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Wisconsin - Miami Score,Live Blog

Wisconsin - Miami Champs Sports Bowl
Wisconsin - Miami Score 20-14

Badger Live Blog:

Miami 1st Drive
Miami gets the kickoff to start the game and reverses the ball at the 15 and takes it all the way into the end zone. Block in the back penalty brings the ball back to the Badgers 15.
Miami runs wide left for a 15 yard touchdown, and the Badgers started out this game in the worse possible way.
(What was maybe most disappointing is that the defense let Miami walk in on the first play)

Badger Score 0 - Miami Score 7

Wisconsin 1st Drive
Well the Badgers are going to need a good first drive as Miami has all momentum and could make this game get out of hand early if something bad happens on the first drive.
Gilreath Brings the kickoff to the 23.
Clay runs left and finds room for 6 yards.
Clay with a nice run up the middle, he keeps the feet pumping and gets 4.
Clay up the middle gets 3.
Tolzien throws to Graham for 6.
Clay runs right for the first down.
Gabe Carimi is on the field and they are checking his knee, this isn't good as the Badgers need him and he has an NFL payday coming.
Gabe limps off which given the circumstances is a good sign.
Clay plows for 3.
The blitz gets to Clay in the backfield.
Tolzien takes an awful sack as he had all day and didn't throw the ball away.
Brad N. gets off a 57 yard punt with no return, great punt.
(Miami really put the Badgers in a bad spot with their successful run blitz which pushed the Badgers into a long passing situation on their second drop back play)

Miami 2nd Drive
Miami to start at the 6.
Miami runs up the middle for 8 and that can't happen again.
Miami tries a double pass which is broken up, and it looks like Miami doesn't respect the Badgers coaching.
Miami tries to run outside and JJ Watt blows it up. Not sure what Miami was thinking, but that shows clear disrespect to Big Ten football.
Miami false start, and they are punting from the back of the end zone.
Gilreath runs up for the fair catch at the 40. That punt barely got off after a bad snap.

Badgers 2nd Drive
The Badgers go play action pass and Tolzien finds Kendricks wide open along the sidelines and he runs all the way inside the 5.
Clay up the middle for a yard.
I would look for Clay running outside, Miami won't be expecting it.
Clay does a great job of waiting for his block seal on the edge and runs it outside for the TD.
(Clay looks to heavy in this game but he is already showing his experience in finding the hole)

Badger Score 7 - Miami Score 7

Miami 3rd Drive
Slightly better kickoff coverage as the Badgers stuff them cold at the 20.
JJ Watt bats down the first down pass.
2 yards on the Miami run up the middle.
Boreland where are you? The Badgers flush the keeper and he doesn't pick up the first down.
Miami punt coming. Gilreath fair catch at their 35.

Wisconsin 3rd Drive
Carimi back in the game.
Clay hits a quick hole on the left side for 9.
Run blitz hits Clay in the backfield again, Clay should have recognized and just plowed straight ahead.
Personal foul after the play on Kraig Appleton and that is a huge freshman mistake. He shoved the CB after the play after being provoked.
Shovel pass to Brown gets 9, to short and Appleton destroyed that drive.
Punt is returned from the 15, and the Badgers didn't cover well and it is returned to the 20.

Miami 4th Drive
Miami from their 20.
Short pass gets 12 after poor tackling up the middle of the field.
End around and the Badgers almost blew it up in the backfield but whiffed. Boreland stops the play after 3 yards.
Blitz doesn't get their and Miami picks up a first down on the very quick pass. Nice play by the QB.
Miami runner moves a lot laterally along the line and goes for 0 yards.
Miami Timeout - 1 minute in the first quarter Miami on their 44.
Miami QB has all day due to monster holding and hits the first down pass. Not sure what the referees are watching. Ball on the Badgers 40.
Miami up the middle for 3.
Badgers could really use a sack.
QB takes off and picks up 4.

