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Wisconsin-Penn State,Score,Live Blog:UW Badger Basketball

UW Badger Basketball
Wisconsin - Penn State
Score Badgers - Penn State 79-71

Recap thoughts at the bottom.

Wisconsin - Penn State Live Blog
The Badgers have gotten 4 points so far from Nankivil on nice looking jump shots from 15 feet. He practiced these early today and it is paying off.
Trevon stole the ball from battle for an easy layup goint the other way.
Battle fakes out Trevon and gets an easy jumper.
The Badgers foul on a jump shot that goes down, free throw made.
Jarmusz has to go out due to blood from a head but with Trevon.
Trevon brings the ball down, takes a three point shot that is an air ball.
Edwards beats the Badgers down low with an up and under for 2.
Badgers work hard to get JBo a three point shot and hits.
Jackson hits over Taylor, nice move.
Trevon off on an open 3 pointer from straight away.
Taylor knocks the ball out of bounds on defense.
Battle hits a wide open shot with his foot on the three point line.
Badgers are settling for to quick of tough shots.
Penn State in zone defense, Evans travels down low.
Evans with a nice block down low.
Wilson just misses an open 3.
PSU with a three point miss.
Nankivil hits another jumper 3 for 3.
Taylor steals it but misses the layup.
Penn State gets an easy two going the other way.
Bo wants a timeout.
Badger Score 11 PSU 15
The Badgers defense is giving up an unusual number of open looks, which is why Bo probably called the timeout.
Penn State getting to the rim to easy.
Hughes knocks down the three after some good ball movement.
Badgers steal the ball and Hughes gets fouled on the drive to the hoop.
Timeout: Badger Score 14 PSU 15
Trevon hits both foul shots, Badgers up 1.
Jbo with a block down low on a freshmen.
Badgers work the swing, Hughes misses a runner.
The Badgers are slow to get back and Battle gets an open 3.
The Badgers leave battle open again and hits a three.
Jbo with a long three is off.
Battle hits another long open 3, and PSU is on a 9-0 run.
(The Badgers have had problems closing out on three point shooters in the past and it is killing them right now, on offense PSU is playing a zone defense that is limiting quality shots.)
Hughes shoots the three and misses.
Hard Badger defense, they give up an offensive rebound and then have to foul.
PSU misses two foul shots.
Evans travels tying to drive to the hoop, a decent idea though.
Wilson working hard on defense, they leave Jackson open and he hits the jumper.
Wilson knocks down the jumper to stop the 11-0 run.
PSU shooting 65% from the field right now.
Battle misses a runner and an over the back foul on PSU.
One thing we haven't seen again is the Badgers being able to draw fouls.
JBo misses a three and Mike B. fouls over the back.
Edwards travels and it isn't called and he hits a runner.
Trevon misses a finger roll and then fouls. The Badgers are standing around to much on offense.
A Battle three rims out.
JBo draws a foul away from the ball. Badgers working the swing and JBo misses a jumper and his shooting is clearly off for a second straight game.
PSU hits an early easy jumper.
Hughes drives and gets the finger roll to go down.
Battle posts up and gets an easy 2.
Hughes misses a three and the Badgers foul on the rebound.
Timeout: Badger Score 20 PSU 33
(the Badgers are in all sorts of problems in this game even more than their disaster against Michigan, in particular their defense has been the worst of the year. Bo Ryan has tried to get things turned around with new players but Evans,Wilson and Mike B. have provided little positive impact as of yet.)
PSU fouls on a moving screen, their fourth foul.
JBo is 1-7 from the field, Jarmusz still out. Jbo finally hits the three.
PSU gets called for another moving screen.
Nankivil gets the jumper, this one a little closer. Badgers on a 7-2 run.
PSU timeout Badger Score 25 PSU 33
Just over a minute left and the Badgers need stops to get this close going into halftime.
PSU working slowly on offense, PSU misses and the Badgers get the board after a scrum.
Wilson slips and the Badgers don't get a shot off.

