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Wisconsin - Michigan Score,Live Blog:UW Badger Basketball

UW Badger Basketball
Wisconsin vs Michigan
Time: Sunday, 3:00 PM CT
Score: Badgers - Wolverines 62-44

Game recap / final thoughts at the bottom

Badger Live Game Blog: Coming up shortly, here's hoping they get off to a hot start on the road like they did at home against the Spartans. Interestingly enough the TV crew in the preview for the game highlighted the big win against MSU and only mentioned Trevon Hughes and his scoring and game winning shots, Trevon of course went 2 of 9 against MSU and scored all of 5 points. It seems like it would have been far more appropriate to talk about Hughes and add the Badgers have enough talent to overcome a very poor game from him due to the deep amount of talent on the team which yielded 4 players not named Hughes scoring over 10 points. OK mute your TV sets because they don't know what they are talking about they just said Nankivil takes the place of Leuer in the starting lineup.

Michigan wins the tip, Manny Harris with a nice drive to the hoop scores 2.
Badgers really working the swing early. Nankivil is off on the 3 but Jarmusz with a nice board. Taylor picks up the dribble and hits, nice first possession.
Sims misses a jumper of JBo.
Nice move by JBo inside and he hits, he has really expanded his game.
A deep early shot by Michigan was very ugly.
Hughes goes down low and misses the runner but is hacked hard. Trevon rattles the first home, but not the second. His shot still looks off not a good sign.
Nice pass down low for Michigan yields an easy layup, nice feed from Manny.
JBo buries a long 3 with a man in his face.
Timeout at 15:00: Badger Score 8 Michigan 4
Michigan misses a dunk down low, aided by Jarmusz.
Nankivil is off from 3.
Sims hits from outside.
Badgers miss an open jumper.
Evans checks in.
JBo slacks off of Sims and he hits a jumper. Bad defense by JBo.
Nice feed on the inbound yields an easy Taylor layup.
Sims rattles home another jumper.
Badgers really working the swing and then Trevon decides he is going to score and hits the runner.
Nice Evans defense forces a turnover and JBo hits a 3.
Sims hits inside over Nankivil.
Offensive foul on Evans and he just can't keep getting dumb fouls.
Timeout: Badger Score 15 - Michigan 12
(Nankivil doesn't seem to be as hot as he has been in the past few games from the field. JBo has done a great job on offense early and Trevon and Taylor seem to be into this game. Evans made a nice play on defense and then committed a dumb foul on offense.)
Mike B. is in the game and so is Jarmusz.
Lucas Perry beat the Badgers to the hoop on a drive and put it in.
Taylor hits a three with the clock running out, nice Hughes past.
Taylor steals it and the Badgers runs and JBo hits a pull up jumper.
Douglas with a miss for Michigan but the Badgers can't save it out of bounds.
Nice Badger defense down low forces a poor inside shot.
Badgers working the swing, Jbo misses a 3 but Wilson with the rebound.
Taylor misses a three Nankivil with the rebound but he has it stolen.
Michigan slipped and couldn't score on the runner.
Nice Taylor pass to Jarmusz and he hits a 3.
Timeout Michigan: Badger Score 23- Michigan 14
(The Badgers did an excellent job of working the swing and hitting shots during this last stretch. In addition the Badgers have been playing tough on defense. A lot of offensive rebounds for the Badgers early in the game.)
Badgers with tough defense and Michigan travels with 4 seconds on their shot clock.
Timeout: Badger Score 23 - Michigan 14
(The Badgers are really playing well at the moment on both offense and defense.)
Trevon hits a long 3 unguarded.
Badgers play tough defense and Michigan puts up a long 3 with Badgers in their face and miss the hoop by a mile.
Nice ball movement and Taylor strokes the 3.
Timeout: Badger Score 29 Michigan 14
(The Badgers just continue to move the ball and hit the open threes, in addition the defense has been top notch.)
Nice pass down low and Michigan gets an easy 2.
Michigan in man defense. Badgers are a little scattered on offense and loose it out of bounds. On the inbounds they can't get the ball up in time, shot clock violation.
Nice Badger defense but Taylor bails them out with a reaching foul.
Timeout: Badger Score 29 Michigan 16
(The Badgers got beat on a nice designed play out of a timeout and then on offense took a little to much time adjusting to Michigan going back to man defense. Still the Badgers had a good chance to score and on defense the other way were playing tough D before the Taylor reaching foul.)
Michigan jumper rattles out.
Badgers run the clock all the way down as JBo didn't know what the clock was at, that was a little ugly.
Harris hits a deep three as the Badgers didn't close out.
Nankivil hits a straight on 3.
Nankivil doesn't close out on Sims and he hits a three.
Nankivil puts up a poor three point shot and Michigan runs and lays it in.
Hughes hits a 3 point shot.
Badgers force a turnover with some tough defense on the baseline.
Nankivil hits a long 2 on the jumper, nice quick pass and he stroked the shot.
Michigan works for the last shot and it is ugly but laid in.
Then Jbo gets the ball with 2 seconds left and hits a running 3 point shot at the buzzer, what a shot.

