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Wisconsin - Illinois Score,Live Blog:UW Badger Basketball 2010

UW Badger Basketball

Wisconsin vs Illinois

Time: Sunday, 1:00 PM CT
Live Score: Badgers - Illini 72-57

Recap / thoughts at the bottom.

Badger Live Game Blog: Coming up...
Illinois wins the tip, looses it on a bad pass down low.
Leuer really works for a shot and hits the jumper.
Demitri travels for the Illini.
Trevon misses a three with 5 on the clock, Nankivil on the big board and slam.
Mike Davis hits a long jumper.
JBo misses a three, Leuer misses the jumper but a Badger rebound gets Taylor a three.
Illinois runs and Tisdale hits a quick shot.
Good ball movement but the Taylor 3 is off.
Demitri misses an open 3.
JBo turns it over on the travel.
Jump hook goes down for the Illini after they work the two man game.
Leuer comes out for Ryan Evans.
Badgers really work for a shot and Nankivil misses a three with the shot going down, Badger rebound but JBo shoots an air ball.
Illini run and hit a quick jumper.
Nice kickout to Hughes by Taylor, he drives scores and a free throw coming, that is the best play so far.
Timeout: Badger score 9 Illini 7
(The Badgers need to do a better job of getting back on defense as the Illini have been able to hit open jumpers on the fast break. So far the Badgers have done a great job of getting the offensive boards and the dribble drive has been working at getting some open looks. It would be nice to see the Badgers be able to hit a runner or another inside shot.)
Trevon drains th free throw.
Davis misses a jumper in the paint.
Nankivil misses the three and Leuer can't get the board.
Badgers foul Illinois on a pass.Leuer with good D forces an out of bounds. Paul forces a bad shot no good.
Leuer misses a forced shot but another Badger board. Shot clock was frozen at 35, timeout to fix it 16 on the clock. Great pass to Leuer for the jamb.
Richardson hits another quick jumper.
Nankivil off with the jumper but Leuer works hard and the Badgers eventually get it and the jumper goes down.
Davis off with the jumper.
Badgers work the swing, Leuer looks like he got fouled but no call and an air ball.
Open 3 ball for Illinois.
Taylor drives and puts up a horrible runner, Illinois ball out of bounds.
Timeout: Badger score 14 Illini 13
(The Badgers still aren't getting set quick enough on defense giving up open jumpers. The shots aren't falling for the Badgers and you have to worry what will happen when they stop getting most of the offensive rebounds. Badgers are 1 of 6 from the field and 6 of 17 from the field)
Richardson off with the three.
Nice pass to Leuer then to Taylor and he misses another 3.
Hughes fouls going for a steal. Badgers steal the ball off the dribble.
Taylor is off with a jumper and that was bad ball movement on that trip.
Tisdale knocks down the three.
Leuer hits down low.
Illinois off with a 3, another Badger board.
Foul away from the ball as Leuer hits the deck. Tisdale on the foul.
Timeout: Badger score 16 Illini 15
(Badgers are shooting the ball very poorly despite very solid ball movement, Leuer is working it though with 8 of the Badgers 16 points. The Badgers have yet to see many minutes from the bench as only Evans has checked in for a while for Leuer.)
Badgers working the swing, now Taylor to Nankivil out high and Nankivil finally hits a jumper.
Demitri puts up a bad jumper, Illinois gets the board but Demitri charges against Taylor.
Rob Wilson misses down low.
Badgers leave Cole wide open and he hits a three.
Leuer drives and scores.
Davis hits a jumper of a screen.
JBo gets blocked but still Badger ball. Taylor drives and hits a fall away.
Illinois misses the jumper but Tisdale slams the board home.
Leuer flips up a scoop shot for 2.
Badgers get called for a reach in foul.
Timeout: Badger score 24 Illini 22
(Leuer has really come to life as he is scoring every way imaginable down low, he has 12 now on 6 of 9 shooting. The Badgers defense hasn't been as good as typical and that is likely because Evans and Mike B. haven't really gotten into the game. Rob Wilson has checked in for a minute of play now.)
Illinois misses the jumper but they secure the board, they miss a bunny and it goes to the Badgers.
Leuer looses the ball out of bounds but stays with UW. Taylor misses another 3.
Davis misses a jumper,Badger board.
JBo gets called for a foul away from the ball, flop down low by Illini.
Paul misses a leaner, Badger board.
Jarmusz hits a three from the corner.
Cole hits another open 3.
Taylor hits a quick 3.