Badgers have all sorts of problems in the first half, on offense they aren't moving the ball well against the zone and on defense they are giving up easy looks. The Badgers aren't rebounding either with only 7 boards to Penn States 16. Penn State is also shooting 60% from the field and 66.7% from three point land due to all the open looks. Bo Ryan the fans and the players really have to be disappointed with that half as you can't like the intensity or effort in any part of the game. For the Badgers Trevon has 9 points on 3 of 9 shooting as he settled for tough shots, Nankivil has been a lone bright spot with 8 points on 4 of 4 shooting, Jbo has 6 points on 2 of 8 shooting and Wilson has 2 points. Once again in the first half the Badgers couldn't attack and get to the foul line as they only had 2 free throws in the half, which isn't Badger basketball. One bright spot you can find if you are the Badgers is that they did force 6 turnovers including getting 4 steals and 3 blocks, but overall the defense has been the worst of the year. The good news for the Badgers is that you would think they couldn't play that bad in all areas of the game again in the second half, and PSU even wide open won't shoot over 60% again from three point range. Battle and Jackson lead PSU with 15 and 8 points. PSU on the year is last in shooting percentage at 40%.

Second Half
Lets see if the Badgers with some effort on both ends of the court can get back into this game.
PSU throws it out of bounds.
Hughes takes a quick shot and it is off and PSU the other way.
PSU gets it down low to Jackson and he is fouled.
Jackson hits both foul shots.
PSU back in a 2 3 zone. Nankivil short on the field goal and nobody to rebound.
Battle shoots up an air ball from deep.
Taylor way off on an open 3, lots of air no rim.
Jarmusz forces a turnover, they work it down low to Jarmusz and he forces a foul. Jarmusz hits both foul shots.
JBo with a block out of nowhere, that was a heck of a block.
Badgers work it well on offense but Jarmusz misses the open 3. The crowd was ready to erupt and that would have helped.
The Badgers foul the three point shooter and he hits plus one and that is a killer sequense.
Taylor with the miss and Nankivil on the monster slam on the rebound.
PSU misses a quick 3.
Taylor draws and is fouled, nice to see him draw the foul. The Badgers are still just shooting 35% from the field and 18.8% from three point range.
Badger Score 29 PSU 39
Taylor hits both foul shots, Badgers down 8.
PSU gets a tough runner to go down by Edwards.
Badgers work the ball well but Hughes misses a tough 3.
PSU hits a quick open 3, and they are back up 13.
PSU gets an open jump shot and the Badgers are down 15.
Badger Score 31 PSU 46
The Badgers haven't corrected any of their problems in the second half and are now down very big. The lone bright spot is better penetration to the hoop but it isn't resulting in points. The main problem is that the Badgers are giving up way to easy of buckets.
JBo hits the three to get the Badgers back a little closer.
PSU gets 2 down low as they got the offensive rebound.
The Badgers 3 rims in and out.
Hughes gets the steal and layup the other way.
PSU with another miss but Badgers can't get the rebound again.
An easy two down low for PSU.
JBo with a quick three is short.
PSU with a quick miss but again they get the rebound back.
Badger Score 36 PSU 50
(in order for the Badgers to win this game they would have to play this game entirely differently than the first 30 minutes, can't see that happening at this point.)
Evans in the game now. Badgers get a block. Taylor shoots up a quick air ball from three and Jarmusz can't control the board.
PSU gets an easy 2 down low.
Evans gets blocked on the jumper. Hughes hits a three from the corner.
Evans gets called for a foul on a reach in down low.
On the inbound JBo with the steal and layup.
Crowd into it a little and PSU with the timeout. 5-0 Badger run.
Badger Score 41 PSU 52
Crowd back into it after the timeout. Another Badger block and JBo gets fouled going the other way.
Trevon shoots a quick 3 and hits.
Jbo steals the ball, Battle fouls Jbo on the dribble. Crowd is roaring now.
Wilson hits the open 3 from the corner after some great ball movement 11-0 run.
Battle turns it over on the drive to the hoop.
Nankivil hits the jumper from the wing. 13-0 run timeout PSU as the crowd explodes.
Badger Score 49 - PSU 52
(Badgers have stormed back in a hurry with great defense and better ball movement and shots going down.)
The crowd is still on their feet, PSU miss down low Badgers on the boards.
PSU in a man defense now, Bo calls timeout.
Badgers working the swing, get a 2.
Badgers force another turnover, Wilson misses an open three.
Battle gets the runner to go.
Clock is winding down and Hughes misses a tough 3, you have to get better looks.
Battle misses down low.
Taylor misses an open 3, and he is just really off with his shooting the last week or so.
Battle hits a tough shot inside, Badgers need to get him under control.
Hughes misses a three and Wilson can't get the put back to go.
Badgers let Battle gets another jump shot.
Timeout: Badger score 51 PSU 58
(it looked like the Badgers were really going to get control of this game but a couple of open misses and then on the other end Battle has taken over to get PSU back up 7. Badgers need stops in a big way now. One of the Badgers problems over the last minute is that they started settling for threes again.)
Nankivil short on the three, JBo off on the three but Nankivil gets the rebound and is fouled. Nankivil makes only one of 2 foul shots.
Hughes with a quick foul in the back court on the dribble, not on purpose.
PSU working clock now, Badgers get a block again.
Taylor misses the runner and Badgers can't control the board.
PSU gets a dunk down low, and Badgers are in a lot of trouble.
Taylor hits a three. 1:47 left in the game.
Badgers will pres the inbound, PSU breaks, Hughes gets called for a blocking call his fourth.
Nice pass down low, but PSU walks.
Taylor hits an open 3 after some good ball movement. Taylor has struggled in this game but a couple of clutch threes have gotten the Badgers close.
PSU timeout Badger score 63 PSU 65, 57 seconds left.
Badgers need to force another PSU turnover, PSU has 14 in the game.
Crowd on their feet. Badgers have the arrow.
PSU inbounds at mid court. Scrum for the ball and PSU gets called for a travel on a rebound.
Badgers tie with a great hard drive to the hoop.
Badgers force over time as the Battle three is off.

