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Big Ten to add Texas?

Of course the talk of the potential of the Big Ten adding Texas has been brought up plenty in the Midwest after the Big Ten said it would start studying adding another team. The other schools that have been brought up the most are Pitt,Rutgers and Missouri, with a rumor a couple of weeks ago that an announcement of Pitt joining the Big Ten was forthcoming very soon. The new development is that ESPN has chosen today to start talking about chatter of Texas joining the Big Ten, the question is why now is there a new development we don't know about. Are thought is that the Big Ten has now formally contacted Texas for discussions about joining the Big Ten, otherwise ESPN recently somehow purchased stock in Texas and would like it to see it increase in hypothetical value. We like the idea of the Big Ten going for the home run and talking to Texas about becoming the newest member, and make no doubt about it this would be a Grand Slam Home Run from an education,competition, and financial standpoints. We also thinks this makes sense for Texas as they can make more money and they will really like the thought of being grouped with the Big Ten from an academic standpoint.

Lets be honest Texas can still play Oklahoma in the non-conference schedule and the game will make both teams a boatload of money. Texas has started scheduling more non-conference games the last few years with Big Ten teams and this could have been a precursor to these conversations. The question is how does this effect the Badgers chances of winning titles, it probably makes it a lot tougher in football and in basketball it probably doesn't matter much despite how good Texas is in basketball. The one thing it might do for the Badgers is open up Texas for more recruiting by the Badgers. Still we are putting the chances of a deal getting done with Texas at 30% but that is still higher than the chances of Notre Dame at 5%.


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