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Wisconsin-Michigan Score,Live blog

Wisconsin vs Michigan
Badger Score vs Wolverines 54-48 Final

Recap / Game thoughts at the bottom.

Badgers Live Game Blog:
Badgers lose the tip, but Michigan's first shot from Sims rims out.
Badgers student section has the chants going early.
An open 3 from Jbo is no good with nobody in position to rebound.
Nankivil falls in the paint trying to draw a foul and Sims gets an easy 2.
Badgers and Michigan trade misses.
Jarmusz way off on a three.
Lucas Perry loses Jbo and hits a long 2.
Badgers get Taylor an open 3 and its off, and again no chance at the rebound.
Novak with a nice move on Taylor but can't finish.
Jbo off on an open 3.
Harris with a miss.
Trevon and Jarmusz both miss good three point attempts.
Lucas Perry turns it over with a bad pass.
Nankivil turns around and misses the jumper.
Badgers not working for good enough shots down low.
Nice pass down low to Sims and an easy layup.
Trevon with a bad pass turns it over but Michigan can't get the layup to go down.
Bo wants a timeout as the Badgers are way off early.
Badger score 0 - Michigan 6
Badgers need better ball movement and Jbo turns it over on the dribble.
Evans in now guarding Harris.
Douglas misses a three.
Nice pass from JBo to Mike B. for a nice easy 2.
Sims works on Mike B. down low and Mike wins this battle.
Trevon with a miss from 3 and no chance on the boards.
Nice pass to Sims and they beat Mike this time.
Trevon pulls up and misses inside the paint.
Michigan misses down low.
The Badgers get Mike B. an open 3 and he misses and the long miss turns into an easy layup.
Trevon can't hit down low.
Manny Harris hits a wide open 3.
Jbo drives and draws a blocking foul the first foul of the game.
Badger Score 2 Wolverines 13 Timeout on the floor.
(the story right now is that the Badgers are missing open shots from 3, but they are settling for threes as they haven't been able to go down low. Mike B. has the only shot to go down and that was inside of 5 feet of the hoop. On the other end the offensive woes have led to some Michigan fast break points, and overall it looks like the offensive frustration is carrying over to defense now with weaker defense than normal.)
Jbo hits the first free throw and misses the second.
Gibson travels down low, the Badgers need points now.
Sims is out so this is a nice time to score.
Hughes in the paint throws up a prayer hits and the foul. Hughes misses the free throw.
Badger Score 5 Wolverines 13
On the Michigan miss they foul on the rebound.
Nankivil works a little for a shot squares up and hits a mid range shot.
Wolverines turn it over on a bad pass down low.
Taylor can't hit on the runner, and he just looks off tonight. Taylor fouls on the rebound.
Sims beats Nankivil down low and scores an easy 2.
Nankivil answers on the other end with a 3 and that gets the crowd back in the game.
Badgers working hard on defense force an out of bounds.
Timeout on the court. Badgers on an 8 to 2 run.
Badger Score 10 Michigan 15
Sims hits a fall away with the clock going down, nice shot.
Rob Wilson passes on a three for a two but misses that as well.
Badgers foul on the Wolverine drive to the hoop. Morris hits one of two foul shots. Badgers give up the rebound on the foul shot, Badgers then foul on the rebound. Nice block from Hughes on the weak side d.
Nankivil misses a straight on open 3, it was close though.
Michigan brick but Taylor fouls on the rebound his second.
Perry hits the open 3 and the Badgers are down big again.
Badger Score 10 Michigan 21
Badgers not working the swing well. Jbo forces a shot Nankivil keeps the rebound alive and Wilson lays it in.
Nice Badger defense forces a tough Sims shot.
Bad pass by Trevon to Nankivil leads to a turnover.
Novak with a miss from 3.
Hughes drives and is fouled.
Badgers inbound, Trevon with another bad pass and lucky to keep it. Evans pulls up with the shot clock going down and hits. Bad ball movement.
Douglas misses an open 3.
Badgers run and JBo pulls up and hits. Badgers down 5.
Perry has to throw up a bad shot.
Hughes misses down low.
Nice defense forces a turnover on the pass.
Badgers turn it over on the dribble.
Evans almost picks off a pass. Novak travels outside.
Badgers get a shot at the least points of the half.
Michigan uses one of their 2 fouls to give.
Hughes with a hanging jumper and he hits.
Badgers end on an 8-0 run, so that is something to feel good about going into the locker room.

