes drives and Leuer works down low.)
Dahlman gets a put back for Wofford, Badgers should have had that board.
Hughes with a nice drive but can't finish, Badgers get the ball out of bounds.
Badgers get a bunch of rebounds and Taylor finally hits a nice jumper.
Wofford hits a nice jumper.
JBo with to quick of a contested jumper that is off.
Dahlamn beats Mike B. but the inside shot is off.
Taylor is trying to heat up but gets called for an offensive foul.
Timeout: Badger score 25 Wofford 17 (Wofford beginning to score a little to easily, the Badgers need to shut that down. It might be time to get Evans in and see if he has learned his lesson, Mike B. got abused down low on the last defensive play)
Wofford brings it down, looks patient on offense and drives and scores.
Badgers need some points, Leuer abuses his defender down low, nice way to make room for his shot.
Badgers kick it out still Wofford ball and then Wofford throws it away.
Badgers can almost hold for the last shot of the half. Taylor takes to quick of a jumper and the Badgers can't control the boards but get the ball out of bounds and Taylor misses the runner on the inbound. JBo picks up a foul at the end of the half.

Halftime Badger score 27 Wofford 19
The Badgers really kept Wofford in this game by settling for jump shots, or shooting to quickly. The coaches should impose a rule that every player that shoots a jumper outside of 15 feet has to run two laps, Taylor only has to run 1 lap though as he is pretty good at making sure it is at least a high percentage shot. The second half should be all about Hughes driving and Leuer working down low. Also it was a little surprising to see Taylor not try to drive to the hoop more, something to watch for in the second half. Ryan Evans got a lot of early minutes in the game but went out for good in the second half after taking a badly conceived jumper. Hopefully Evans gets a chance to go back in for the second half as the coaching staff clearly recognizes the Badgers will need him for March Madness. Wofford won't go 9 minutes again without making a shot, it is frustrating that the Badgers let them stay in this game. Hughes has 14 points in an impressive first half for him, Leuer has 8 and easily could have had 16 if he got better bounces, Evans has 3 and Taylor with 2 points. Badgers shooting only 34.5% from the field and are 1 of 5 from three point range.Surprisingly the rebound advantage for the Badgers was only 19 to 18 and the turnovers are only 5 forced to committing 2. It was nice to see the Badgers get to the line 9 times in the first half, something they have been struggling with this year. All in all it wasn't a very good half for the Badgers and they need to up that shooting percentage. PS Purdue has come out with authority in the second half and are up 56 to 43 over Siena halfway through the half.

Second Half:
Badgers start the half with the ball. JBo shoots up a quick 3 and that must have been called or something anyways no good.
Wofford hits a jumper to start out the half, and the crowd is into it.
Taylor drives, hits the runner and is fouled he misses the foul shot though.
Wofford hits an open 3 and the Badgers need to be careful the crowd is very against them.
Badgers turn it over on a bad pass down low.
Wofford hits another wide open 3, and the Badgers should call a timeout just to settle down the crowd.
Hughes drives inside and scores.
Wofford drives and scores.

