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Wisconsin - Minnesota Score,Live Blog:UW Badger Basketball

UW Badger Basketball

Wisconsin vs Minnesota

Time: Sunday, 8:00 PM CT
Live Score: Badgers - Gophers 52-68

Recap at the bottom.

Badger Live Game Blog: Coming up.. Leuer is in uniform, and will play.
JBo starts out the Badger scoring as he hits a three.
Hughes with another Badger 3.
Hughes lofts up another 3 and it is off to MN.
Johnson hits a three with a man in his face.
MN with the full court press. Badgers working the swing. Hughes drives and puts up a wild runner no good.
Westbrook off on the jumper.
Taylor drives and puts up another horrible runner, but on the rebound the Badgers get fouled.
Timeout: Badger score 6 Gophers 3
Nankivil with nice D down low forces another option but Hoffarber drives and scores.
Jbo knocks down a long 2 pointer, nice job of getting his shot.
Badgers with a poor foul in the paint.
JBo doesn't find his man off the inbound and MN hits a three.
Nankivil off with a three, that wasn't a great look.
MN runs and hits an unguarded 3.
Badgers working the swing, JBo looked like he got fouled on the shot but doesn't get it.
MN pushes and Harforber hits another open 3.
Timeout UW: Badger score 8 Gophers 14
(The Badgers have dug themselves a hole because they haven't closed out on the three point shooters and on offense they have stopped driving to the rim.)
Leuer just off on the shot down low, Nankivil with the board. Leuer short on the jumper.
MN off with the jumper and Taylor with a nice board.
Badgers working the swing, Taylor does a good job of drawing contact on the shot.
Timeout: Badger score 8 Gophers 14
(Out of the last timeout the Badgers started to run their offense through Leuer but he was just a little bit off with his shots. Badgers are icy right now at just 23% shooting from the field)
Taylor hits both foul shots.
Nice pass down low gets MN two easy points and things don't look good right now.
Leuer trying to make a move looses it out of bounds, but back to the Badgers.
Leuer out of the game, Nankivil makes a big 3.
Hoffarber travels for MN.
Badgers working the swing, nice pass by Taylor but the three is no good.
MN runs 1 on 4 Badgers and gets a charging foul. JBo got the foul.
Taylor misses the runner but Nankivil on the good board and Taylor knocks down a three.
Iverson backs down Nankivil and gets the basket and the foul. Bad foul call and Bo is hot. Iverson hit the foul shot.
JBo misses a very long three and that didn't look wise.
Nice Badger defense early, MN carries.
Badgers working the swing and Hughes creates his own shot and hits, nice.
Hoffarber is hot and hits another jumper.
Long Badger three is off, that one was to early in the possession.
Timeout: Badger score 18 Gophers 21
(The Badgers can't drive into the paint and are settling for a lot of long shots, you would prefer they at least do what Hughes did being able to pull up his dribble and hit from a little closer range. Taylor is starting off pretty rough as he is 1 of 5 from the field. Leuer has been on the bench for a while now and he is 0 for 2, both of his missed shots came on one possession. Badgers need to get in Hoffarbers face.)
Jarmusz fouls down low on the pass to the post. Hoffarber finally missed a contested 3.
Taylor drives down low gets hit in the eye and needs to call timeout. How there is no foul nobody will no but the refs.
Timeout: Badger score 18 Gophers 21
Badgers can't get up a shot and Taylor picks up a turnover throwing it out of bounds.
Johnson slices into the lane and gets an easy 2.
Leuer is off with the jumper but Nankivil gets the rebound and lays it in.
Iverson had a clear charge against Nankivil it doesn't get called and he lays it in and is fouled but misses the foul shot.
Hughes puts up a wild shot with the clock going down no good and then JBo gets blocked and the Badgers turn it over. The Badgers are getting beat down low.
Badgers with poor defense and MN gets an easy jumper.
Hughes hits a much needed open 3 after good movement.
Mike B. fouls Sampson on a jumper.
Timeout: Badger Score 23 Gophers 27
(Badgers are getting dominated in all phases of the game right now, something is going to need to change in a hurry if the Badgers are going to win. Bo put Mike B. in to try to get some muscle down low but he picks up a quick foul.)
MN hits both foul shots.
Nice pass down low but it didn't yield any points as the bunny was missed.
Nice Badger defense forces an out of bounds, Mike B. on the good D.
Hughes picks up a foul and Johnson shoots the 1 and 1 they miss the front end.
Blocking foul on the Gophers.
Badgers working the swing hard, Hughes misses a three and Evans with a dumb over the back foul on the board.
Gophers hit both foul shots.
Badgers working the swing and Jbo misses a jumper and the Badgers get the ball back after they bat it off of MN.
Nice ball movement gets Hughes an open 3 and he hits.
Nice steal by Hughes down low.
Hughes looses the ball and Evans gets called for a foul. I don't know how he got called for the foul and now Bo gets called for a technical. It looked like Hughes got fouled and then Evans got fouled.
Hoffarber makes his free throws and the Badgers are down big. 
MN gets called for a foul away from the ball.
Badgers work for the last shot, Leuer misses the three.

