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Wisconsin - Michigan State Score,Live Blog:UW Badger Basketball

UW Badger Basketball
Wisconsin vs Michigan State
Time: Sunday, 8:00 PM CT
Score: Badgers - Spartans 67-49

Recap thoughts at the bottom.

Badger Live Game Blog: 
It is key that the Badgers get off to a good start against Michigan State, in particular it would be very beneficial to have Hughes or JBo come out hot. Michigan State has a lot of quality players and gets balanced scoring, which is how you get to be the number 5 team in the country. The Badgers are capable of getting balanced scoring as well as Nankivil,Hughes,JBo,Taylor, and Wilson are all capable scorers, the Badgers will need to get solid contributions from at least 4 out of the 5 otherwise one of them is going to have to have a very huge night.
Badgers control the tip.
Badgers work the swing and Taylor misses a three.
Kalin Lucas drives and misses and the Badgers get the board.
Penetration gets an open 3 look that won't go down for Taylor.
Hughes fouls on a rebound of a MSU miss. Morgan at the line shooting 2 misses the first and makes the second.
Badgers really working the swing, and Taylor hits a three with a man in his face.
Lucas puts up a brick of a three.
Taylor drives but misses badly on the runner.
Traveling on MSU.
JBo hits an open deep 3 after a nice screen gets him open.
Hughes gets called on another foul his second and that was pretty weak and very hurtful to the Badger cause.
Offensive foul on MSU, that was Lucas on the foul.
Taylor hits another three after pulling up off the dribble, they review and it is going to be a two.
Jarmusz gets called for a foul on the baseline under the hoop.
Evans in for Jarmusz.
MSU turns it over on the inbound and Taylor takes it all the way to the rim misses the shot but is fouled.
Rob Wilson and Berggren check into the game.
Badgers get beat for a layup down low and Evans fouls on the made basket, bad foul by Evans. 3 point MSU play.
Taylor is hot as he knocks down another 3.
Timeout: Badger Score 13 - MSU 4
(Badgers out to a nice lead due to some hot Taylor shooting, but you have to worry about the Badgers not scoring yet down low. The 3 point shots won't go in all game long they will have to find buckets down low. Nankivil not involved early)
Out of the timeout Lucas gets wide open and puts in a 3.
Taylor put in another 3 but there was a whistle before the shot. Foul by MSU.
Nice pass to Jarmusz and he knocks down a 3.
Green hits a deep jumper.
Nankivil hits a turn around jumper.
MSU hits a runner.
Taylor way off on a 3 with the shot clock going down.
Green hits an open 3 as the Badgers didn't get back quick enough.
Wilson drives and kicks but is fouled just before the pass. (nice to see Wilson go to the hoop)
JBo hits an open 3.
Green hits another deep jumper as the Badgers couldn't get a hand close enough to his face.
Badgers turn it over on a pass.
MSU shoots quick and misses.
JBo drives right at the hoop and gets fouled down low.
Timeout: Badger Score 21 - MSU 12
(The Badgers are still shredding the nets as both JBo and Taylor are hot from 3, Nankivil has only 2 points but looked pretty on the turn around jumper if the 3s stop falling they should do a heat check on Nankivil. The Badgers defense though hasn't been good as MSU is getting to many shots up without a man in their face and you have to be very worried about this.)
Nankivil shoots a 3 that just rims out.
MSU with a quick shot and get the board but they pick up an offensive foul.
Badgers work the swing and the clock comes all the way down and Taylor misses a forced three.
MSU misses Badger board.
Taylor drives and scores.
MSU misses the runner and quickly back to the Badgers.
JBo works to get a 3 but comes up short, Jarmusz board.
JBo gets blocked but stays with it and drives and scores.
Timeout MSU: Badger Score 25 MSU 14
(Well the Badgers have run out to a 11 point lead with Trevon on the bench and Izzo is hot right now. The Badgers are doing a nice job of getting to the boards on defense.)
Badgers give up a pass to Morgan down low and Jarmusz has to foul. Morgan hits 1 of 2.
Evans in for Jarmusz
MSU picks up another foul, Taylor misses an open 3 but the Badgers do a good job of getting the board.
Mike B. in the game. Taylor short on a jumper and that was a little forced.
Luscius hits a long 2.
Evans losses it out of bounds but Badgers keep possession.
Timeout 7:00 minute mark: Badger Score 25-17
(the Badgers need to do a better job of getting back on defense as MSU has been shooting early open jumpers before the defense sets.)
JBo rattles down a jumper.
Again Morgan puts up an early jumper but this one is off, Badger board.
Jbo is off on an open 3 with the clock going down.
Foul away from the ball on MSU, offensive foul.
Nice pass down low gets Morgan to commit a foul his second. Lucas is back in with 2 fouls.
Wilson misses the front end of a 1 and 1.
Another quick MSU miss.
Nice runner from Wilson goes down.
MSU turns it over moving quickly the other way.
Nankivil hits an open 3 and he looks to still be scorching.
MSU refuses to call timeout, their loss.
MSU misses a three.
Taylor pulls up and hits, Badgers are on a 9-0 run and still no MSU timeout.
Lucas hits a jumper.
Great pass down low for an easy Badger 2.
Evans forces a MSU turnover on a pass.
Luscius steals it and takes it the other way.
Wilson gets tied up and it goes to MSU
Timeout at 3:00 minutes: Badger Score 36 MSU 21
(The Badgers need to be careful here not to let MSU get back in this game late in the half. Nice contribution off the bench from the young players Wilson and Evans as they have been getting to the boards and forcing turnovers.)
Lucas misses a quick 3 and Evans snares the rebound.
Badgers working the swing, bad looking 3 with the clock going down.
Evans fouls on a shot down low. MSU hits both foul shots.
Evans checks out,
Badgers working slow on offense with the half coming to a close. JBo dribbles pulls up and hits the jumper, nice move.
Roe misses and the rebound gets kicked out to MSU.
MSU working for the last shot, crowd on its feet. Roe misses at the buzzer and the crowd sends the team off the court in style.

