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UW Badger Score / Live Blog / Recap: Wisconsin vs Purdue

UW Badger Basketball
Wisconsin vs Purdue
Badger - Boilermaker Score 73-66 Final

See the Badger game recap article as well.

Live Badger Game Blog:
Badgers win the tip and run the swing all the way down to 4 seconds, Trevon does a good job of drawing a foul and hits both shots.
Trevon drains a three with the clock running out.
A Purdue three rims out.
Jarmusz almost hits an open 3 after good ball movement, good aggresiveness on the rebound gets the Badgers the ball.
JBo hits an open 3, jump around 8-0.
Badger Score 8 Purdue 0
Purdue gets fouled down low after the Badgers give a long rebound on a three. Purdue misses both free throws.
Leuer misses a turn around down low.
Foul on Jarmusz down low, Taylor in for him Evans in as well.
Evans on Hubbel. Purdue banks home an ugly bucket.
Nankivil misses an early three.
Hughes called for a foul down low on Johnson. Evans out quickly.
Both teams substituting a lot.
Purdue hits 1 of 2 foul shots.
Leuer short on a long 3 with the clock winding down, Purdue really extended their defense on that trip down the court.
Purdue is denying on the Badgers down low just like MSU did this has to change.
Timeout on the floor: Badger Score 8 - Purdue 3
Nankivil fouled for a block down low, Kramer at the line hits 1 of 2.
Nankivil out with 2 personal fouls.
Taylor on the dribble, Leuer misses a bunny.
Purdue drives and score, Barlow on that one.
JBo on a nice drive and score. First Badger points in a couple of minutes.
Barlow carries on a drive to the paint.
Hughes gets trapped and stripped, and then Trevon out of frustration commits his second foul and thats a big foul.
Hughes and Nankivil are both going to be on the bench for the rest of the half now.
Purdue with an offensive foul.
Taylor turns it over on a 5 second count. Officials working hard early.
Badgers working hard on defense but Moore turns the corner drives scores and gets fouled, foul shot no good.
Badger Score 10 - Purdue 8
Badgers working the ball outside. Leuer off on the jumper.
Moore travels going the other way.
Foul off the ball on Hummel. Hummel was fighting Evans down low.
Jordan Taylor's jumper rims in and out.
Johnson hits a deep 2.
Johnson fouls Leuer on the other end.
Timeout on the court: Badger Score 10 - Purdue 10
Badgers are having a real difficult time getting passes to the paint in this game, and with Nankivil out early it doesn't figure to get easier. Purdue would have a very large lead right now if they hit their foul shots.
Badgers already have 7 team fouls, most coming off the dribble.
Purdue steals the bounce pass.
Easy drive to the hoop for an easy 2, they are on a 12 - 2 run.
JBo misses an open 3, and JBo fouls out of frustration after the rebound.
Purdue shooting 1 and 1 at the 10 minute mark and this is getting very ugly for the Badgers.
Hummel hits 2 foul shots.
Wilson looks like he has an easy shot and then gets blocked down low, then he fouls on the other end.
Purdue misses the front end of the 1 and 1.
Leuer can't hit on the turn around down low, very hard shot over Johnson.
Moore fouls on the rebound. Moore picks up another quick foul on a hold.
Badgers finally work the swing and Jbo hits an easy 2.
Nice bank shot by Johnson.
Leuer very short on a long jump shot. Badgers are getting no offensive rebounds.
Rob Wilson on a steal.
Jarmusz throws up a dreadful shot.
Purdue with a quick miss.
Jbo misses on the drive, out of bounds to the Badgers.
Timeout on the court: Badger Score 12 Purdue 16
Badgers are shooting an incredible 23% from the field, they are very lucky to not be down 20 points right now.
Jarmusz misses a wide open 3, nice ball movement though.
Purdue's Bade fouls two Badgers at once, very impressive.
Jason Bohannon at the line shooting 1 and 1, hits both.
Crowd trying to get in the game.
Hummel gets an easy jumper.
Only 2 Badgers have scored for the Badgers JBo and Hughes and Hughes went out with foul trouble at the 7 minute mark.
Taylor draws a foul on the dribble penetration. Taylor hits both.
Badger Score 16 Purdue 18
Leuer gets a nice rebound and travels coming down with it.
Evans fouls on a Hummel up fake. Hummel hits both foul shots.
Mike B. in for Evans.
Taylor nice pull up jumper, Badgers doing a good job of trading baskets now they need a stop.
Purdue jumper short, Badger rebound.
Taylor drives shoots, and a goal tending call.
Badger score 20 Purdue 20
Taylor commits a bad foul being to aggressive on the baseline.
Purdue hits 1 of 2.
Leuer with an air ball, Mike B with a nice rebound and Taylor hits an open 3.
Crowd in the game now.
Leuer with poor defense gives Hummel an easy 2.
Taylor drives and gets fouled again.
Timeout on the floor: Badger Score 23 Purdue 23
Taylor has really put the team on his back over the last couple of minutes, keeping them in this game with dribble penetration.
Taylor misses the front end of the 1 and 1.
Nice Badger defense and Mike B. did a great job on the set.
Badgers run the clock all the way down, Taylor shoots a 3 air ball ball out of bounds to UW with 2 seconds on the clock. Badgers are really looking to drive every trip now, it was Jbo who clearly was supposed to drive to the hoop and did.
Badgers can't get off a shot on the in bounds.
Wilson with a great steal but can't control trying to run the court.
Mike B. clears the boards and he is playing well.
Leuer way off on his shot down low, and his shots have been brutal today.
Mike B. gets fouled on the rebound, he has 4 rebounds in 4 minutes.
Mike B. hits 1 of 2.
Badgers playing good defense, Mike B. with a good seal off gets the Badgers another rebound.
Taylor drives again and is fouled. Taylor hits both he has 11 points in the first half.
Mike B. clears another board on the Hummel miss.
Mike B. misses an open 3, Wilson comes in for a great rebound and an awesome reverse layup.
Wilson inadvertently hits Hummel celebrating his big play.
The officials have spent a lot of time looking at the rebound and Bo is hot now, they are calling an intentional foul on this in what should be sent to the Big Ten and NCAA officiating offices for review and the officials should be suspended for at least one games. This is the most glaring wrong call you will ever see in basketball, as the referees took the game into their own hands.
Purdue makes both foul shots and a layup for the 4 point play.
Jordan Taylor shoots and scores.
Kramer hits a bank shot over Mike B. with the clock running down.
Badger Score 30 Purdue 29

