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Northwestern - Badgers Score,Live Blog: UW Badger Basketball

UW Badger Basketball

Wisconsin vs Northwestern

Time: Sunday, 1:00 PM CT
Live Score: Badgers - Northwestern 70-63

Game recap at the bottom

Badger live game blog:
Northwestern wins the tip. Nice pass down low gets NU on the board first.
Taylor drives and scores, and that is what you like to see.
NU hits a wide open 3 after Nankivil looses his man.
Nankivil hits a 3 on the other end.
NU is off on the 3 and Nankivil with the block out.
Nankivil hits another early jumper, good to see him aggressive.
Shurna with a nice jumper off a screen.
Hughes hits a jumper from the corner.
JBo can't close out on Shurna and he hits a three.
Taylor is fouled on a three point shot. Taylor makes 2 of 3.
Nankivil out Leuer in.
Timeout: Badger score 10 NU 10
(The Badgers need to find Shurna he is getting to many open looks and is on fire early.)
Evans in and on Shurna to slow him down.
Taylor drives and kicks to Evans who hits a flat jumper.
NU lob down low is denied.
JBo nice pass to Leuer down low and he is fouled. Goaltending should have been called but the refs missed the grab on the rim as the ball was going down. Leuer hits both free throws.
Evans does a good job of staying with Shurna, Crawford got a screen and hits the jumper off of it.
Taylor great drive down low and terrific pass to Leuer for the easy 2.
Evans just a terrific job of following Shurna and he forces a travel, that is the early defensive play of the game.
Evans misses the jumper, just a little off.
Evans blocks Shurna after got beat but recovered.
Hughes throws it away. Evans takes a breather hopefully that is all it is as they need him out there.
Crazy pass down low and drive to the hoop results in no points for NU, Jarmusz nice D on Shurna.
JBo is off on the open 3, ball out of bounds to the Badgers. Hughes hits a wide open 3 from the corner on the inbounds. Not sure how the Wildcats left him that open.
Timeout NU: Badger score 19 NU 12
Badgers foul Shurna on his drive to the hoop, looks like it is Leuer.
Timeout on the floor: Badger score 19 NU 12
(The Badger lineup has been interesting as Bo took Nankivil out for Leuer early even though Nankivil looked hot from the field. You have to wonder if he decided he wants to use smaller lineups the rest of the year. Evans really effected the game when he was in there, he probably should still be in the game right now but Bo has a lot of people to get minutes for)
Shurna hits both foul shots.
JBo nice pull up jumper.
Northwestern off with a covered 3.
Northwestern with a big defensive effort and Taylor is off on a 3.
Badgers leave a wide open 3 and Northwestern hits it.
Nice ball movement and Taylor hits a 3.
Badgers get a steal and then it goes back the other way.
Hughes picks up a foul for a drive to the hoop. NU hits one of two foul shots.
Taylor is feeling it as he knocks down the jumper.
JBo gets screened and NU hits a 3.
Rob Wilson shoots an air ball from the corner, bad looking shot.
Badger foul.
Timeout: Badger score 26 NU 21
(It is frustrating to see the Badgers give up so many open looks from beyond the arc and NU is knocking them down. It is nice to see Taylor has been hitting his shots and jumpers in this game. Leuer has kind of disappered again, hopefully they can get him back involved in the offense. They could really use to get Evans back on the court for his defensive intensity.)
Shurna abuses Jarmusz with a nice move and 2 points.
Leuer on a pass from Taylor and Leuer hits.
Nice pass down low for NU gets two easy ones.
Foul out high by NU on the JBo dribble.
Wilson in Mike B. in. JBo misses an open 3.
Leuer pins the ball against the glass on a nice pass down low for what looked like an easy layup.
JBo gets the ball stolen in the paint.
NU misses a 3 and Leuer with a nice board.
JBo gets a screen and hits the 3.
Wilson gets called for a foul away from the ball.
Leuer gets called for a block on the baseline his second. Nankivil into the game.
NU in the 1 and 1, Thompson hits both.
Boy NU played nice defense and then JBo cuts down low and a nice score.
NU off with a shot and the Badgers run and NU tackles Taylor on an extremely hard foul.
Timeout: Badger score 33 NU 27
(It didn't look like the Wildcats meant to foul Taylor that hard but there is still no place for that. It really looks like Bo is looking at lineups in this game as he has had Wilson and Mike B. on the court at the same time. Not sure if Evans got in the doghouse again somehow but if he did we aren't sure what he did.)
Taylor hits both foul shots.
Thompson drives down low turns it over and the Badgers run and JBo hits an open 3.
Nice Badger defense forces a long 3 with the clock going down.
Badgers working for a shot and NU bails out the Badgers by fouling Jarmusz.
Nice drive down low and kick to an open Taylor for a three.
Badger defense forces a NU out of bounds. Nice inbounds to the cutter down low and the layup and the foul.  Free throw is no good.
Badgers working for the last shot, nice pass down low to Mike B. and he is fouled. Mike hits them both.
The three is off for NU as time expires.

