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UW Badger Athletes are Young-Young People Make Mistakes

UW Badger athletes are young adults and have been known to make their fair share of mistakes that are embarrassing to the University of Wisconsin.  Jonathon Cassilas last year was arrested for drunk driving on a scooter and he likely didn't get drafted in the NFL Draft because of it, Diamond Taylor robbed fellow classmates in the dorms before he ever laced up his shoes for the UW Badger basketball team and he never will due to the arrest. Fans and alumni of the UW often question if the Badgers coaches are bringing in the right type of character athletes to best represent the Badgers, but players like Diamond Taylor were considered to be stand up individuals before coming to the UW. 

The fact is young adults make mistakes as a part of growing up and it is very hard to judge which people might make a mistake once they get to Madison. Often times people ask how these athletes can make mistakes like this and throw away the terrific opportunities they have, some even question if it is the intelligence or backgrounds of the athletes.  We saw this article http://www.techcrunch.com/2010/02/04/an-apology-to-our-readers/ and would like to point out for the record that young adults make mistakes no matter if they are athletes or not that waste terrific opportunities. To summarize the article for those who don't want to read it a young intern for an online publication named Tech Crunch which reportedly gets over a million readers a day bribed companies to have their tech products/companies featured on the site. Due to his bribes of requesting an Apple laptop computer he lost his internship at one of the highest profile technology information publications in the world. Just like many of the UW student athletes this person is likely very intelligent had a terrific upbringing and a lot to loose, yet still made a horrible decision - it is all part of growing up.


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