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Wisconsin - Cornell Live Score/Blog: March Madness

4 Wisconsin - 12 Cornell
March Madness East Regional
Sunday: 1:50
Live score Badgers - Cornell 65-87
(recap at the bottom, short recap is they haven't closed out on shooters all year and it bit them in the but in this game.)
Wisconisn live March Madness blog:
Cornell wins the tip and Ryan Wittman hits a very quick 2 for them and that is not the start you want.
Nankivil shoots an air ball from three, all air they get the rebound and Nankivil misses inside on an easy one and then he fouls out of frustration.
Taylor fouls out top non shooting.
Taylor doesn't follow Wittman and he shoots another long 2 and hits.
Cornell in a little full court press.
Hughes turns it over and Cornell gets an easy lay in the other way.
Timeout Badgers: Badger score 0 - Cornell 6
(Well that was the worst possible start Wisconsin could have, not sure we have ever seen Bo Ryan call such a quick timeout in a game but their was no choice with all the bad play on the court. Nothing has gone right for the Badgers as they started the game extremely poorly. As we talked about they are giving to much room to shooters. On offense the first two trips were a disaster, the first was just some bad shooting by Nankivil after some good ball movement but on the second Hughes got stripped out top. The Badgers better get it together in a hurry.)
Evans works inside and that was a horrible shot off the glass, way to hard with no touch but nice move to get the shot.
Cornell hits another open jumper.
Leuer gets fouled working down low, that was the first non disaster 5 seconds of play on offense. Leuer hits only 1 of 2.
Looked like it was Evans who was way late on the defense from 3 and Cornell buries the open shot, this is going to be very ugly if they don't start closing out.
Leuer gets foled again and Jaques picks up his second foul. Leuer makes only one of 2 again.
Badgers get the ball after the missed free throw and Leuer hits a jumper.
Cornell finally misses but Foote gets the board and Wittman hits a very deep three.
JBo misses a very long but very open 3.
Cornell misses again but the Badgers can't secure the board and it goes out of bounds to Cornell.
Timeout: Badger score 4 Cornell 14
(Badgers are a complete disaster right now as they are being worked on both ends of the court. They just can't keep giving up these wide open shots to a good shooting team, they are three steps to late to every open shooter. Bo has tried putting Evans in and he screwed up on offense and now Mike B. is in but he couldn't secure the rebound. JBo and Nankivil are still clearly not feeling it from range so without a huge step in defense not sure where the Badgers will find the stuff they need to win.)
Cornell misses but the Badgers can't get the board and it goes out of bounds to Cornell, Hughes look said it all. Cornell misses but Foote gets the board again and is fouled. Second foul on Nankivil and Bergrenn comes in. Foote hits both.
Leuer working all alone and hits a medium range jumper.
Nice pass down low and Hughes picks up a foul going for the steal.
Cornell takes a deep three and it is off.
Hughes tries to drive and turns it over again.
Wittman hits another quick field goal.
Leuer hits a three he has nine the Badges have 9.
Badgers force a turnover out top but can't run.
JBo almost turns it over and the shot clock starts going down and it is ugly after that as Taylor misses an open jumper from 8 feet.
Taylor picks up his second foul after the scramble.
Cornell misses and the Badgers finally get a board and then Cornell fouls on a reach in and for some reason their player takes exception with the call, clear foul.
Timeout: Badger score 9 Cornell 18 (Well the good news is Cornell has now missed some shots and the Badgers even got a rebound. The bad news is outside of Leuer the offense looks horrible and now Nankivil and Taylor both have 2 fouls. This game is still close enough if the Badgers can start making Cornell work for shots that they can get back into in this half but we really haven't seen them show signs of life on defense)
Cornell shows the full court press, Badgers get it across and Leuer hits another 3.
Cornell misses and gets another board and they end up with 2 inside.
Nice ball movement gets JBo and open 3 and he buries it.
Cornell blows right by the Badgers for 2 on the runner.
JBo got another 3 attempt and missed, that one wasn't in rhythm though. Badgers get the ball out of bounds, Evans back in.
Hughes with a nice move to the hoop and lays it in.
Bad defense by Hughes gives up an easy 2 on the jumper.
JBo with the blow by for the lay in, and that is what you want to see. JBo clearly is starting to hit a groove, expect that move to give him confidence.
Timeout: Badger score 19 Cornell 24 (Offense is starting to get it cranking for the Badgers and that is a good sign.
Cornell misses a wide open 3 after a good screen.
Hughes has started to play more level headed and he draws a foul out top.
Jarmusz misses a wide open three after a nice drive and quick. Hughes misses a three and Evans with the defensive play of the tournament to slice for that board. JBo hits a 2 with the clock going down and he is on fire now.
Foote beats Leuer and Evans with another fantastic play as he gets in Foote's face after he had a clear drive to the hoop with a lot of momentum. Evans fouled him hard enough to force the miss and at least put him on the line.
Timeout: Badger score 21 Cornell 24 (JBo has it going now and you have to like the Badgers chances of coming back as the Badgers clearly can use good ball movement to get wide open 3 looks any time they want against Cornell. Bo Ryan needs to keep Evans out there as he is really working it on the boards and playing very quick on defense.)
Evans foul pays dividends as Foote hits only 1 of 2.
Badgers turn it over again on a bad pass.
Cornell misses but gets another offensive board.
Hughes pushes well and gets a wide open layup and he misses, that would have been huge.
Badgers play much better defense but Wittman hits a very deep 3 with 1 second on the clock.
Evans hits an open jumper and that one didn't look ugly.
Jbo misses an open 3 but that was very deep. Jarmusz with a foul on the board gives Cornell a 1 and 1.
Cornell hits them both and the Badgers find themselves down big again.
Leuer hits his first shot in 7 minutes and that was nice.
Foote travels working on Leuer down low.
Timeout: Badger score 25 Cornell 32 (The Badgers missed some shots on offense but it really looks like the Badgers could really start taking it to Cornell as they are figuring out Cornell's problems on defense now. The Badgers defense still has been doing a poor job of getting rebounds which needs to get solved. Leuer looks like he can beat Foote anytime he wants to get a pretty open shot, if the Badgers offense stalls it should go right to Leuer and let him work 1 on 1.)
Hughes gets blocked on the drive to the hoop and then Evans went for the ball on the board on the rebound and everyone including the announcers could see that wasn't a foul by Evans.
Rob Wilson in now. Hughes drives to the hoop and puts it in and he gets called for the charge and that one is hard to debate. Hughes now has 2 to join Nankivil and Taylor.
Badgers play good defense and then let Foote get a board and they hit an open 3 to make it a 12 point lead again.
Evans working 1 on 1 gets the bucket and draws the foul. Evans hits the free throw and that was huge.
Cornell drives and scores easily.
Wilson looses the ball but Badgers get it back. Badgers now have Evans, Wilson, and Taylor in. Hughes hits a three off the in bound.
Evans gets called for a goal tending, but nice try as that was going in.
Badgers turn it over as Hughes throws it away.
Cornell gets the last shot of the half after the turnover.
Wittman hits a jumper with 4 seconds left and that sums up the half.