2nd Quarter
To much time to pass and the QB finds a wide open receiver but it goes incomplete.
Miami going on 4th and 5, and again no respect. Badgers get a little more pressure and incomplete pass. Ball turned over.

Wisconsin 4th Drive
Clay has a great cut, goes for 5 and fumbles. Miami ball. Clay fumbled after he hits the ground football/elbow first, this might be overturned.
Clay was ruled down.
Ball in the game and gets the carry for 5.
Tolzien with a nice pass up the sideline for a 20 yard gain. Miami's talking on the sideline after the play has no place in college football.
Tolzien hangs in the pocket with the pressure coming and hits Toon on a great throw and catch but one step out of bounds. Great throw and catch none the less.
(BB should have maybe taken a flier and have that reviewed.)
Ball attacking the middle for 3 or 4.
Tolzien's pass gets batted and intercepted at the line.
(For those of you listening to the EPSN announcers they are doing the most biased awful coverage you can come by, they just went to commercial saying Tolzien had some really bad passes on that drive. The last pass was a nice play by the Miami line and his waiting in the pocket to find Toon was a thing of beauty and would have been even for an NFL QB) After the commercial break they are still railing on Tolzien, what are they talking about a batted pass is hardly the worst interception.

Miami 5th Drive
Schofield gets a bit of a coverage sack.
Miami running back blown up for a 3 yard loss by Valai.
Another negative play for Miami and punt coming.
Punt fair catch by Gilreath.

Wisconsin 5th Drive
Tolzien forced to throw it away.
Clay makes a nice cut finds a monster hole and outruns "speedy Miami" for a big 45 yard gain.
Badgers on the 12, Clay gets a breather and Miami decides they would rather have Clay running again on first down and calls timeout.
Kendricks takes the hand off and doesn't gain the edge after some poor blocking.
Graham on a screen over the middle takes it all the way to the 3.
Clay back in on 3rd and 1. Clay untouched as he waited for and got a monster block by Turner on the edge. Turner just destroyed his man.
(That was just a great drive showing the national audience what Badger football is all about. The SEC school didn't look so talented on that drive, actually they looked like a D3 school trying to play with the big boys)

Badger Score 14 - Miami 7

Miami 6th Drive
On the kickoff the Badgers try a short high kick and it is returned to the 33.
The Badgers get a team sack as the first man missed and the QB had no idea on who would hit him next.
QB has time and hits a pass over the middle for 7. It is coming back after an illegal motion call.
Miami for 6 yards.
Miami goes hurry up and beats the Badgers for a 1st down, a UW timeout should have been called.
Miami runs for 4.
Miami runs again for 4, nice job of getting 4.
To much time to throw and Miami would have had a long pass completion but it is overthrown.
(The Miami QB is not in sync after the Badgers pressure at times.)
Punt is a fair catch at the 20, only a 30 yard punt.

Wisconsin 6th Drive
Ball in the backfield, does a nice job of getting 3.
Tolzien gets blitzed and finds Kendricks down the sidelines for 23.
Tolzien all day to throw to Toon for a big gainer, 20 yards on that play.
Badgers on the 35, Tolzien again gets time but can't hit Graham over the middle. That pass was actually a little to dangerous.
Ball does a good job of staying on his feet and picks up 15, holding call brings it back.
(the announcers are now making excuses for Miami because it is "cold" in Miami,50 at game time)
Badgers try a shovel pass to ball for maybe 4.
3rd and 10, Tolzien stays in on a heavy rush and hits Kendricks for a nice pass and catch.
John Clay catches a pass off the turf, nice catch by Clay over the middle he even had to lay out for it.
2nd and 5 at the 16. Miami blitzes and force a 3 yard loss.
Tolzien pass is incomplete over the middle after nice coverage. Very nice coverage.
Welch into kick a 37 yarder, perfect kick is good.
(Blast from the past as Donna Shalala is the speaker on Miami's commercial)

Wisconsin Score 17 - Miami 7

Miami 7th Drive
Welch squibs it and it doesn't work as the returner finds a whole and brings it to the 50.
The Miami kick returner planted wrong and his knee likely has major damage.
So Miami's number one tailback Cooper is out of the game.
With 7 seconds left the Miami QB feels pressure and takes off with it, not sure where he thought he was going with 50 yards to run.