End of first half.

The Badgers are down big and are being dominated in all phases of this game. The Badgers hit only one shot inside of three point range, and gave up multiple easy points down low. Bo got a technical running out the Gopher league and it is true that there was some awful officiating in the first half. There was the foul on Evans and the charge that wasn't called that was atrocious and a couple instances of fouls when the Badgers drive down low and weren't called and don't forget when Taylor was clearly hit in the face and it wasn't called. Badgers are shooting 31% from the floor 54.5% from 3 making 6 and are 2 out of 2 from the line. The Badgers are getting out rebounded 11 to 13 and have one less turnover at 4 to 5, MN has two blocks to the Badgers 1. Hughes had a nice half as he has 11 on 4 of 8 shooting with some nice defense to go with it. Bohannon had a rough half at 2 of 6 and didn't close out on Hoffarber yielding some open 3s. Nankivil had some great rebounding and went 2 of 3 in the half for 5 points. Leuer was off with his shoot as he went 0 for 6 but they all looked pretty sharp they just wouldn't fall. MN shot a scorching 57.9% from the floor and 66.7% from 3 as the Badgers didn't bring their usual defense, they also made 9 of 11 at the foul line which is a huge difference in this game. Between the free throws and the easy buckets down low it isn't hard to figure out how they have a commanding lead. The Badgers played better defense when Evans and Mike B. were in the game but both got called for fouls that they shouldn't have committed so it is hard to judge if it is worth having them out there. The Badgers need a huge gut check for this second half as they need to be able to go down low and score and they need to play better defense.