Tisdale gets fouled on the shot, Leuer picks up his second foul. Tisdale hits both foul shots.
Illinois Timeout: Badger score 30 Illini 27
(You don't like to see Leuer pick up that second foul as they need to keep him on the court. Only 30 seconds left in the half, it would really help to hit this last shot and go up at least two baskets.)
Badgers work it down and Taylor gets fouled by Jordan, that was a foul to give.
Timeout Badgers: Nankivil hits a three for a nice close to the half, Badgers end the half on a 12 - 7 run.

That was a big three by Nankivil to extend this lead out. Leuer is the story of the half as he is such a difference maker for the Badgers as he can hit so many ways down low. Badgers shooting picked up at the end of the half as they brought the percentages out of the garbage to finish at 46.7% from the field and 36.4% from three. Concerning for the Badgers is that they only shot one free throw, however they were able to score on most of their drives down low. Badgers had 15 rebounds to the Illini's 14 and forced 5 turnovers to only giving up 2. Jbo has had a rough game so far going 0 for 3 and the Badgers only 2 turnovers, look to see if he can get things going on the road in the second half. One thing to maybe worry about is how much energy the Badgers have in the second half as the starters logged a lot of minutes in the first.

Second Half:
Badgers start out the second half and Taylor hits the jumper in the paint working one on one against McCamey.
Cole with an ugly long shot.
Hughes runs and hits a quick jumper.
Davis misses a jumper but Illini board.
Big problems for the Badgers now as McCamey drives and draws the third foul by Leuer and he has to come out.
McCamey hits both foul shots.
Evans in for Leuer and Evans misses a jumper, Badger board but Hughes misses a runner.
Badgers more foul problems as Hughes picks up his third, great hook shot by Tisdale for 2 down low.
Taylor hits a long 3 off the kick from Evans.
McCamey is hot now as he hits another jumper.
Timeout: Badger score 40 Illini 33
(Badgers are in big trouble right now with Leuer and Hughes on the bench, it is important that the Badgers can stay in this game until they can get back into the game probably in 5 minutes at the earliest. JBo and Nankivil really need to step up now, Nankivil is doing well off 3 of 7 shooting but JBo has had an off game so far. Taylor has also had a solid game after a shaky start so maybe he can keep the Badgers above water.)
Illini switches to a full court press. 
Nankivil off with the jumper and the Illini run.
McCamey drives and is fouled again. Foul was by Evans and wasn't a bad foul as he did a good job of making sure he couldn't dunk.
Badgers off with an open jumper and it goes back the other way.
Illinois turns it over on a bad pass to Tisdale.
Badger score 40 Illini 34

(The Badgers have put up shots the last couple times down the court that were to early in the possession, with Leuer and Hughes both out it would seem they would be better off milking the clock to get the best shot and waiting to get the starts back in.)

