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UW Badger Basketball Team Has Talent!

On ESPN's College Basketball blog the day after the win over MSU they pretty much sum up the national disrespect for the talent the Badgers players have, here is the quote after an old fashion whipping " No offense to Wisconsin's players, but ... Is it possible that Bo Ryan is the best system coach in college basketball? Let's define system coach first. Let's say a system coach is a guy who seems to be able to plug just about any combination of his type of players into a basketball team and emerge with a winning product year and year out. Bo Ryan is this person! Wisconsin's recruits aren't anything to sneeze at, but they're also..." continue reading at http://espn.go.com/blog/colleg...se-but-how-much

I am sorry but Jordan Taylor,Keaton Nankivil,Jason Bohannon,Rob Wilson, and even Ryan Evans are very quality basketball players on any team in the Big Ten this year and the nation, and almost any of the top coaches could take the talent on this team and get it at least into the top 20 teams in the nation. This lack of respect for the players on the team hurts recruiting, and it hurts the overall image of the program. People in the new power rankings have started to move Purdue back into the top 5 teams in the nation again, a team the Badgers had the chance to beat on the road on the last trip down the court. You don't beat 3 teams in the top 5 or hang with a top 5 team on the road with just system players and home court advantage, you do it with talented basketball players.

With the number of scoring options that have developed this year for the Badgers, I count 7 players who are extremely capable of scoring over 12 points and 6 players who are good for over 20 while not forcing up shots, this years team is very dangerous for any team in the country to play right now with the scoring to go with solid defense and limited turnovers.

1 comment:

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. It is pretty disgusting when it is clear MSU was getting beat. The excuses given, not short of bias and disrespect for what we are supposed to value. talent, hard work, work ethic, academics etc. It appears the young men from Wisconsin are stand outs in their rescpective states, are talented and smart. What is it that the media can't see? Is it dirt, scandal, pure entertainment (without regard for these young men after basketball) that sparks attention? Shame on you, and shame on the sport, if we can't remember that these are young men who may not be NBA stars, but most importantly are young men we want to become productive and positive citizens regardless of whether they are bouncing a ball! America, wake up and quit waiting to be entertained at the expense of kids.