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Wisconsin - Marquette Score, Live Blog

Wisconsin - Marquette
Kohl Center in Madison
Wisconsin - Marquette Score 72-63

Wisconsin Badger Basketball Live Blog:

Well the Badgers need a bounce back game as the team suffered the programs first loss to UW Green Bay earlier in the week. In that game the Badgers looked flat overall and Green Bay's defense really did a job when the Badgers ran the traditional swing offense. Wisconsin - Marquette is a rivalry that has really been heating up over the last five years, look for this to be a very hard fought game. The Badgers will be trying to avoid losing back to back games to in state rivals and avoid losing to Marquette for the third consecutive year, Marquette is one of only 5 non conference teams to beat the Badgers at home in the Ryan era.

Marquette is led by the senior forward Lazar Hayward who leads the team with 18.6 points per game, Bo Ryan actually coached Hayward at the University games so the Badgers will have a good scouting report on his skills in addition to playing him for the 4th time. A new local face will likely a long time in ex Memorial stand out Maymon.

Marquette wins the tip, Acker shoots a long 2 that hits the front of the rim.
Hughes drives and lays it in, as he has done often this year.
Penetration of the window is off for Marquette.
Badgers with a nice pass for a Jarmusz dunk on the fast break.
Another try off the window is off for Marquette.
Hughes travels on the drive, it is like he just forgot what he was doing.
Marquette uses a lot of clock and a double screen to get an open Acre three pointer.
Leuer gets fouled down low, nice aggressive move.
Look for Marquette to use a lot of screens as it realy worked for Green Bay.
Leuer hits both, Jarmusz on a steal down court.
Hughes working the dribble takes down the clock and Leuer rolls in a three.
Quick Marquette shot and an Acre miss.
Badgers working the swing.
Great cut and pass to Hughes he misses the bunny but Marquette gave up and an easy put back for the Badgers.
Marquette turns it over on the drive to the hoop.
Timeout on the floor
Badger Score 11 - Marquette 3
Marquette has looked really ragged so far with quick shots and the Badgers have been running their offense to perfection so far. Hopefully the Badgers can pad their lead a little bit more before Marquette breaks out of their funk.
Hughes has picked up where he left off, and Leuer is playing well. The surprise is the aggression that Jarmusz has been showing, he has been an early factor in this game.
Badgers working the swing, Evans in the game now out of the timeout.
Evans finds Leuer and Hayward fouls him.
Leuer this time with a nice pass down low to Evans and he is fouled.
Leuer out of the in bound just abuses Marquette for 2.
Marquette running a lot of clock, Leuer with the block. Marquette gets it back and they call Leuer with a foul with .001 seconds on the shot clock.
The officials take a look at the replay and probably thought of the football non conclusive evidence rule. Butler hits 2 foul shots.
Taylor throws a great pass over the top for an easy Leuer toss in .
Hayword with a long off three.
Evans and JBo combine on a great take away. Marquette went up and could not get over Evans and JBo took it.
Evans misses a shot, and Marquette takes a quick shot and miss on the other end.
Hughes with a nice move but can't finish.
Marquette misses again but gets a tip in.
Hughes on the drive again and gets fouled.
Jason on the inbound hits a nice long 2.
Marquette on another miss and tip in.
Taylor gets fouled on the dribble.
Timeout on the floor.
Badger Score 17 - Marquette 9
Badgers continue to pass well, and Leuer is doing a great job with 9 points and solid defense.
Rob Wilson on the court now.
Taylor drives and can only keep the handle. Taylor on a long three is off.
Jarmusz on the foul down low, his first.
Hayword with a corner three is short.
Nankivil working the dribble for a long time finds JBo and he drains a three.
Marquette works down low and finds a lot of Badgers, poor shot.
Leuer working from 8 feet, and he abuses Marquette again 2 and a foul.
Timeout on the Floor.
Badger Score 23 - Marquette 9
Hayword is left open and he hits.
Hughes is off, Nankivil on the rebound and he gets fouled trying to reset.
Nankivil shooting 1 and 1, hits the first and the second.
Hayward fouled down low with 9 minutes on the clock.
Hayword hits 2 foul shots. 25-13
Badgers work the swing, Hughes doesn't pop on an open three.
Badgers get blocked down low, three seconds on the clock.
Leuer to Jbo to Leuer for 2.
Marquette drives and gets fouled again.
Butler misses the first, hits the second 27-14.
Ryan Evans hits a nice shot, catch and turn from the free throw line.
Marquette working a lot of offense, they are clearly trying to work down low.
Turnover by Marquette down low, and foul on Marquette.
Timeout on the floor.
Badger Score 29 - Marquette 14