Badgers have only 3 turnovers make shots from 3 point range,runners and pull up jumpers all this with Trevon  playing only 3 minutes in the half. MSU shot 44% in the half while the Badgers shot 55%.  Badgers took Michigan State to the wood shed all half long, there was no let up from start to finish for the Badgers. Scoring for the Badgers is Taylor and JBo with 12, Wilson 6, Nankivil 5, Jarmusz 3. Taylor started off the game hot from distance and did a nice job of setting the pace with Trevon out but JBo was maybe even more impressive as he did a great job of creating his own 3 looks and pull up jumpers. Again the Badgers young players in Evans and Wilson really provided a big spark off the bench with great defense and Wilson made some nice plays on offense. Evans brings so much to the defensive effort but for the second game in a row has made some questionable fouls that limits his minutes. Nankivil appears to still be shooting well so if JBo or Taylor cool off the Badgers should definitely start feeding the ball to Nankivil. Badgers are shooting 40% from 3, 55.6% from the floor and have made 2 out of 4 free throws. The Badgers have 15 rebounds to MSU's 11 and have forced 7 MSU turnovers to 4 for the Badgers. The MSU bench players are led the team in scoring in the half as Green and Luscious had 6 each, 5 for Morgan,Lucas 4, Roe 2. MSU will be making adjustments at the half and the biggest is they likely won't be shooting so early in the shot clock, instead they will look for better chances down low. The Badgers should continue to drive to the hoop and try to get MSU in foul trouble early as starters Morgan,Lucas, and Summers each have 2 fouls.