End of regulation.
How about Taylor on his determination to score on the drive to the hoop, that was an Alondo Tucker type of play with his muscle and extreme determination. The Badgers have played much better in the last ten minutes clawing back from being 15 down, so you have to like their chances in the over time. Defense is the key the Badgers really increased the defense intensity and it worked.

Badgers have it to start and really work the swing, Hughes gets fouled on the drive to the hoop.
Hughes hits 2 foul shots to give the Badgers the first lead in forever. Badgers on an 11-2 run.
A crazy pass by Battle ends up in a turnover eventually after a lot of pinball.
Badgers work the swing and find Taylor and he knocks down another 3.
Taylor with a steal and he lays it in. Taylor has completely turned this game around.
PSU hits some foul shots.
Taylor hits again.
PSU hits a fade away.
Wilson is off on a three but Taylor steals the ball off the rebound.
Hughes hits a three with the clock running out fall away and the foul. WOW, WOW, WOW. Hughes hits the foul shot but it turned out the shot was only a 2 with his foot on the line.
Battle hits a three.
Taylor hits one of 2 foul shots.
PSU misses a three and JBo will go to the line.
JBo with 2 foul shots now has 1001 Badger points congrats to JBo.
Battle heaves a brick from thee.
Badgers hit two foul shots.
PSU can't hit and Battle fouls out, Taylor hits 2 foul shots.
PSU hits a three and that is it.

Badger Fast Break Game Thoughts:
This win was all about Jordan Taylor coming to life as he almost single handedly won the game by getting the shots to get it tied and doing the work to run out to the lead in the overtime. Jordan Taylor with his killer instinct in crunch time looked a lot like Alando Tucker in particular on his strong drive to the hoop to tie the game in regulation. It wasn't just that drive as Taylor hit huge threes had a couple of big steals, hit jump shots, runners, and made his free throws down the stretch. What more can you say about his performance but this is the type of performance that makes you think someday he will be a Big Ten player of the year candidate. This was a poor game for the Badgers, but give them credit for upping the intensity with ten minutes to go and snatching a win from sure defeat. Besides Taylor give credit to all the guys that were on the court as they really battled Battle for the win. Taylor had 20 points most coming with only 3 minutes or less left in regulation, Trevon had 22, Nankivil had 17,Jbo with 13,Wilson 5 points, Jarmusz with 2. Special shout out also to Nankivil with his 17 points and intensity on both ends of the court, he supposedly was the first player on the court shooting jumpers and it worked as he was 7 of 9 from the field.


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