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Wisconsin - Purdue Score,Live Blog:UW Badger Basketball

UW Badger Basketball
Wisconsin vs Purdue
TV: ESPN Time: Sunday, 6:00 PM CT
Location: Mackey Arena, West Lafayette, IN
Badger - Purdue Score 57-60

Badger Live Game Blog: Purdue's center and Big Ten player of the week JaJuan Johnson was late getting to the game and will not start, it is key for the Badgers to take advantage the couple minutes he is out. Freshman Patrick Bade will start in Johnson's place.
Badgers win the tip.
Badgers work a lot of clock and Trevon puts up a horrible quality shot that hits the top of the board.
The freshman puts back a miss for Purdue.
Badgers work the swing, and Taylor drives with the clock going down and doesn't put up a good runner.
Hummel goes to work early down low and scores.
Badgers get Jarmusz an open 3 and he is off.
Purdue double dribbles, Evans already checks in.
Nankivil nice move to get his jump shot, Badgers first points.
Badgers nice defense down low but can't get the boards, Badgers get the board on the second try down low.
Nankivil misses a straight away three.
Purdue with a quick miss.
Nankivil check out, Badgers work the swing Hughes fakes and then hits the jumper.
Purdue is long on a floater.
Evans a bad pass to the post gets it back, JBo tries to drive and gets stopped. Bergeren. hits a three with the clock going down.
Purdue hits a jumper.
Wilson,Evans, and Mike B. in and Evans hits a three.
Purdue hits a three as Mike B. doesn't close out on the shooter.
Badgers working the swing and Trevon turns it over with the clock going down.
Purdue misses the shot but Hummel gets it back and is fouled.
Timeout on the floor: Badger Score 9 Purdue 8
(Bo shows a lot of confidence in the young kids having Evans,Wilson and Mike B. in the game before the first timeout, as we said in the preview the Badgers need to get off to a good start and Bo probably thought solid defense was the best way to do that as the bench players are all solid defenders.)
Hummel hits two foul shots, that was a bad decision to foul him on a fall away jumper after a rebound.
Nankivil hits a three early in the possession.
Hummel misses a three Wilson on the board.
Another quick Badger three is off the side of the iron and out of bounds.
Purdue with an explosive drive and score.
Taylor misses an open 3, Wilson misses an open 3 and they shouldn't settle for those.
Purdue with a miss and a held ball on the rebound will keep it with Purdue.
Timeout: Badger Score 12 Purdue 12
(The Badgers offense has gone down hill since the last timeout as they started to settle for taking three pointers, they need to get back to the dribble penetration they started out with. The Badgers have yet to draw a foul from Purdue 10:55 on the clock.

Moore is off with the floater, ball out of bounds to the Badgers.
Taylor drives down low is stopped but works to get the shot up and scores.
Johnson hits a jumper.
Purdue gets a held ball, it stays with the Badgers.
Nankivil hits a deep straight away three.
Taylor nice defense forces a turnover.
Hughes misses a quick 3.
Nice strip on Johnson down low, great weak side defense.
Badgers work the swing, Trevon gets it to Wilson down low and he is stopped by Johnson but throws it off of him to get the out of bounds play. Apparently he missed because Purdue ball.
Hummel with the miss.
Taylor can't hit on the runner and after some ping pong basketball it is out of bounds to Purdue.
Timeout: Badger Score 17 Purdue 14
(The Badgers must have really listened at the last timeout as they were patient with the ball and were looking to drive to the hoop every time on offenes, where is Trevon Hughes he has had little impact on the game so far. Badgers still haven't drawn a foul.) 7:31 on the clock.
Hughes fouls Moore down low. Moore hits one of two.
JBo tries to drive and has no shot, Badgers get the ball on the floor and call a timeout.
Badgers can't get a shot up after the inbound.
Purdue puts up a bad shot.
Evans shoots a jump shot that is way off.
Badgers force a turnover.
Hughes misses an open 3, Evans keeps it alive and Badgers get fouled non shooting.
Badgers work the swing, 4 minutes without a field goal. Nankivil puts it up with the shot clock going down and misses short.
Hughes forces a turnover and hits the runner.
Badgers foul on a long 2, and the extra point is good.
Hughes drives and Jarmusz misses a three.
JBo doesn't close out on Moore and he hits a three.
Jbo misses a three and the Badgers travel on the rebound.
Timeout Badger Score 19 Purdue 21
(Badgers still can't knock down open threes, they missed a couple of wide open ones after some nice penetration. As talked about in the preview the Badgers need to knock down the threes when they are that open, Jarmusz and JBo have yet to score and are 0 for 3 from 3 and the team is shooting 27.3% from three point range. Nankivil is 2 of 3 from three and he has the only makes.)
Badgers have only one field goal in 6:21.
Purdue misses two shots badly enough they got the rebounds and Hummel puts it in.
Taylor drives and gets stopped and then calls timeout. The Badgers really need points right now with only 2 minutes in the half. Bo not happy with the timeout being called.
Hughes misses a three on the in bounds, Taylor fouled away from the ball.
Nankivil shoots and hits another three and he is saving the Badgers.
Wilson great rebound down low, just great hustle on his part after the Purdue miss he didn't stop fighting.
Hughes drives to the hoop and is fouled, Hughes hits one of two.
Wilson fouls away from the ball under the basket.
Moore hits a long 2 as he looses his defender.
Taylor with a great drive and score off the high window.
Timeout Purdue: Badger Score 25 - Purdue 25
Purdue working for the last shot. Moore drives and hits the runner to give Purdue the lead at the half.

