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Wisconsin - Purdue Final Score / Recap

UW Badger Basketball
Wisconsin - Purdue
Final Score Badgers 73 (13-3) #20 Purdue 66 (14-1) #4

UW Badger Basketball Purdue Game Recap:
The Badgers bench comes up big again for the Badgers and clearly outplays the opponents bench for the third time out of 4 Big Ten games. Again for those of you who think the Badgers talent is going down compared to the rest of the Big Ten, their young bench play would say otherwise. The Badgers bench was led in scoring by Taylor of course with 23 points (career high) mostly on dribble penetration. Taylor's penetration opened up the whole rest of the offense for the rest of the team, otherwise the Badgers are looking at an ugly loss. While Taylor put up the sexy scoring numbers, true freshman Mike B. did a heck of a job on defense in the first half on defense keeping the Badgers in the game with the bigs in foul trouble. Mike B. picked up 5 rebounds on great defense and positioning. If it was a stat Mike B. would be even credited with a rebound assist on a great seal off. Ryan Evans (7 points) didn't have his best first half, but had a great start to the second half as his hustle and 7 points early in the second half were the key to the Badgers running out to a lead.

As has been mentioned it isn't just the scoring of the young players, it is their defensive play as Evans and Taylor have played strong defense in almost every game. In addition Mike B. clearly has very good basketball defensive IQ and Wilson makes some great defensive plays with his long arms. Things are looking very good for the Badgers future with the overall play of the young Badgers bench.

In other thoughts Leuer had a dreadful offensive game as he went 2 of 15 for 4 points but he did lead the Badgers with 10 rebounds which were important. It was nice to see the shooters aggressiveness, but as some point Leuer should have recognized enough was enough. Hughes despite the first half foul trouble rebounded from the MSU game with a nice game as he had a perfect shooting night, he went 3 of 3 from the floor, 2 of 2 from 3 point land and 6 of 6 from the line. Jason Bohannon had a great game as he had 20 points (ties a career high) on a combination of drives to the hoop and going 2 of 5 from 3 point range. It was great to see JBo drive to the hoop and score, and it was very needed in the first half with Hughes out because of the foul trouble. The Badgers guards had a fantastic day on offense, but it should be noted for future games that they did let Moore go 10 of 14 for 24 points so you would like to see better defense.

It is interesting to note that this is the first time despite the Badgers strong Big Ten play the last three years that they have beat the Purdue junior class, and beat them they did as the Badgers knock off the undefeated number 4 team in the country.

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