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UW Badgers vs Wofford Not Fair - Part 2?

In the article just prior to this we mentioned a Wall Street Journal article that compared school student body sizes in March Madness and they led off the story with Wisconsin vs Wofford being a huge mismatch. We decided it might be kind of fun to look at the mismatch by revenues and profits and here is what we found Wofford report revenue of $675,525, and expenses of $740,339 for a loss of $64,824, however we don't doubt the loss was well worth it this year alone for all the exposure Wofford has gotten. Wisconsin on the other hand reported revenue of $14,900,715 and expenses of $5,466,455 for a profit of $9,454,260. So where the UW student population out numbers Wofford 20 to 1, revenue is at 22 to 1,expenses are 7 to 1 and profit is at over 9 to 1. Just for some bearing on Wisconsin's revenue it is pretty on par with most of the Big Ten schools, Minnesota $12,856,390,Illinois $14,507,336,Northwestern $9,328,062,Michigan State $15,592,500 but their expenses are high at $9,031,373. What is the point of this we aren't sure but it looks like Wisconsin doesn't have quite the advantage of 20 to 1 as the 7 to 1 on expenses has to be the more accurate way of looking at resources. I sure hope the the Badgers have better than 7 to 1 odds of beating Wofford though. One final comparison though that favors the Terriers is on the mascot challenge as a Terrier beats a Badger because Terriers were bread to root out Badgers, I bet they get some pretty nasty cuts and just give up sometimes though.


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