Halftime: Badger Score 25 Purdue 27
The Badgers actually had a pretty good half as they played nice defense and seemed to work for their shot better in the early going than in their last couple of games. The Badgers have been looking to drive the whole game and have gotten open 3s but they still aren't hitting them with the exception of Nankivil who is 3 of 4 from three point range and leads the team with 11 points at the half. The Badgers were able to drive and score a little as Taylor and Hughes both made a couple of runners late in the half. Jason Bohannon and Jarmusz have been brutal from the field so far and are a combined 0-4 on some very open looks. Early in the game the Badgers got a nice spark from the bench as Wilson and Bergrren scored a couple of baskets and played some solid defense, they could provide a huge spark in the second half along with Evans who has been playing solid defense. The Badgers are in great position to be in on the road as they are in easy striking distance at halftime, they need to keep up the defense and someone besides Nankivil needs to hit a three. Nankivil 11, Hughes 5,Taylor 4, Bergrren 3, Wilson 2 points. For Purdue Moore 8, Hummel 6,Johnson 6, Grant 3, Barlow 2, Johnson 2. Badger shooting 37% overall and 33% from three, Purdue is 44% overall and 25% from three but they have only attempted 4 three pointers to the Badgers 12 attempts. Rebounding is 13 to 15 Purdue and the Badgers have hit 1 of 2 foul shots and Purdue is 4 of 5. Badgers have only 3 turnovers Purdue with 5. Badgers made only 3 of their last 13 shots.