Hughes misses a three and it is stuck behind the backboard.
This is lucky for the Badgers as it might get the crowd to settle down a little.
Hughes slips and Wofford hits an open jumper, they have now hit all 5 of their shots in the half and the game is tied.
Timeout Badgers: Badger score 31 Wofford 31
(Bo Ryan should have called a timeout much earlier as crowd was really into it and Wofford seemed to be feeding on it. Hughes needs to settle down and start making better decisions. The Badgers have yet to go to Leuer down low in this half and that is a mistake. JBo missed a long three to start the half and that just showed that they came out of the locker room with the wrong idea to start as the first trip should have gone down low. It has been Hughes on defense that has been abused for most of those Wofford field goals.)
Taylor lays it way up high off the glass, nice move.
Wofford is on fire as they hit a jumper with a hand in their face.
Badgers draw a foul.
Timeout: Badger score 33 Wofford 33
(The Badgers are in very big trouble right now as Wofford is smoking from the field, they are now hitting shots with hands firmly in their face. The Badgers are going to need to make really good decisions on offense to win this game.)
Badgers run the swing, Taylor drives down low and that is what they need to do.
Badgers give up another open 3 and they bury it.
Leuer hits an open jumper.
Nice pass down low and they put it in.
Hughes fouled out high, non shooting. Leuer can't hit the hook down low and they needed a better shot than that.
The crowd is really into this game.
Wofford finally misses a shot and then foul on the rebound attempt.
Dahlman misses two free throws but Badgers can't get the miss. Badgers converge down low and force the TO.
Leuer nice move down low but Badgers can't score.
Evans gives up an offensive rebound and fouls and comes out for Jarmusz
Wofford misses both free throws.
Leuer hits and the Badgers lead.
Badgers keep giving up offensive rebounds and Wofford puts back another.
Hughes gets fouled and misses the first foul shot, makes the second.
Nice moves down low and Dahlman scores down low.
Wofford with another foul and the Badgers in the one and one now. Leuer makes the first and the second.
Wofford misses a jumper, Badgers grab the board.
Leuer with a nice jumper.
Wofford misses a contested three straight away.
Wofford fouls Taylor and he will be at the line.
Timeout: Badger score 44 Wofford 42
(Leuer has really come alive and at the rate that Wofford is fouling the Badgers are going to be in the double bonus shortly. Badgers need to keep up the intensity. We think all of these timeouts have really helped the Badgers as they have helped get the crowd out of the game and broken up the Wofford momentum. PS Purdue beat Siena, they had to hang on at the end. JBo by the way is having another tough game)
Taylor makes one of 2 foul shots.
Wofford has gone right down low and scored.
Leuer misses from outside and Taylor fouls on the board.
Nice defense by the Badgers but the officials give it wrongly to Wofford out of bounds.
Badgers run but can't get a runner and a tip to fall, that is costly.
Wofford hits another jumper, they are up 1.
Badgers are sloppy with the ball but Jarmusz gets fouled and will shoot a 1 and 1. Jarmusz misses the front end.
Jarmusz steals the ball and calls a timeout.
Timeout: Badger score 45 Wofford 46
(The Badgers need to grab the lead here pretty quick or you don't like their chances with how well Wofford is shooting. This advantage of being in the double bonus soon could be huge for the Badgers.)
Hughes looses the ball inside but Nankivil puts it in.
Wofford hits a jumper off a three.
Badgers take a deep three and that was a bad idea.
Wofford can't hit the stop and shoot.
Leuer gets called for a charge as he drops the shoulder.
Timeout: Badger score 47 Wofford 48 
(That three was exactly the type of shot Wisconsin can't be shooting if they hope to win, pound the ball inside and get fouled. The Badgers are looking in huge trouble of being upset right now as Wofford just isn't missing on offense. Bo needs to bight the bullet and get Evans in for his defense.)
3:37 left and the Badgers need to lock down on defense. 
Wofford being very patient on offense and miss a good look.
Badgers miss the jumper and Nankivil saves it to Wofford.
Wofford turns it over on a bad pass.
Hughes tries to score down low but looses it.
Hughes with the foul and Wofford will go to the line for a 1 and 1.
Timeout: Badger score 47 Wofford 48
Wofford misses the front end of the 1 and 1.
Taylor drives and gets it blocked.
Taylor steals as Wofford is going the other way and he lays it in. HUGE
Badgers foul on a nice pass down low, Hughes with his fourth foul. 
Wofford misses the first foul shot but makes the second.
Timeout: Badger score 49 Wofford 49
(Not much to say now but that the Badgers need to make sure they get a high percentage shot. Both teams have two timeouts.)
Badgers aren't in a hurry, working two man with Hughes and Leuer, Hughes took a bad shot but huge Nankivil rebound. Badgers working the shot clock down and Leuer hits a 2 point jumper from the corner.
Timeout: Badger score 51 Wofford 49
17 second left and the Badgers need to play the defense they are known for.
Badgers aren't going to full court press, Badgers look like they forced a turnover and they do. Out of bounds to Wisconsin as Leuer had the good defense.
Leuer gets fouled with 4.2 left.
Timeout Wofford to ice Leuer and set up a play.
Leuer makes the first huge one, they need one more and he hits it.
Wisconsin timeout:
Wofford can't hit the 4 point shot and the Badgers advance, wow.

Badgers fast game recap:
This game was all about Jon Leuer and Trevon Hughes. Leuer made the key plays down the stretch and Hughes got the Badgers off to a great start. Leuer had 20 points on 8 of 17 shooting and really played a nice game all around. Hughes scored 19 points on 6 of 12 shooting and did the things the Badgers needed to do on defense. What you don't like about the play of Hughes is that he was the one who got abused to start the second half for most of those open jumpers. Jordan Taylor silently had a pretty good game with 9 points on 4 of 10 shooting, in general he did a good job of taking quality shots and only had 1 turnover. What you don't like most in this game is that the Badgers were 1 of 8 from three point range and only 37% overall from the field despite being able to score down low. Jason Bohannon really didn't look to score and was 0 for 4 with 0 points in the game, this wasn't a good game for JBo to get it going again but they will need him involved to beat Cornell. One thing that JBo did do well was that he seemed to be playing solid defense for the whole game. Keaton Nankivil was 1 of 5 from the floor and his shot looked off in general which isn't good but he did have some great key rebounds after getting nice position down low against smaller Wofford. It looked like the plan was to get Ryan Evans a lot of playing time in this game, however he took a bad shot in the first half and never came back in, Mike B. came back in for Evans for a while and didn't look sharp. You can pretty much count on the rest of the tournament that Evans and Jarmusz are the main reserves in unless something bad happens. It is nice to avoid the upset but Cornell looks like a very tough matchup with the way the Badgers are shooting. We will leave you with this the Badgers had only 4 turnovers and that is why they won and why they can keep winning.


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