The Badgers gave up 43 points in the half as they gave up to many offensive rebounds and let Cornell get way to open of shots. In at least a couple of instances the Badgers played 34 seconds of great defense and then gave up an open shot. On offense Hughes is turning the ball over way to much and if he would have hit some extremely easy shots down low this game could be tied. Leuer was on fire all half but the Badgers went away from him as they found they could get great looks by driving and scoring or dishing to open shooters but the Badgers just missed to many open shots. The Badgers can get back in this game as they can beat Cornell on offense but they need to do a better job on defense. Wittman is killing the Badgers as they are giving him way to much room to shoot, he has 14 on 6 of 9 shooting. A big stat is the Badgers lost the battle of the turnovers for probably the first half all year at 2 to 6.
The Badgers are shooting 52.2% from the floor and 40% from three as the Cornell defense hasn't been very good despite what the media will have you believe, there have been a lot of nice open shots for the Badgers. Leuer is 5 of 5 and 2 of 2 from three for 14 points and has shut Foote down for Cornell as he has only 3 points. Hughes has 5 points on some very shaky play as he has 5 of the teams 6 turnovers, look for him though in the second half to continue to drive and try to hit runners as it looks like he can beat them anytime he wants. Hughes needs to look for the open shooter though when he drives because Cornell always leaves multiple open on drives to the hoop. Ryan Evans played a very nice half after putting another brick off the window early, he finished with 5 points and did some nice things on the boards and defense. When the Badgers got back to within 3 it was due mainly to JBo lighting up for a couple of minutes as he hit a three, had a blow by for an easy 2 and hit a tough jumper, the Badgers need to try and get him some open threes and see if he can really get it going. The Badgers do have big foul problems as Nankivil,Hughes,Taylor and Evans have 2 each. There were some really questionable foul calls in the first half, in particular the second foul by Evans was hard to figure as he looked to have all ball on a rebound.

Badgers keys to the second half are to play much better defense closing out on the shooters and playing the full 35 seconds. On offense it is hard to tell what they should do because they easily could have score 40 points if they hit all their bunny shots, the Cornell defense is not that good as long as Hughes quites turning it over the Badgers will be able to score. Hughes, Taylor and JBo on the dribble drive and kick out should happen on a regular basis, and if that play isn't called it should be Leuer exposing Foote for some more easy points.