Second Half
The Badgers need to keep working the swing and then driving, but they need to draw fouls on the drives and hit the open three pointers.
Purdue misses an open jumper.
Badgers working the swing Hughes misses a long 3.
Hummel looses it and then the Badgers give it back going the other way it fouls off of Jbo's foot.
Johnson misses the well contested jumper.
Nankivil misses the jump hook it looked good except it won't go down.
Hughes fouls the man on the ball and Bo is hot.
Purdue misses down low and Purdue can't save it out of bounds to the Badgers.
Badgers get fouled outside, non shooting. Badgers get fouled again outside as Taylor was on the dribble. Taylor gets fouled again outside as he was looking to drive to the hoop. Jbo works to get an open 3 and he hits.
Moore short on a jumper.
Badgers in transition and JBo forces a three that won't go down. Purdue fouls Taylor on the put back. Purdue now has 4 fouls, Taylor hits them both.
Taylor fouls the dribbler and that looks like a call influenced by the crowd booing the fouls.
Badgers can't get to a hard contested rebound and it is out of bounds to Purdue. Offensive foul on Purdue.
Timeout: Badger Score 30 Purdue 27
(The crowd and Purdue are really getting worked up about the fouls but almost everyone of them is a blatant foul, Taylor in particular was hacked very hard a couple of times You have to like what the Badgers have done to start out this half as the defense has been there and they are working the offense well to start the half. JBo also finally hit a three.)
Badgers get blocked down low, ball out of bounds to UW. Taylor got blocked, he should have kicked that as he drew every Purdue player. Hughes misses a three.
Hughes picks the pocket and gets a layout but they call him on the charge but count the hoop.
Offensive foul on Purdue and the crowd and Painter are hot. Purdue crowd is chanting bull...
Taylor hits a pull up jumper with the clock going down, tough nice shot.
Jarmusz fouls down low. Badgers have 5 fouls, Purdue has 6.
Moore scores down low, their first points.
Taylor misses, Purdue runs and taps in after a runner.
Badgers should take a TO to get the crowd out of it but don't.
Nankivil hits another three.
Purdue gets called for another offensive foul, Jackson gets that one. That is their 7th.
Purdue with a little press gets called for another foul trying to pressure the ball going across the line.
Taylor shooting 1 and 1 and makes 1.
Hummel misses in the lane, JBo with the rebound.
Wilson misses and Mike B. can't save it.
Hummel with a miss and Purdue gets a lucky tip in.
Taylor shoots a three and is off, Evans tries to tie Purdue up on the rebound and gets called for a foul.
Timeout: Badger Score 38 Purdue 33
(Well Bo went to the bench and for the first time in a long time they tried to do to much as Mike B. tried to drive to the hoop and missed, Wilson couldn't hit a tough shot, and Evans fouled trying to tie the ball up, and you can add in a bad three attempt by Taylor. You have to like the young players being aggressive but the Badgers were up 7 and it would have been better to take high percentage shots and play solid.)
Taylor doesn't close out and Purdue hits an open 3.
Hummel forces a steal and Evans fouls.
Hummel at the 1 and 1 and Hummel hits them both. Purdue on a 7-0 run.
Wilson gets called for palming, and Purdue really worked the officials well.
Moore drives and scores and Purdue is on a 9-0 run and has the lead.
Timeout Badgers: Badger Score 38 Purdue 40
(at the moment the young inexperienced players are killing the Badgers on the road as Evans gets called for 2 fouls and Wilson gets called for palming the ball. The real problem is the Badgers need Evans defense and he probably won't go back in.)
Purdue with full court pressure. Taylor gets bailed out by a foul late in the foul shot. Taylor rolls in the first and drains the second.
Johnson hits an open jumper, Jarmusz late getting in his face.
Taylor turns it over on the drive.
Purdue puts up an ugly three with the clock going down and Hummel gets a lucky rebound and puts it in.
Badgers get stripped.
Johnson hits another jumper and the Badgers have problems after a 15-2 Purdue run.
Timeout: Badger Score 40 - Purdue 46
Pull up jumper is short for the Badgers.
Moore scores easily underneath, they need to get Evans back in.
Hughes gets tripped and will shoot 2.
Timeout: Badger Score 40 Purdue 48
(The Badgers need to start playing better defense as Purdue is scoring with ease right now. Evans got in the dog house with some poor fouls but he needs to come back in to stop the bleeding. Hughes needs to get involved in this game with the Badgers down 8 now. The Badgers were looking good up 7 and then they got excited and started playing to quickly and to aggressively)
Hughes misses both foul shots with 7 minutes left.
Hummel gets fouled outside and will shoot foul shots as they are in the bonus, not the right guy to foul but he misses the 1 and 1.
Taylor drives and Nankivil hits the jumper.
Hummel turns it over and Hughes drives the court and is fouled. Hughes hits 1 of 2.
Moore with a nice runner.
Taylor misses the pull up jumper, but Purdue throws it away going the other way.
Taylor drives and kicks to Wilson for a 2, Taylor is drawing everyone.
Wilson gets called for a cheap foul on Moore. Moore misses both foul shots.
Taylor passes to Nankivil and he hits another open 3.
Hummel beats Wilson and hits a jumper.
Hughes drives and JBo misses the open 3.
Badgers get called for a foul down low as Purdue tried to alley oop to Johnson.
Timeout: Badger Score 48 Purdue 52
(Jason Bohannon missed an open 3 and that is the type of shot he needs to hit for the Badgers to win, Hughes drew everyone with the drive it just didn't turn into points. The Badger drives are working so this does give some hope for them pulling out a win)
Johnson shooting 2 as both teams are in the double bonus, he hits them both.
Hughes fouled outside on the dribble. He needs to make these foul shots as he is hurting the team at the line. Hughes makes 1 of 2.
Moore drives scores and is fouled by Nankivil.
Nankivil shoots and makes another 3.
Moore drives and misses but get the rebound. Taylor steals it and lays it in.
Timeout Purdue: Badger Score 54 Purdue 56
(The Badgers have this game where they want it on the road, if Hughes would of been having a normal shooting night from the foul line they would likely be up.)
Purdue working clock, Kramer gets blocked by Nankivil.
Crowd is on their feet but Nankivil hits another 3 this one from very deep. Badgers on a 8-0 run and they are up 1.
Timeout: Badger Score 57 Purdue 56
(You have to like the Badgers chances now with the ability of Hughes and Taylor to drive.)
Moore hits a pull up jumper and Purdue is up 1.
Timeout: Badger Score 57 Purdue 58
(Purdue scored to easily on that trip, look for Taylor to drive.)
Purdue full court pressure. Trevon shot an air ball out of bounds to the Badgers with 6 seconds.
Hughes was fouled but it wasn't called on the three point shot. It is to bad there is not replay because Hummel fouled him. Hughes misses the runner and that is the game. Hughes put it just a little to high off the window and the Badgers couldn't rebound. The Badgers looked to be in position for the put back if it went anywhere else of the rim.
Johnson was fouled on the rebound and is at the line.

Badgers Quick Post Game Thoughts: Big performance by Nankivil is spoiled, Nankivil went 7 of 8 from three for 25 points. Hughes had a really tough night as he missed the final runner and shot 0-5 from three and 3 of 10 overall and most key made only 3 of 8 free throw attempts. Hate to say it but the key to the loss is the poor shooting night of Hughes, otherwise the Badgers win this game. The other Badgers guards didn't help Hughes out either as Taylor went 4 of 12 overall and JBo was 1 of 5 and missed key open shots. Still a nice effort on the road but you would like to get the win as frankly Purdue doesn't seem like that great of team right now.


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