Second Half
Badgers need to make sure they don't give up an early second half run to MSU to let them back into this game in a hurry.
Badgers start with the ball, Taylor forces up a runner bad shot.
Lucas misses a layup but Roe puts it back in.
Badgers really work the swing and Nankivil nothng but net from 3. call it a 2.
Hughes strips goes the other way but can't finish.
MSU gets an easy 2 down low.
Hughes gets bumped by Morgan his third with the shot going down.
Jbo works for a 3 but is short again.
Roe can't hit over the Badger defense down low.
Lucas trips Jbo his third and that is Lucas's 3.
Both Lucas and Morgan are still on the court.
Hughes throws up a horrible shot off the window.
Summers hits a deep 2 off of a curl.
Hughes drives and misses another shot down low, MSU can't control the boards and it is out of bounds to the Badgers.
Timeout: Badger Score 40 - MSU 29
(Trevon Hughes has really been forcing some shots early in this half, he needs to settle down. MSU as expected has been looking down low and it has been helping them. Nankivil is still hot they need to start feeding him the ball, Hughes needs to just distribute the ball for now as he is really struggling on offense. Badgers did a nice job of forcing MSU into a little early foul trouble as Morgan and Lucas both have 3.)
Badgers working the swing hard, Taylor rims out a three but a huge rebound and dunk by Nankivil.
Lucas hits a runner and has a foul shot coming as Jarmusz was not set.  Lucas hits the free throw.
Badgers need to keep scoring as MSU is coming back. Hughes puts up a bad deep three and is short.
MSU hits a quick 2.
Nice pass with the shot going down and Evans with the dunk.
Evans picks up a foul down low,Morgan shooting 2. Morgan hits 1 of 2.
Wilson in for Evans.
Hughes finally hits a jumper 1 on 1.
Lucas misses a jumper.
Jarmusz with a bad pass creates a held ball situation and it goes to MSU.
Roe backs down Nankivil and Nankivil fouls.
Timeout: Badger Score 46 MSU 35
(It was nice to see Hughes hit a shot, however he still is not the best option on the court to shoot today. Evans picked up another tough foul and has to sit. You have to wonder why Evans and Wilson were not in the game together as it seems like good things happen when they are both on the court.)
Roe hits both foul shots.
Hughes with a really bad jumper attempt, he needs to stop forcing things.
MSU to quick the other way turns it over.
Hughes short on a long 3 but Wilson puts back the miss after a Taylor try at a put back.
MSU with a quick miss and the Badgers run and JBo hits.
(Lucas is down with what looks like an ankle injury and you don't like to see this. Nankivil got him on the toe by accident going for a rebound. They are taking him already off the floor and the crowd gives him a nice hand)
Luscious hits MSU's first 3, he did a nice job of shaking the defender to get wide open.
Badgers work it down low and get fouled.
Hughes with a nice pass to Wilson for the flush.
Green with a circus shot down low is off but MSU gets the board. Badgers with a foul. Another foul on the Badgers as Berggren fouls before the inbound.
Lusious is to quick with his drive and loses it.
Allen fouls the Badger dribbler.
Hughes hits a three and that was nothing but net.
Bad long three by MSU but it was so off they got the board. MSU travels.
Hughes tries an early very long three and shoots an air ball, what was Hughes thinking?
Timeout: Badger Score 55 MSU 40
(The Badgers have extended the lead back out after the Lucas injury, what is very concerning for the Badgers is Hughes decision making. Hughes has hit a few shots in this half and has made some very nice passes for easy dunks but he continues to force up shots. With the way he has been able to pass and get people easy buckets you would think he would be looking to do this on every trip down the court instead of taking tough jumpers.)
MSU tries to look down low to Green but that doesn't work as he losses it out of bounds.
Nice skip pass to an open JBo but he misses the 3.
Badgers foul, non shooting. MSU can't hit a three.
Taylor with a nice drive but can't finish.
MSU misses two three and the Badgers can't get the rebounds and then Wilson fouls.MSU hits both foul shots.
Taylor hits a big three with the clock going down, that was a shooters shot.
MSU misses and then travels on the runner attempt.
Badgers working the swing and clock, Nankivil hits a jumper with the clock going down. Izzo calls timeout as the Badgers are up 18.
Timeout MSU: Badger Score 60 MSU 42
(The Badgers have done a nice job of running clock and still getting chances to put up shots with a chance with the clock going down. On the negative the Badgers are giving up to many offensive rebounds to MSU with Evans and Wilson out of the game)
Misses MSU shot but again the Badgers can't get the board and Taylor picks up a foul.
MSU hits 2 foul shots.
Taylor with a nice drive and runner off the glass.
MSU hits a quick 3.
Timeout MSU: Badger Score 62 - MSU 47
Badgers work a lot of clock but miss a three.
MSU misses a quick 3, Badger rebound.
Nankivil with a block and the Badgers break away and JBo lays it in.
MSU hits an open deep 3.
JBo hits a deep 3. and MSU misses a deep 3.
Badgers turn it over and then MSU misses some shots and theres the win.

Quick Badger Game Recap:
It was great to hear Bo after the game give all the credit to assistant coach Gard and the job he did in preparing the scout team to get the team ready for MSU, one other interesting point is that Bo acted like he didn't know that Lucas got hurt pretty good. In listing to the announcers for the game it was great to hear them give Bo credit for such quality coaching but disappointing that they barely said a word about the fact the Badgers have some pretty quality players this year that have started to give the Badgers a balanced scoring attack. Badgers scoring was as follows; JBo 19, Taylor 17, Nankivil 11, Wilson 10, Hughes 5, Jarmusz 3, Evans 2. The Badgers shot 50.9% from the floor and 34.6% from 3 and went 2 of 4 from the line not shooting a single free throw in the second half. The Badgers forced 13 turnovers to committing 6 and got out rebounded 30 to 26 but that is misleading as many of the MSU rebounds came after the game was out of hand. Wilson is really coming on for the Badgers as he went 5 of 5 from the floor and played some good defense, he seems to grow as a player every week. Also a very nice game for Bohannon as he went only 3 of 9 from three but did a great job of creating good looks from inside the three point line and then hitting them. Great win for the Badgers and as said in the keys to the game it was 4 out of the 5 Badger scorers having good games in addition to the stingy defense. 


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