End of the First Half

The officials clearly think they are the stars of this game and should be suspended on their clear disregard for the game after they review the celebration by Wilson and call an intentional foul. Wilson raised his arm in celebration after making the big shot and Hummel happened to be there, you see this all the time and the officials thought an innocent celebration that they needed to look at a replay of for 3 minutes was an intentional foul. The Badgers star of the half is Jordan Taylor who has 13 points most off of dribble penetration. Jon Leuer has had an awful game from the field going 0-8 from the field, he might have hurt his hand early in the game though on a fall to the floor. Trevon Hughes went out of the game with 2 fouls after only 7 minutes of play, he was hot early getting the Badgers out to an 8-0 lead but after he left the Badgers offense left until Taylor took the game over. The Badgers got a huge boost from their bench with Hughes and Nankivil out of much of the half, Mike B. in particular gave them a huge boost with 5 rebound and they should leave him in because they need the boards. The Badgers shot 33% from the field and 30% from three in the half. Purdue has been getting easy shots in this game and is shooting 43%, Purdue would be winning if they shot over 56% from the free throw line.
Bench scoring 16-3 Badgers.
Second Half
Purdue turns it over after good Jarmusz defense.
Foul on Grant his 3rd.
Jbo hits a long 2, off balance shot but it goes down.
Purdue drives and scores down low.
Nankivil misses an open straight away three, he didn't set.
Purdue misses an early rushed three.
Hughes squares and hits on the jumper, that was early in the clock.
Johnson blocked by Jbo. Great block by Jbo.
Hummel fouls on the steal attempt.
Kramer gets called for the foul on the strip.
Nankivil working very hard, 1 shot 2 shots and then a thundering dunk!!!
Timeout Purdue: Badger Score 36 - Purdue 32
Nice Badger defense on the pass down low and the ping pong basketball goes out of bounds to Purdue.
Kramer can't hit the runner.
Hummel pushes Leuer down low his third foul.
Hummel out of the game, Badgers really working the swing. Hughes hits from 3.
Johnson draws a foul down low on Nankivil and he will be going out of the game.
Timeout on the floor: Badger Score 39-31
Purdue misses both foul shots.
Good ball movement but it ends up in Evans hands and they have to reset. JBo hits from 3.
Johnson hits a 2.
Badger Score 42 - Purdue 33
Leuer with a great pass to Evans down low and he catches lays it in and is fouled, he hits the free throw. Badgers up 12
Quick Purdue 3 is off.
Badger really working the swing now and Evans gets an easy jump shot for 2 more.
Purdue calls a very quick timeout as the Badgers are now up 14.
Badger Score 44 - Purdue 33
The crowd is rocking now, hopefully they keep it up.
Great defense forces another turnover.
Jbo misses an open 3 that stops the Kohl Center from erupting.
Purdue has to work hard but a great pass down low gets 2 by Moore and a foul. 3 point play.
Leuer is off on another jumper.
Hummel is pushed by Evans, his second.
Leuer coming out of the game 0-9 from the field, Nankivil in.
Nice D down low forces another turnover.
Evans gets an open jumper, and it is good.
Taylor called for a foul defending the post. That was a mismatch.
Purdue hits 1 of 2.
Purdue extending the defense.
Evans with a great drive to the hoop but he misses the layup.
Hummel out of control and they get Nankivil for his fourth foul. Leuer in.
Jarmusz gives up to much room and Moore hits a 3.
Leuer finally hits a jumper.
Leuer blocks Kramer on the drive.
Grant with a foul.
Timeout on the floor: Badger Score 53 Purdue 44
(The Badgers have been getting great play from the bench, in the first half it was Taylor and Mike B., in the second half Evans is playing well with 7 points and a lot of hustle. Badger bench 24, Purdue 3)
Leuer makes a move outside and there is a foul on Barlow.