The Badgers missed 1 of 13 shots to start the game but after that shot 6 of 11 to finish the half shooting only 32%. The Badgers still look lost on offense as they aren't working the swing that well, that said Michigan is giving them open jump shots and three looks. The offense did get more patient as the half went on. Another negative note for the Badgers is they still aren't drawing fouls, which Badger basketball usually relies on for wins. Jordan Taylor is having a off day as he has missed open jumpers and fairly easy runners. The Badgers have played well on defense with most of Michigan's points coming from Sims and fast break chances off of Badger bricks.

Second Half
Badgers start out with the ball and Trevon drives and draws a foul.
Taylor shoots up a brick, bad shot selection.
Nankivil gets beat again by Sims, Nankivil with the foul.
Sims misses the first makes the second.
Jbo short on an open 3. Nankivil works on Sims and draws a foul on the shot. Nankivil hits 2.
Bad pass and Sims steps out of bounds.
Badgers with a chance to tie or take the lead.
Hughes working for a shot and misses, another bad shot selection. Sims steps out on the rebound.
Nankivil nice move on Sims but losses it on the way up.
Nice pass to Sims and a layup, that was a no look pass.
Taylor with another drive and a miss, and he just can't hit.
Sims hits a three and now the Badgers are now down big in a hurry again.
Jbo with a poor pass losses it. The Badgers offense is just not moving again.
Sims gets fouled down low. Sims misses the first hits the second.
Badger Score 20 Michigan 28
Taylor passes on a three and Hughes ends up hitting a three.
Jbo steals it from Harris on the drive.
Badgers still can't work down low. JBo misses from very deep, they need to work for better shots.
Evans now on Sims, Hughes fouls Sims helping out. Sims hits both foul shots
Badgers have again started out the half in poor fashion shooting 1 of 7.
Sims on the bench. Badgers with poor offense as Michigan starts to trap, Taylor hits the rim on a three with the clock going down and the Badgers get it back out of bounds. Nankivil misses the jumper.
Harris hits an open 3, Michigan is up 10.
Taylor drives a little and Evans is open and hits the jumper, it might be time to get Evans the ball as he looks on tonight.
Harris misses a three from the same spot he hit from.
Hughes shoots a brick of a three. Hughes rolls in a three on the second try.
Harris with another miss from 3, but the ball stays with Michigan.
Timeout: Badger score 28 Michigan 33
The Badgers have never had the lead in this game and you get the feeling they are going to have to go on a 8-0 run or so to get Michigan down and get them out of their comfort zone to win, they just can't keep playing from behind. The Badgers really might want to consider seeing if Evans has it tonight as clearly Taylor and others don't.
Badgers have had nice defense on Harris as he is 2 of 7 on the day.
Badgers tie it up, play called as a Michigan foul.
Hughes misses from three. Nankivil short on a three. Taylor misses on another runner.
Bad Michigan pass and a turnover.
Hughes nice drive and hits the runner, Badgers down 3.
Hughes fouls Sims down low, his third.
Hughes doesn't close out quick enough and Michigan hits a three.
Hughes shot is short. Douglas hits a quick 3 and the Badgers are now down 9.
Timeout: Badger Score 30 - Wolverines 39
With just under ten minutes left in the game the Badgers really need to turn things around somehow now. The Badgers are 3 of 19 from three point range and 12 of 41 overall in a brutal shooting display. Taylor is 0-7.
Michigan trapping but Wilson hits a three from the corner, that was big.
Taylor fouls Sims on a rebound down low. Novak misses down low.
Nankivil misses an open 3, quick shot.
Nankivil draws a charge. Badgers need points now.
Timeout: Badger Score 33 - Wolverines 39
Taylor is on the bench now. Rob Wilson with a great drive and score. Wilson with 7 points.
Harris misses a jumper from the foul line.
Hughes fouled by Sims on the dribble.
Michigan takes a 30 second timeout.
(it really seems like the Badgers made a mistake today not seeing if Wilson and Evans could help out on offense today.)
Nice pass from Jbo down low and Wilson scores again, Badgers down 2.
Sims hits a fade away that quites the crowd.
Wilson off with a three but Nankivil lays it in, Badgers down 2.
Harris pulls up and hits that one.
Nankivil misses another open 3 he is 1 of 7 from three.
Harris misses the runner.
Hughes is fouled by Perry in the open court. Hughes hits both Badgers down 2.
Crowd into it, Perry misses a three and a foul by Michigan on the rebound.
Wilson at the line shooting 1 and 1, he hits both. Badgers have their first tie from when it was 0-0.
Timeout Badger Score 43 Michigan 43
(It should be pointed out that Jarmusz has had some nice defense to help the Badgers get back into it, and how about the contribution from Wilson as he has a career high. Badgers have 17 points off the bench now)
Michigan working for shots now, Harris shoots up an ugly shot with the clock going down. Jarmusz nice defense.
Hughes drives misses gets it back and hits a three. Nice Jarmusz back tap. Badgers have the lead.
Sims misses a three, why is he taking a three?
Nankivil now is passing on threes, good call as Hughes drives and lays it in. 17-4 run UW Badgers up 5.
Timeout Michigan: Badger Score 47 Michigan 43
Jarmusz fouls Harris on the drive to the hoop, Jarmusz got a little tripped up.
Sims offensive foul as Nankivil draws the contact down low. Sims with 4 fouls.
Jarmusz with nice defense again. JBo misses an open 3 which could have been a dagger.
Novak misses an open jumper, just rims out.
Nice pass down low to Wilson, Wilson does a good job of taking it up and gets Sims to foul out. Nice ball fake by Wilson. Wilson hits 2 big foul shots.
Harris travels and it doesn't get called and he scores and the foul by Jarmusz. Harris hits it. Badgers up 3 38.2 left. That was huge and Harris got away with a NBA drive to the hoop on that one.
Hughes gets fouled and is shooting 2, he hits both. 51-46.
Harris misses from three, Nankivil gets the long board and will go to the line shooting 2.
Nankivil misses the first, hits the second.
Novak misses, Jarmusz misses a steal and picks up a tough foul. Jarmusz gets a nice ovation Michigan hits both foul shots.
Badgers get the ball in and Taylor gets fouled, not really who you want at the line with the game he is having. Taylor hits 2 his first points of the game.
Trevon strips it and that is it.