Jarmusz hits both on the 1 and 1.
Badgers are shooting 61 percent so far.
Butler hits a leaner.
Badgers working the swing, Evans had a nice idea down low but he is off.
Marquette hits a jumper, nice patience to wait for their shot.
Hughes is fouled on the drive, hits them both.
Marquette working the ball, Hughes picks up a foul down low.
Evans late on the in bound and he gives up a 3.
Leuer losses the dribble and turns it over.
Hughes can't get through a screen and another open 3.
Evans throws it away.
Badger Score 33 - Marquette 24
Evans getting a learning experience here as he hasn't been as sharp as he needs to be and is hurting the Badgers over this stretch. Surprising Bo kept him in there.
Marquette turns it over.
Marquette with heavy ball pressure.
Leuer is long and Hughes picks up his second foul trying to chase the reboun
Jason Bohannon on a nice steal.
The Badgers need to find offense with Hughes on the bench.
Taylor on the dribble, pulls up and hits.
Hayward walked, didn't get called and he hits a runner.
Jason on an ill advised shot.
Marquette hits a quick 3, Odom off the bench has done most of the three point damage for Marquette.
Bohannon fouled away from the ball down low.
Badger Score 35 - Marquette 29
Jason will be shooting 2, rattles in the first misses the second.
Marquette traveled again not called, misses the shot and Marquette gets fouled on the rebound.
Maymon misses the foul shot.
Jbo brings it across. Leuer on an impressive fall away. 38-31.
Hayward misses a three and the Badgers aren't hitting the glass well.
Nice defense by Jbo forces the turnover.
Taylor on one of his great strong drives, finishes with 2.
Marquette misses a long one to end the half.
Wisconsin - Marquette Score 40-31
The Badgers ended the last couple minutes well as they extended the lead back out after it had been whittled to 4. Leuer, Jason Bohannon and Taylor did some nice work over that stretch with Hughes on the game with foul trouble. The Badgers are not getting off screens well in order to get in the face of 3 point shooters and it has been a big problem. Ryan Evans is getting a lot of minutes and it is confusing why as Bo Ryan usually has a quick hook, Evans has not played well as he has failed to close quick enough on the shooter and on offense has had some misadventures on the dribble. Leuer is having a heck of a game on offense with 16 points and doing a solid job on defense.
Hughes sat out the last 4 minutes with foul problems, he has been good on the drive in this game but his shot is off from distance right now, he has only 4 points but has drawn fouls.
Taylor has played a better game thus far as he has been strong on the dribble and finished the half with 6 points. One of the questions that needs to be asked is where did Nanivil go, he has been very silent the last two games.
The Badgers led by 17 at one point, and then had to fend off a big Marquette run fueled by three pointers.
Brett Biellema in the crown, chatting it up.
Second Half
Nankivil on the dribble, and Leuer picks up where he left off turn and shoot for 2.
Jarmusz and Nankivil get confused down low, and Jarmusz fouls.
Marquette shooting 2 Hayward misses the first, hits the second.
Marquette pressures the inbound, Leuer misses the hook draws 3 and Nankivil gets the rebound and is fouled. Hughes is fouled working the dribble.
Nice bounce pass for a Hughes finish.
Hayward traveled again without it getting fouled and hits a runner.
Acker with a foul. Hughes rattles out a three.
Badgers don't close on Hayward and he hits a three.
Hughes on the drive gets fouled, will shoot 2. Misses the first, hits the second.
Wisconsin - Marquette Score 45 - 37
Hayward with another three, to open.
Marquette extends the defense, Badgers get it across and the ball gets kicked.
Taylor in now. Leuer dribbles, drives and hits off the glass.47-40.
Nankivil doesn't close out on Hayward but he misses the 3.
Hughes with nice moves down low to score. 49-40.
Hayward finally called on one of his patented traveling violations.
Timeout on the floor
Leuer has just come out and continued where he left off. Hughes seems to be getting into the flow of the game but his distance shot is still off. Nankivil is not closing out on Hayward giving up 3 point shots. I would guess we will see Evans again in hopes he closes out better. Can't believe how many times Hayward got to travel before it was called.
Taylor hits from 3 in the corner, back to a 12 point lead.
Hughes helps force a turnover.
Hughes with an ugly runner, you don't see many of those. Butler with a foul.
Badgers turn it over out of bounds their 4th.
Butler drives hits, and Leuer fouls.
Marquette pressures the in bound.
Leuer drives and gets fouled, almost got the shot.
Leuer misses the first, and second. Wilson can't get the rebound.
JBo fouls on the penetration. 53-43
Ball is loose underneath and Marquette gets found by Nankivil.
Marquette shooting 2,Buycks hits both.52-45
Hughes back in the game. Jason throws it to the Wisconsin bench.