Jarmusz misses the front end of a 1 and 1.
Barlow with a nice shot in the paint. Badgers up 9.
Nice drive and a layup by Jbo.
Leuer hold Johnson on a lob down low.
Hummel can't hit a wild shot down low.
JBo shoots an open 3 to quick and it is way off.
Kramer with a tough runner is good.
Leuer posts up and scores.
Barlow with a nice move to the hoop and scores.
Badgers loose with the ball and Purdue touches it last out of bounds.
Taylor drives and gets Evans an open shot which rims out. Badgers get the ball back out of bounds.
Taylor tips in a Leuer miss.
Hummel misses a long 2, 7 minutes left in the game.
Badgers loose the ball but it is out of bounds to the Badgers, lucky break.
Leuer with a deep open 3 is off.
Bank shot on the Purdue runner is good.
Taylor with a great drive to the hoop and layup.
Hummel shoots an air ball from 3, he was open by 15 feet.
Taylor with a 3, and he has a career high 19 points.
Purdue misses a quick shot, and the Badgers go the other way.
Taylor just misses on the runner, and Hughes fouls on the rebound. 1 and 1 foul shots.
Purdue hits both foul shots.
Smith fouls Jbo on the dribble. 1 and 1 JBo. He hits both and has 18 points.
Smith hits a pull up shot.
Leuer travels backing it in.
Timeout on the floor: Badger Score 63 Purdue 52
Purdue misses a foul shot but gets the rebound and Moore hits a big 3. Badgers up 8.
Badgers working clock now. Taylor misses a 3 short, Badgers get the held ball on the rebound attempt.
Leuer is blocked on what looked like an easy dunk, Johnson comes over quickly.
Ball out of bounds to the Badgers. Wilson in for Evans. Jarmusz hits the heal of the rim on a 3.
Johnson can't hit over Leuer.
Leuer misses another open 3, why is he still shooting? Leuer that was a big mistake.
Badgers get a block on the drive to the hoop.
Moore hits a 3 from the corner and the Badger lead is only 6.
Badger Score 63 - Purdue 57
Purdue full court press and Taylor is fouled. Taylor on the 1 and 1 hits both.
Kramer on a crazy drive looses the ball, Kramer fouls going the other way.
Badgers hit both
Moore turns the corner, and the Badgers let him score.
Badgers break the press, Jbo dribbling the clock away and is fouled. 45 seconds left.
Jbo hits both Badgers up 10. JBo with 20 points
Moore can't hit from the paint. Fans on their feet.
Taylor misses both foul shots.
Moore on the dunk.
Hughes throws it long on the in bounds and it wasn't even touched. Very bad play.
Purdue with another easy 2 down low.
Hughes hits them both.
Badgers full court pressure, Hummel hits a bank 3, 10.7 seconds left. Badgers up 5.
Badgers have trouble inbounding but get it in, and Hughes is fouled. 10.1 seconds.
Hughes hits both foul shots.
Badgers steal the ball and that is it, jump around.

UW Badger Basketball Fast Break Recap:
The Badgers bench comes up big again for the Badgers and clearly outplays the opponents bench for the third time out of 4 Big Ten games. Again for those of you who think the Badgers talent is going down compared to the rest of the Big Ten, their young bench play would say otherwise. The Badgers bench was led in scoring by Taylor of course with 23 points (career high) mostly on dribble penetration. Taylor's penetration opened up the whole rest of the offense for the rest of the team, otherwise the Badgers are looking at an ugly loss. While Taylor put up the sexy scoring numbers, true freshman Mike B. did a heck of a job on defense in the first half on defense keeping the Badgers in the game with the bigs in foul trouble. Mike B. picked up 5 rebounds on great defense and positioning. If it was a stat Mike B. would be even credited with a rebound assist on a great seal off. Ryan Evans (7 points) didn't have his best first half, but had a great start to the second half as his hustle and 7 points early in the second half were the key to the Badgers running out to a lead.

Go to the recap article for the rest of the thoughts from this game!

Jump Around!


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