Leuer back in, nice ball movement gets JBo an open 3 he hits.
Leuer with nice defense forces an off jumper, Hughes fouled on the rebound.
Taylor works to get his own shot and hits.
McCamey draws another foul, and goes to the line and hits both.
Badgers work the 2 man game with Leuer and he hits the jumper and is fouled and hits the free throw.
Illini misses an early 3 and another Badger foul and that is Leuer's 4th, not good here comes Evans.
Illini hit both free throws.
Hughes works for his shots and hits the midrange jumper.
Offensive foul on the Illini drive to the hoop.
Hughes tries to drive kicks it back and then Hughes forces an off 3.
Davis misses a jumper down low.
Taylor misses a fall away but the Badgers get the board and get fouled down low.
Timeout: Badger score 50-38
(The fourth foul on Leuer is huge as the Badgers were scoring at will with him in the game and he was being a factor on defense. Going forward this is a bad development that Leuer wasn't able to stay out of foul trouble as this also plagued him before he was injured. Hughes is in with 3 fouls and he really seems to be trying to take the game over and is doing a pretty good job at it.)
Hughes hits 1 of 2 foul shots and they both looked shaky.
Illinois misses an early bank shot.
Hughes hits on a 3 after Evans passes it out and Illini got lucky as he was fouled as well.
Illini misses a quick 3.
Hughes lost patience and misses a quick shot and then Hughes picks up his fouth foul tripping someone going the other way. Illinois misses the front end of a 1 and 1.
Evans on the dribble, Jarmusz misses the jumper and Evans gets hacked for the board no call.
Illinois off on the jumper but the Badgers foul on the board, Tisdale hits both foul shots.
Illini press and force an out of bounds. Taylor on the dribble then Jarmusz and the Badgers get a shot clock violation. Nankivil picks up a foul after he had some poor defense on a drive to the hoop. Nankivil with his third on the hip check. Illinois hits 1 of 2 and Evans gets the board.
Taylor off with his shot and the Illini run.
Illini back at the foul line after the foul on the drive to the hoop. Leuer back in and Hughes with 8:28 to go. Cole hits both free throws.
Full court press and Leuer gets fouled,  Hughes shoots an air ball three and that was forced.
McCamey drives and is fouled by Taylor but the basket doesn't count.
Timeout: Badger score 54-43 (Badgers lead is being chipped away at, Hughes needs to make sure not to force shots.) Illini hits 2 more free throws.
Leuer gets fouled down low, nice pass down low. Leuer hits one of two.
Illini hits a quick 3.
Leuer turns the ball over as he has it stolen from his arms.
Badgers foul again down low, Tisdale hits both foul shots.
Badgers miss the jumper and can't get the tipins to fall.
Davis shoots up an air ball. 
Leuer has his shot blocked, Illini run but McCamey shot is crazy.
Hughes drives and gets fouled. Hughes shooting 1 and 1 and misses but Nankivil puts in the board.
Badgers steal and try to run and Taylor is intentionally fouled. Taylor hits 1 of 2. With the lead going up Bo takes the chance to get Evans in for Leuer for a couple of trips.
Nice pass down low and the Badgers hit 1 of 2.
Nankivil picks up his fourth foul on a push in the back. Illini hits both foul shots again.
Jbo on the dribble, runner deflected out of bounds still Badger ball. Illini fouls Trevon with 3 on the clock. Hughes has looked brutal in this game again from the line, thought he had that fixed. He hit 1 of 2.
Illini misses an early jumper.
Badgers get a bunny down low after a lot of fighting but Hughes is in pain and the officials have to call a timeout.
Timeout: Badger score 62 Illini 52
(Hopefully Hughes isn't to bad, it looks like he might have just bruised his shin or something by his reaction. No it looks like he might have rolled his ankle a little, didn't look like to far though.)
Tisdale off with a jumper Evans saves the Badger board.
Taylor off on a 3 and Evans does a good job of getting the board and the Badgers get a timeout. Officials are reviewing to see if they got the timeout. The officials call it a shot clock violation and that seemed to close to call.
JBo looses his man and the Illini gets an open 3, JBo is having a real tough day.
Illinois presses, Nice pass down low to Leuer he finishes and is fouled. Leuer hits the foul shot.
Paul off with the jumper.
Leuer gets fouled on a reach-in foul. Leuer shooting 2, Leuer hits one of 2 but the Badgers get the board. Taylor drives and scores and he has had a good game.
McCamey is off, Badger board.
Hughes hits two free throws that look a lot better and he has a triple double.
Illini drives and scores.
Illini presses and Leuer gets fouled. Leuer hits them both.
Illinois misses a quick shot. Badgers run out the clock for the win.

Badger game quick recap:
This was a nice road game win for the Badgers as they avenged the home loss and proved that with Leuer the offense can work with a taller team. Leuer had 20 points on 8 of 15 shooting and grabbed 5 boards and played solid defense. Leuer scored a number of ways mostly down low in this game, the only negative for Leuer is that he got into foul trouble which could prove huge if that happens in games from this point forward. Jordan Taylor had a great game with 20 points and 9 rebounds and solid defense, Taylor's shots weren't falling early but stayed with it hitting from multiple spots on the floor. Hughes got into foul trouble and took a couple of poor shots but had a good overall game with his first double double with 14 points and 11 boards. One big difference in this game is that Evans played 17 minutes on the road against the Illini as opposed to very limited minutes at home despite Leuer not playing in that game, you have to wonder if Bo realized the mistake of not playing Evans more in that game. Evans also didn't play in the Minnesota loss in favor of Mike B. and you have to wonder if the coaching staff has really found a trend that Evans playing leads to victories due to his defense. Evans had no points in this game but did grab 6 boards and 1 assist and 1 steal. The Badgers finished the game at 41.9% from the floor and a nice 38.9% from three. The Badgers also grabbed a whopping 40 rebounds to the Illini 29 and forced 8 turnovers to committing 3. Again nice win and the solid 5 looks great for March not counting JBo's subpar game, our guess is that Evans will be the main person off the bench from this point forward.


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