Well that was a much better half for the Badgers as they shot the lights out at 75% from the floor and 55.6% from 3. Taylor is looking very good and Nankivil has looked good as well. The Badgers also looked a lot more comfortable with Leuer on the court but part of that is he was just replacing Nankivil so there weren't many changes in the way they had to play. It would be nice to see the Badgers prove they can be effective with Leuer and Nankivil on the court at the same time. Evans turned this game around for the Badgers when he took Shurna out of his game with tough defense, that was huge as Shurna was hitting everything in sight. Taylor has 14 points on 4 of 4 shooting from the field, JBo 10,Leuer 6, Hughes 5,Nankivil 4, Evans 2, Mike B. 2. The Badgers have really gotten back to the dribble drive and it has been working, it seems like it works against some teams and not others and when it doesn't the Badgers are in big trouble. The rebounding is 8 to 4 Badgers, they have forced 6 turnovers to giving up 3 and they added 3 blocks. One negative in this game is the Badgers are getting screened and are not getting out to the three point shooter.

Second Half:
Shurna cuts right away to the hoop and he scores. Jarmusz got beat again.
Taylor misses a three but Nankivil gets to the board. NU worked very hard on defense and then bail out the Badgers with a foul with 1 second on the clock. Nankivil was forced to shoot a hope and a prayer but was fouled.
Good Badger defense but Shurna gets Jarmusz to foul on the board. Shurna beats Jarmusz for 2 down low.
Jarmusz misses a wide open 3 and he needs to come out.
Nankivil gets a block down low but NU lays it in and is fouled. Foul shot is good.
NU extends the defense but Leuer muscles down low, he misses the layup but Mike B. puts it back.
Good ball movement draws a foul down low by the Badgers.
Leuer gets beat down low for 2 points.
Hughes on the dribble, Badgers are forced to put up a bad Leuer shot but Mike B. keeps things alive with a back tap.
Timeout: Badger score 47 NU 38
(OK what did Evans do to get in the doghouse because he did a job on Shurna and has now been glued to the bench. Is Bo trying to see if anyone else can learn to play defense down low or what? Mike B. had a nice put back and back tip while in there)
Northwestern with really hard defense but they foul Hughes on a three. Hughes hits all three.
Nice move by Leuer to break up a pass down low but out of bounds to NU.
NU off on an open 3.
Badgers run and Hughes misses a 3 but Leuer grabs the board and puts it back.
Shurna beats Leuer down low and draws the foul. That was a pretty rough foul call given how the refs have been calling this game. Shurna misses the foul shot.
Northwestern fouls out top. Taylor walks with the ball after good defense. The Badgers had a chance to switch the ball but missed it.
NU goes right down low and draws the foul. The Badgers need to get this problem down low corrected. NU hits one of two. Mike B. had that foul.
Nice ball movement gets Hughes an open 3, and he hits.
Shurna gets fouled for a charge on his drive down low.
Mike B. comes out now, Jarmusz in.
Hughes turns the ball over and NU runs,scores and is fouled. Free throw is good.
Timeout: Badger score 55 NU 44
(Mike B. really had some nice minutes while in the game. It would be nice to see Bo try and get Evans and Wilson back in as they will need their contributions in March.)
Nice pass down low to Jarmusz and he misses the bunny. Ball out of bounds to Bucky.
JBo hits the fall away jumper, tough shot.
Deep NU three is off.
Taylor with a nice drive down low but misses the runner.
Badgers foul the Wildcats. NU hits them both.
Badgers work off clock, JBo drives but has it batted out of bounds with 2 sec. JBo three is off.
NU is off with the jumper but gets the board and puts it in.
Badgers turn it over as the pass by Taylor is to high.
Timeout UW: Badger score 57 NU 48
(The Badgers look ragged right now, but they really still don't seem to be getting their best lineups on the court in this game.)
Badgers leave an open 3 but NU is off but gets another board. Back door pass beats Leuer down low.
NU extends the defense and the Badgers turn it over. NU travels once the get it.
Hughes misses an early 3 and that seems like a bad idea.