Second Half:
Gophers get the ball to start, Nice Badger defense forces a wild shot with the clock going down but MN gets the board and the Badgers foul. Nice hook by Sampson for 2.
Hughes draws a foul away from the ball down low.
Badgers work the swing and are off on a long Taylor 3.
Nice curl by Hoffarber and he scores.
Nankivil has an open 3 rattle out.
Hughes steals runs the floor finishes and is fouled, misses the foul shot.
Hughes steals the ball again and is mugged on the foul and that should have been intentional all the way and wasn't.
Hughes with a nice pass to Jarmusz and he is hacked no call, Jarmusz misses gets the rebound and finally draws a foul. The referees are blind in this game. Jarmusz makes 1 of 2.
Westbrook misses down low but they get the board. Foul on Jarmusz on the drive to the lane.
MN stepped out of bounds.
Mike B. misses on a hook, that looked like a bad idea.
MN misses on a runner and Sampson commits a foul on the board.
Timeout: Badger score 29 Gophers 39
(Trevon Hughes is the only player keeping this game even as close as it is. The referees have clearly decided the only way the Badgers will draw a foul on offense is if MN rips off a body part or something. Badgers need some more people to get involved in the game. Jarmusz needs to come out as he is getting abused on defense with dribble drive.)
Leuer hits a fall away his first 2 points.
Sampson dumps it down low and Hughes steals it.
JBo hits an open 3 and that should give them some life.
Johnson hits a tough runner, pretty good defense.
JBo gets open and hits another 3.
MN is off with a three but the Badgers can't get the board and it is out of bounds MN.
Hughes gets called for a foul on a pass down low. Hoffarber misses a 3.
Hughes misses a three and Nankivil misses the board.
Better Badger defense but Taylor gets called for a reach in on a nice pass down low.
Hughes tips the ball out of bounds to MN. Gophers miss and Iverson gets called on a travel.
Timeout: Badger score 37 Gophers 41
(The Badgers have really upped the intensity on both ends and JBo hit some very big open 3s after great ball movement against the zone. The Badgers should check on this next possession if Leuer might be more dialed in for this half on offense. Also where is Nankivil as he looked pretty sharp in the first half, great effort by Hughes tonight. JBo is starting to pick up the intensity on defense which has really helped.)
Taylor misses the open 3 short and the Badgers loose the rebound out of bounds.
Mike B. gets called for a foul down low, kind of questionable as he had a shoulder dropped into him.
Gophers miss down low but Badgers can't get the board. Nice jumper by MN goes down.
Nice pass to Leuer down low and Leuer hits.
Joseph with another nice shot for MN.
JBo hits a big three from way downtown.
MN gets a lucky 2 as they battle for the board and it gets batted high and in.
Leuer misses the three but Mike B. gets the board.
Badgers miss three open 3s, boy you hate to see that.
MN with a couple of misses and the Badgers just can't get the boards on defense. Foul on JBo.
Timeout: Badger score 42 Gophers 47
(Badgers can't get the boards on the defensive end and it is killing them. They also missed 3 open threes in a row, it looked like they didn't have their legs into any of them.)
Hoffarber with a miss, Jarmusz the board.
Badgers miss a poor 3 from the corner and the Gophers call timeout on the board.
Timeout: Badger score 42 Gophers 47
(That wasn't a good shot from the corner, not sure why they put that one up.)
Badgers dump it down low and Hughes fouls on the shot. Johnson hits both shots.
Badgers working hard, Leuer misses a shot with 3 to shoot and that wasn't a good trip.
Leuer with a block but it stays with MN. Gophers miss a shot but the tip-in and the foul and the Badgers are in trouble now. The Badgers just can't get the boards.
Taylor misses a three, off to MN.
Gophers now focusing on going inside. Sampson puts up a brick.
Badgers need a basket. Leuer has his shot roll out and they can't get the board.
Gophers hit a 3 and that could be the dagger, Badgers haven't made a basket in a long time.
Taylor misses another 3 and no rebound.
JBo gets called for a reach in foul.
Timeout: Badger score 42 Gophers 52
(Well the Badgers came back with some JBo 3s and since then it has been everybody but him shooting 3's and missing. On defense the Badgers can't get the boards and it is killing them. The Badgers are being out rebounded 33 to 20 now.)
MN in the 1 and 1 now, they hit both. Gophers now on a 11 nothing run.
Leuer shot up an air ball down low. Badgers haven't scored in 6 minutes.
Nice pass down low and Sampson with the slam dunk.
Taylor turns it over on a pass.
Hughes with the intentional foul. Gophers miss both foul shots.
Hughes hits a long open 3.
Sampson hits both foul shots.
JBo misses a three and then fouls on the long rebound.
Badgers steal, Hughes misses a three, JBo fouled and hits 2 free ones.
Taylor fouls on the inbound. Gophers hit both.
Trevon Hughes hits another 3 to keep the fouls coming.
Badgers foul again. Gophers hit both foul shots.
JBo drives and scores quick.
Badgers foul, Mike B. fouls out. Gophers hit both.
Hughes 3 rattles out. Badgers now giving in.
MN goes for a dunk with 3 seconds left showing so little class it is hard to believe. He gets fouled and hits both.

The Badgers just didn't have it on offense and gave up far to many rebounds on defense. The Badgers entirely went away from the dribble drive in the second half and it didn't help. The Badger players from MN went 3 for 24 in the game as Leuer and Taylor had awful nights, you could argue that Taylor choked in his trip home. Mike B. played a lot of minutes as he was needed to try and get some boards but had a rough night as he scored 2 points for the Gophers and none for the Badgers. Hughes played with a lot of heart in this game and deserves a lot of credit, JBo also really turned his play around in the second half, Nankivil though went silent in the second half. The Badgers shot 31.6% from the field and got out rebounded 36 to 20 and MN made 18 more free throws, and that says it all. This was the worst performance by the Badgers this year by far, you couldn't like their hustle in the first half and in the second half they settled for deep contested shots.


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