End of the First Half

Halftime Thoughts:
The Badgers started off the game the worst game possible giving up a quick score after a very long kick return, but after that the Badgers clearly outplayed Miami. The Badgers got big plays from both Tolzien and Clay, and with that balance the Badgers look to have a pretty good chance to continue scoring on offense in the second half. The Badgers defense has played solid but not great, they have won the battle up front though and have the Miami QB hearing footsteps. The main problem that could hurt the Badgers in the first half is that the defense hasn't been getting to the QB on a consistent enough basis giving him all day to throw on some plays. The trick plays for Miami seem to be disrespect towards the Badgers coaching as they are relying on the Badgers players to not be disciplined. You could argue that the first trick on the kickoff worked but that was one heck of an athletic play by the runner. Clay with 89 yards in the first half.

Second Half

Wisconsin 1st Drive
Gilreath with a decent return to the 26, he made some good moves to get there.
Gilreath on the end a round gets just 1 as he just gets tripped up.
Clay attacks the middle for only 2, don't like the play calling to start out the half. Clay comes off limping.
Tolzien stays in until the last second and hits Kendricks for a first down. Kendricks is having a huge game.
Ball with a carry up the middle for 1.
Clay limping around on the sideline.
Ball taken down for a loss of 1. They faked an end around and it just took to long.
Carimi missed his block.
Badgers false start on big O.
The Badgers try a screen to Graham and it doesn't work.
Badgers to punt. Bad punt out of bounds at the 28.

Miami 1st Drive
Badgers almost get home on the QB and force an incomplete pass.
Harris the Miami QB is now battered.
Miami tries a shovel pass and Boreland blew it up, incomplete.
Boreland comes loose and forces the pass and it is overthrown.
Gilreath calls for fair catch, watches it bounce and then picks it up.

Wisconsin 2nd Drive
Ball runs outside for 5.
Ball gets a nice block and he runs for 25.
Badgers on the Miami 44.
Ball runs inside for a couple.
Tolzien hits Toon over the middle for 7.
Tolzien gets pressure that rushes his throw incomplete.
Welch to try a real long field goal. Badgers change their mind and the Punt rolls inside the 4.

Miami 2nd Drive
Miami airs it out on first down and connects on a big gain working on Brinkly, all the way to the UW 40.
2 yard run.
Inside hand off for a 1 yard loss, Boreland in on that one.
7 yard pass complete, on the hurry up offense.
Pass goes high over the middle incomplete.
Badgers take over on downs.

Wisconsin 3rd Drive
Ball for a couple.
Tolzien completes a first down to Graham.
John Clay back in and cuts for 3.
No gain on second down.
Tolzien finds Kendricks again over the middle for a first down.
Ball with a great run up the middle, did a good job of keeping his feet for 12 yards. Appleton gets called for block in the back though and it comes back. Another costly penalty by the freshman.
Run blitz gets home, 1 yard gain.
Tolzien another dart over the middle for 20 yards to Kendricks, just a great throw.

Fourth Quarter
Tolzien is having a great game so far as we go into the 4th quarter.
Ball dropped in the backfield on first down. Ball was running outside, to slow.
2nd and 14, Tolzien hits Graham in stride and he fumbles at the 4 into the end zone and Miami recovers. Graham was focused on scoring the touchdown and he was holding the football way to loose. (Perfect throw by Tolzien and a nice catch in traffic but Graham might have cost himself money with that fumble as the NFL will likely focus on it, that can't happen.)