Timeout: Badger score 57 NU 50
(Is Bo going to get Evans in so they can comfortably win this game or not, you have to wonder what he did to earn the extensive pine time.)
Shurna hits two foul shots.
Hughes turns it over and JBo saves the Badgers for now with a big block.
Leuer with nice defense forces a bad shot.
Badgers throw it away again on a pass to Leuer, Taylor threw it away.
Thompson drives and scores for NU.
NU is getting away with a lot of fouls right now on aggressive defense. JBo hits a big 3.
Timeout NU: Badger score 60 NU 54
(Bo put Mike B. in instead of Evans which is better than doing nothing, the Badgers needed the added defensive pressure.)
NU travels but not called and Shurna scores.
Long 3 is off for the Badgers and Leuer is hacked on the boards. Leuer makes both on the 1 and 1.
Shurna beats Jarmusz again and he has to foul. Shurna makes 1 of 2.
Leuer gets blocked, looked like a foul but they call a held ball, stays with Bucky.
Foul on NU before the in bounds. Hughes misses the front end of a 1 and 1.
Hughes gets called for a foul away from the ball. NU in the double bonus. NU hits both foul shots.
Taylor is off on a deep rushed 3 and the ball to NU.
Thompson goes right by Jarmusz and they need to get him out of there.
NU called for a foul
Timeout: Badger score 62 NU 61
(Not sure why Jarmusz is still in the game as he is getting beat on a regular basis on drives to the hoop, it is killing the team at this point. There is a very good option to stopping this in Evans but he hasn't seen the court since being the first reserve in the game. Northwestern has really picked up the defensive intensity and has been scoring at will in the paint)
Shurna rolled his ankle but is still out their hobbling. Taylor hits both on the 1 and 1.
JBo with nice defense forces an out of bounds.
Timeout NU: Badger score 64 NU 61
(NU didn't like their offensive movement and called the timeout. The Badgers have had very few defensive stops of late.)
NU misses the runner down low and fouls on the board.
Leuer shooting 2 big foul shots and he misses the first and the second and Hughes commits a bad foul on the board. Shurna hits his foul shots and this is a one point game.
Taylor way short on a three but Hughes with the board. The Badgers get a nice pass from JBo to Leuer and he is fouled. Leuer misses another free throw, he hits the second.
Shurna misses an easy one down low and Leuer gets the board.
Hughes needs to call a timeout out top with 10 seconds left.
Badger score 65 NU 63 (only 35 seconds left in this game and the Badgers need points here as they have been giving up tons of points in the second half.) Hughes way off with a three but NU fouls on the rebound.
Jarmusz shooting 2, he hits 1 of 2.
Leuer got a huge block down low as NU was trying to drive and score, JBo gets fouled after grabbing the board.
Timeout: Badger score 66 NU 63
JBo hits both foul shots.
NU off on the quick 3 and Hughes gets fouled after grabbing the board.

Badger game quick recap:
Well the Badgers had a lot of trouble with the extended pressure of the Northwestern defense and barely escaped with the win. On the other end the Badgers couldn't stop NU from scoring down low as Jarmusz continues to get beat to the paint. We don't like to ever question Bo's coaching but why on earth wouldn't Evans come back into this game after the defense he played on Shurna, he did an absolute job on Shurna after he got out to a hot start. Leuer came back nicely in this game and had 3 big blocks, 11 points and 4 boards. Again Shurna got 26 points in this game and we think he would have had 15 at most with Evans in his face all day. It really seemed like Bo wanted to see who can contribute the rest of the season in this game with different lineups and it seemed to hurt the Badgers in the game. Again the Badgers shot to many jump shots in the second half as they didn't drive or throw it down low to Leuer. What was also troubling in this game is that  Nankivil and Leuer can't seem to play well together in the game while both on the court. Jason had another very nice game leading the team with 17 points and stopped getting screened on defense after giving up some open 3 point shots early.


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