Second Half:
Badgers start with the ball, Cornell in a zone and Jordan Taylor hits an open 3 after some nice movement.
Cornell turns it over down low.
Leuer short after he had a very makable shot.
Wittman shoots a three but Taylor got a hand up.
Taylor misses an open 3 after a JBo kick.
JBo looses his man and Cornell hits an open 3.
JBo answers with an open 3.
Hughes looses his man and that guy cuts and hits the runner and draws a foul from Nankivil.
Badgers turn it over again.
JBo fouls, non shooting.  Foote backs down Leuer and scores.
Cornell gets called on a push off, non shooting. Leuer draws a foul working from 7 feet out. Leuer hits both foul shots.
Nankivil gets called for a hold down low, his fourth in comes Evans. That was a clear foul on the hold.
JBo looses his man again and another open 3 goes down.
Nice pass from Evans to Leuer for an easy 2.
Somehow Wittman scores on a runner, very well defensed though.
Taylor drives and is fouled, he hits 1 of 2.
Wittman misses from deep and Foote gets an over the back foul on the board.
Timeout: Badger score 42 Cornell 56
(The Badgers haven't slowed Cornell down in the second half as they continue to give up very open shots. The Badgers have missed some open shots but it is all about the defense, they need to clamp down if they expect to win this game somehow. Taylor appears to be heating up on offense and JBo hit another open 3, but again the Cornell defense isn't sound all the Badgers need to do is run their stuff and they should score.)
Leuer banks a shot home.
Need some defense and they don't get it as a nice pass gets Cornell an easy 2.
Leuer misses down low.
Wittman hits a three with Evans in his face.
Leuer rattles one home.
Cornell with a turnover.JBo misses a three out top.
Bo Ryan gets called for a technical.
Wittman misses the first technical shot but not the second.
Foote misses down low.
Nice ball movement and Taylor hits a three.
Hughes gets called for a push off out high.
Foote with a dunk on a nice pass. Leuer got lost.
Hughes drives and is fouled. Hughes hits both.
Cornell hits a three and Hughes answers with a three.
Foote beats Evans for 2 down low.
Taylor turns it over.
Hughes looses his man but he misses and the Badgers get it.
Hughes turns it over again.
Cornell drives and scores and 1.
Timeout: Badger score 54 Cornell 71
(Well the Badger defense certainly hasn't gotten better, it has actually gotten worse as Cornell is getting very open looks on every trip down the court and scoring on every trip. Hughes is having a very rough game as he continues to turn it over. Jordan Taylor looks hot maybe they should have him keep putting up threes but nothing matter if they don't play defense.)
Badgers need to get it going, Cornell shooting 64% so far.
JBo with the miss from distance.
Wilson in now. Cornell with a miss, Taylor runs but slows it down.
Taylor turns it over again, and that was ugly.
Taylor then gets beat down low. Badgers down 20.
Timeout: Badger score 54 Cornell 74 (Well the Badgers are down 20 as they have self destructed now on offense in addition to giving up points on defense almost every time. Really this now looks like a defeated team. Hopefully Bo can say something that gets them to compete again but they look very frustrated as things get worse.)
JBo misses a very long 3.
Cornell slows on a floater.
Reach in foul on Cornell. Leuer misses a three.
Hughes forces a turnover. Leuer misses and the Badgers haven't scored in 4 minutes.
Runner no go for Cornell but they get the board, Cornell working a lot of clock now and Wittman hits another 3.
Bo Ryan calls timeout: (Not much more to say anymore.)
Hughes shoots up an air ball of a three. Evans draws a foul on the board.
Timeout: Hope Bo Ryan knows a 24 point play we don't know about yet.
Evans shooting the 1 and 1 hits both.
Cornell misses after running clock for 34 seconds.
Evans hits an open jumper, first basket in 6:45.
Hughes gets called for his 4th foul.
Foote hits 1 of 2.
Badgers miss two three pointers that rattle out.
Cornell turns it over.
Badgers just look like the defeated team they are.
JBo gets fouled and they are now in the 1 and 1. JBo hits them both.
Foote with the dunk after the cut through the lane.
Badgers miss from deep again.
Dale drives and scores.
JBo with a miss from 3.
JBo steals and dunks, and that was just to prove that he can dunk but did no other good.
Timeout: Badger score 62 Cornell 83
Hughes picks up his fifth foul and that is an unfortunate way to end his college career, we are going to miss you Trevon.
Taylor misses a three.
Cornell misses.
Nice pass from Evans to Leuer down low and he gets fouled.
Michigan State just won on a buzzer beater.
Evans steals is and Leuer dunks.
Cornell misses but gets the board. Badgers just give up a dunk.
Timeout to get some players on the court.
Evans with a dunk.

Badger Quick Game Recap: Not much to say, we have talked about it all year but the Badgers don't close out well on shooters and it really bit them in this game. Give Cornell credit as they have good ball movement and their players buried those open looks, but they were very open very often. Cornell shot 61% from the field and the prior high we think the Badgers gave up this year was 54%. Trevon Hughes had the worse game possible as he had 6 turnovers, fouled out, missed bunny shots that would have brought it close in the first half, and played terrible defense. You want your senior guards to step up in March and overall Hughes and JBo had a tough month. Still we want to take the chance to thank the seniors for their great contributions over the years, their careers are not to be judged by a couple of years. The thing we will miss most about both of them is that they are competitive nature. Want to try and end this on a positive note so we will note the solid game that Ryan Evans had with 11 points on 4 of 5 shooting, he played some nice defense and his passing was pretty impressive on offense. In addition Leuer had a solid overall game with 23 points, Leuer kept the Badgers in it early when nothing else was working.


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