Wow the Badgers really game out in this game working the swing extremely well and nailing the three point shots as they hit 8 of their 12 threes 66.7%. Jason Bohannon has had a great offensive game as he has hit 3 of his 4 threes including the crazy running 3 at the buzzer, but that isn't all he has also gotten some great points on his expanded offense where he can drive and score or pull up and hit the jumper (JBo had 13 points in the half). Trevon Hughes has rebounded with his two poor games with an excellent first half as well as he distributed the ball very well and scored 9 points and didn't miss a shot from the floor.Keaton Nankivil has been hot the last couple of days and the coaching staff finally probably told the team to run more offense through him but he forced some shots and only hit 2 of 6 in the half for 5 points. Jordan Taylor played nice defense and hit his threes and finished the half with 10 points. Tim Jarmusz had a nice rebound and a good block and drained his open 3 attempt. Wilson got in the game but was pretty much a non factor, on the other hand Evans played and made things happen on the positive and negative as he forced a turnover, turned the ball over and had a dumb foul on offense.  The Badgers had 10 rebounds to Michigans' 4, and forced 4 turnovers and committed 2. Great shooting half for both teams actually as the Badgers shot 68.2% from the field and 69.2% from three and Michigan shot 60% from the floor and 100% from 3 the difference is the Badgers made 9 threes to Michigan's 2. Sims leads Michigan with points with 15 as he was very hot with his jumper early. Manny Harris finished the half with 7 points. Neither team is in foul trouble as there were only 3 total in the half, UW with 2 Michigan with 1.

The Badgers are likely to cool off dramatically in the second half, but I wouldn't expect Michigan to shoot that well in the second half as the Badgers are working hard on the defensive end.