Miami 3rd Drive
Miami on a delay run gets a couple, McFadden on the stop.
Pass batted down by JJ Watt again. That pass had no chance as Watt hit it with his forearm.
Boreland on a fantastic hustle play, he beats the lineman with a nice spin falls at the QB's ankles gets up and gets the sack still.
Punt is a fair catch at the Badgers 33.

Wisconsin 4th Drive
Clay working hard for 4 yards up the gut.
Clay dives for 4. Clay is finally over 100 yards.
Big third down play here to keep the clock rolling.
Timeout Miami just before the snap, Clay was going to be running.
Lets see if the Badgers are running Clay again.
Tolzien drops way back with two Miami players chasing him and throws a lofting strike to Gilreath for a big 30 yard gain. Penalty on Kendricks on procedure brings it all back.
Tolzien hits Graham over the middle for a first down. Graham puts both hands on the football this time.
Clay for only a yard up the middle.
Empty backfield, Tolzien goes way down the for field to long. That is one of Tolzien's few poor passes as that could have been 6.
Badgers at the Miami 44.
Ball on a shovel pass comes up 2 yards short of the first down.
Badgers are going to punt, great punt down at the 2.

Miami 4th Drive
Niles Brinkley gives up the edge when he could have had a stop for no gain, and the Brinkley gets Miami right back into the game with a personal foul on the hit out of bounds.
Badgers bring pressure and Stahle forces a fumble and Watt recovers.

Wisconsin 5th Drive
Clay with a quick burst for 7, one guy from housing it.
Clay with another quick run for 8 or 9.
Badgers at the Miami 30.
Clay just trying to protect the ball going up the middle gets 4.
Clay for 2 running inside on the right side of the line.
Tolzien on the keeper and needed one more block, 4th and 1.
Badgers are going for it. Badgers call timeout and change their minds and Welch kicks it through.
4 minutes left.

Badger Score 20 - Miami 7

Miami 6th Drive
Kickoff at the 2 and the returner meets Maragos at the 20. Maragos hurt on the play.
Short pass and Schofield with closing speed for the highlight reel.
Quick pass to the sidelines for 10 yards.
3:26 on the clock.
Shovel pass incomplete.
Miami was setting up a screen, gain of 1 and clock stoppage.
Incredible catch over the middle for 20 yards. The Miami receiver stuck one hand up and brought it in. Aaron Henry was waiting for the pick when he should have been blowing the play up.
Quick pass for another first down and out of bounds.
Quick pass for another first down.
Short pass over the middle for 5, McFadden on the stop. Miami timeout 1:27 on the clock.
Badgers need a sack. Touchdown pass to the right side.
(The Badgers stopped bringing pressure on the QB and he burned them, bad decision the Badgers should have kept bringing it.)

Badger Score 20 - Miami 14

Wisconsin 7th Drive
Onside kick coming, and it rebounds back towards Miami and the kicker recovers. Two Badgers had the best shot at it and they don't get it.

Miami 7th Drive
Miami starts from the 45 and Watt gets the sack.
Valai almost picks it off and third down coming up.
Maragos being out with an injury hurts the Badgers.
All day for the QB but the pass is incomplete on the sidelines.
4th and 14, pass goes incomplete and the Badgers dodge the bullet.
(Badgers brought more pressure on this drive and that is the difference.)

Wisconsin 8th Drive
This is the victory formation drive, for a great program win.

Jump Around a Big Badgers Win

Fast Thoughts:
This game got exciting at the end and that is a shame as the Badgers had this game in hand after the first 4 minutes of the game. The Badgers stopped rushing the QB on the second to last drive and gave up a TD and then failed to get the onside kick to force the excitement. Tolzien,Clay,Kendricks,Boreland,Watt all had a terrific game. Tolzien in particular was very sharp throughout the game and looked like he took the extra practice time to really grow more as a QB, I thought there would be a QB competition during the spring but after this game it isn't going to happen. Clay with another impressive game as he is so good at waiting for his blocks and bursting through the whole. Boreland again came up with impact plays, and JJ Watt had a fantastic game making plays all over.


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