Fast Break Thoughts:
The Badgers really played solid defense in the second half in particular Jarmusz. The Wolverines bench hasn't been good all year but once again the Badgers bench helped spark this team to victory as Rob Wilson had a career game with 13 points and 4 rebounds. Rob really looked good on offense in this game as he did it a variety of ways with a three from the corner a sweet drive to the hoop and silky smooth foul shots (he also showed nice hands receiving the pass down low). It is interesting to note that after the game Trevon got asked in the interview about WIlson and he said it is about time as he shows it in practice all the time.

In addition the Badgers went away from Evans in the game which probably was a mistake as he looked like he was on as he hit 2 of his 3 shots. I really think the Badgers should have tried to see if the bench players could shoot earlier in the game as Taylor,Jbo and Nankivil didn't have it tonight, and both Wilson and Evans looked good. Once again the bench is proving why the Badger program will be a force now and into the future. Also Trevon really came up huge in the second half with some big threes and solid drives to the hoop. One thing the Badgers will have to think about for the next game if Taylor would be best used coming off the bench again as he is really forcing things while starting. The Badgers shot 16.7% from three in this game and they shot and missed a lot 4-22 (they were a lot of open looks in there as well), it is great to get a win out of this game. One more thing to point out is the Badgers finally started to get to the foul line again in the second half, which they need to do to win.

Jump around! the Badgers got a gutsy win on a brutal shooting night.


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