Second Half:
Badgers start out on offense and turn it over, Michigan runs and puts it in.
JBo drives and misses the wide open layup. Michigan working hard on defense early in the half.
Jarmusz commits a foul. Evans comes in. Nankivil commits a foul.
Manny Harris is short on the jumper.
Badgers working the swing, and run out of time Taylor turns it over.
Evans gets called on a foul, Evans lost his footing outside and bumped his man.
Novak goes to the rim and the Badgers foul him, that looked like Wilson on the foul.
Timeout Badgers: Badger Score 40 Michigan 28
(Michigan has come out very aggressive and is playing good hard defense while the Badgers came out flat.)
Novak misses both foul shots.
Badgers work the swing and get Nankivil an open look and he hits.
Sims misses a three and Novak gets called for a foul as he gets tied up on the rebound.
Michigan is really playing hard on defense and work the Badgers all the way to the bottom of the shot clock and a nice pass gets Nankivil an easy dunk with the clock at 0.
Nice feed by Michigan gets Sims an easy layup but he is fouled and misses but will go to the line. Sims misses the first and hits the second.
Wilson into the game, Nankivil out.
JBo hit a three with the shot clock going to 0 as Michigan is really working hard on defense.
Rob Wilson picks up a blocking foul.
Timeout: Badger Score 47 Michigan 29
(The Badgers are doing an incredible foul of keeping their composure with the clock running out and it is yielding open shots that they are making. You really have to hand it to Michigan as they are playing with terrific defense intensity so far in the half. The Badgers need to move their feet better on defense as they have been committing to many fouls early.)
Another Badger foul on the perimeter as Trevon gets called for a hand check.
Michigan already shooting 1 and 1 as the officials have completely changed how they are calling the game, Michigan hits both foul shots.
Nice ball movement and Trevon hits a 3.
Michigan short on an early jumper.
Evans puts up a bad jumper but works hard for his own rebound gets it and calls a timeout.
Timeout: Badger Score 50 Michigan 31
(Evans is one of these players at this point in his career where he is so exciting on the good things he does and the bad.)
Trevon drives out of the timeout and puts up a bad shot, Wilson gets called for a foul on the rebound because he was to aggressive on the strip. That was not a foul on Wilson as he had all ball trying to pry it loose.
Michigan hits 1 of 2 foul shots.
Nice pass down low to Wilson and he lays it in.
Michigan puts up a bad early shot and the Badgers run the court well but JBo gets called for a charge.
Manny Harris hits down low.
Taylor drives and is hacked hard. Taylor hits the first and misses the second but the Badgers get the board.
Evans is off with a jumper.
Badgers commit another foul down low.
Timeout: Badger Score 53 Michigan 34
(Michigan is starting to loose the intensity that they came out with to start the half.)
Novak hits the first and the second foul shot.
Michigan presses and forces a held ball on the inbound.
Michigan gets the ball, Michigan drives and misses but gets the rebound misses a couple more down low and Nankivil gets called on a foul. Bo Ryan is hot and Taylor about something.
Michigan misses both foul shots.
Jbo misses a three after some good ball movement.
Novak misses and early three for the Wolverines.
Nice pass to Hughes and he draws the blocking foul. Hughes hits 1 of 2 foul shots and he is really struggling from the line.
Nice pick off by Evans he looked like a prime time corner on that one.
JBo misses a very deep three with the clock running out. He didn't have time to put his legs into it and put it up short.
Another Badger foul this one on Taylor.
Bo is hot about something and has a lengthy conversation with the officials and now some in the crowd are taking Bo on personally it looks like. The officials are reviewing the replay monitor for something.
Harris hits two free throws.
Michigan with a full court press which is easily broken. They now work the swing Evans misses a jumper.
Michigan has an early three point try which is off.
Badgers could use some points on this trip but they miss a three.
Michigan misses an early three again.
Foul call outside on Michigan.
Timeout: Badger Score 54 Michigan 40
(The game has gotten a little sloppy in the last couple of minutes as Wisconsin hasn't been as crisp on offense as they have been the rest of the game. On the other end the officials have decided everything is now a foul after calling only 3 total in the first half, I am not sure they know the meaning of the word consistency Nankivil is actually in foul trouble now with 4 and is on the bench. Unfotunatley the Badgers young players Evans and Wilson are still struggling on the road in this game.)
Evans turns it over with a double dribble.
Harris hits an open jumper.
Badgers could use some points as this lead is starting to go down. The Badgers are working clock and JBo drives and scores.
Sims misses a quick shot for Michigan, Badgers board.
Badgers are working off clock but make one to many passes and don't get a shot up.
Sims works down low and hits.
Timeout: Badger Score 56 Michigan 42
Badgers with a small lineup with Evans being the big. Badgers are really looking to work clock as they pass up open threes and then they miss a three and get the board. Evans a nice board after an open three miss by JBo from fairly deep though. That was a really nice board from Evans and the type of play that shows how he can really effect a game.
Timeout: Badger Score 56 Michigan 42
(The Badgers are working a ton of clock now on every trip down the court, but haven't been able to hit their shots lately with the clock running out. This seems a little early to start running out the clock and the way the game was going it seems like they would be better off keeping their foot on the gas.)
Evans forces a turnover on Sims and the Badgers get it back.
Michigan with a full court press and Harris trips Taylor on the dribble.
Michigan seems to foul Trevon on purpose and it works as he misses the 1 and 1.
Michigan misses an early shot.
Michigan again on the full court press and they foul Taylor on purpose, keep in mind they are fouling at the 3 minute mark. Taylor hits both foul shots.
Michigan throws up a brick of an early three.
Badgers back to working the clock down, great passing and then Wilson explodes to the hoop lays it in and is fouled. WOW what a drive and he hits the free throw.
Michigan hits a long to from Lucas Perry.
Michigan fouls Trevon on purpose and he is way off with the first foul shot, hits the second.
Lucas Perry is way short with a three attempt.
Bo calls timeout at 1:30 to get some bench players in.
Smith drives to the hoop and puts up a poor runner. J.P. checks into the game.
Bergrren, Valyntine in. Badgers run the swing with the subs and they manage to run the clock at least.
Michigan misses and the Badgers run out the clock and pick up a nice road win.

Badgers Quick Post Game Recap:
Our prediction was pretty accurate as we had the Badgers winning 65-60 and they won 62-44. The Badgers really were sharp most of this game as they ran the swing very well and were hitting the open 3 point shots that it created. The Badgers also worked hard on defense for the whole game with only Sims finding any real success against them. Jason Bohannon had another fantastic game and finished with 18 points to tie Sims for the games scoring lead. Jason hit his threes but what was more impressive was his dribble drive and passing, he has really expanded his game of late. Trevon had a much better game in all phases but he is still really struggling from the foul line as he hit only 3 of 7 free throws and his shot looks really off. It is hard to believe a shooter like Trevon can actually look brutal from the line but he is right now. Once again Evans and Wilson had a very up and down game on the road as they both had their share of bad moments but they did have some highlights like Evans rebounding and Wilson's terrific drive to the hoop and score, Wilson finished with 5 points. The Badgers shot 52.4% from three point range as the swing created open looks time and again as the Badgers made 11 threes in the game. JBo with 18,Trevon 14, Taylor 13,Nankivil 9,Wilson 5, Jarmusz 3. Final thought it was really disappointing to see the officials not call a consistent game between the first and second half as they called 3 total fouls in the first and 22 in the second half.


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