Wisconsin - Marquette Score 52-45
Marquette travels after a wild possession.
Taylor works with the ball. Taylor gets the ball back from JBo misses a 3.
Badgers don't seem to be working the ball well, JBo misses an open 3.
Leuer on the rejection out of bounds.
Marquette hits another open 3.
Hughes can't hit down low.
Marquette working hard down low hits for 2.
Badgers can't buy a bucket as they miss multiple times down low.
Timeout on the floor.
Wisconsin - Marquette Score 52-49
The Badgers have missed multiple easy shots in the last 2 minutes making this drive possible for Marquette. Hughes was out for a minute and that seemed to help key the run. Nankivil just is not doing his job in this game and it is really beginning to hurt the Badgers.
Hughes picked up his 3rd foul.
Leuer draws a charge, Butler picks up his fourth.
Big possession for the Badgers at the 11 minute mark, they need some good trips down the court.
9-0 run for Marquette. Marquette with heavy ball pressure. JBo misses a bunny.
Marquette with a scud missile of a three.
Badgers having a tough job running the swing.
Taylor with a nice drive and finish. First Badger points in 5 minutes.
Acker drives right through the Badgers for 2.
Leuer is blocked, Marquette picks up a foul on a missed Marquette 3.
Jarmusz shooting a 1 and 1. Hits the first only.
Hayward travels again not called and is fouled. The guy travels every time he touches.
Acker draws a Jarmusz foul on a dribble drive. Jarmusz with 3 fouls.
Acker hits one Ryan Evans back in the game for Leuer.
Taylor with a nice pull up pop and hit.
Evans with a great job of forcing a miss but there is no one to rebound and Marquette puts it back.
Taylor thought he was feeling it but wasn't Evans with a great rebound and put back.
Acker gets called on a charge. Evans really did a good job on the last few possessions.
You have to like Taylor taking some responsibility for trying to get the Badgers going.
Wisconsin - Marquette Score 59-54
Badgers take a lot of time to cross the line. Evans with an open look, but a real flat shot is off.
Jason Bohannon will shoot 2 after being fouled going for the rebound. JBo hits both.
Evans on a nice strip.
Jason misses an open shot. Leuer gets the rebound but has it blocked, it was a clear foul though that wasn't fouled they said he got all ball, but he got more arm than ball.
Marquette picks up a foul on offense and Leuer hits 2 foul shots.
Hughes with a nice strip.
Three guards on the court for the Badgers. Leuer does a nice job finding his shot and hits from 12.
Timeout Marquette 4:45 on the clock
Wisconsin - Marquette Score 65-54
The Badgers went to 3 guards with Leuer and Evans and it played dividends on defense as all the quick hands seemed to fluster Marquette. On the other end the ball isn't going down for anyone but Leuer but the Badgers are getting to the foul line.
Leuer has 24 points and 9 rebounds, as he is hitting inside and outside.
Marquette with the slow dribble.Hayward with an off 3.
Badgers working all the clock and Marquette fouls with 4 seconds on the clock.
Timeout on the court.
Hughes shooting 2, misses both and a Wisconsin foul on the miss.
Evans on the foul. Marquette is shooting 1 and 1, misses the first.
Badgers working clock now, JBo with a poor pass with the clock going down.
Hayward hits from down low.65-56
Marquette pressures the in bound Badgers back to working clock.
Taylor around an out on the shot.
Hayward fouled down low on the quick pass. Taylor picks up his 3rd.
Hayward hits both 2:37 left on the clock.
Hayward with 21 in the game. 65-58.
Hughes drives down low and puts up a wild miss, poor trip.
Acker hits an open 3, how was that so open. 65-61 Hughes lost his man.
Wisconsin - Marquette Score 65-61
Marquette with pressure, Badgers need points.
Jason with an open miss for 3. Hughes gets a big rebound.
Hughes shooting 2, Acker with his 4th foul. Hughes hits both 67-61.
Marquette gets robbed on a dribble drive by the hoop.
Hughes and Taylor on the dribble, Taylor is fouled 1:15 on the clock.
Taylor is only a 52% free throw shooter this year. Taylor hits every part of the rim for the first make, and hits the second.
Marquette shoots a three and misses, Badgers on the rebound and are fouled.
Taylor back at the line and Butler fouls out.
One minute showing on the clock. Taylor hits the front of the iron on the first, Taylor has blood on him and the officials figure out what to do. Taylor needs to come off and Badgers need to call timeout, 30 seconds. Taylor shooting the second after the timeout gets him back on the court.
Taylor rainbows in the foul shot. 70-61.
Evans picks up the foul which hopefully he learns from as it stops the clock.
Marquette hits both, Jarmusz in for Evans.70-63
Hughes gets fouled in the back court, Odom fouls out of the game.
Hughes hits 1, Evans back in. Badgers foul on a Marquette rebound.Maybin misses both foul shots.
Badgers get the ball, Hughes on the dribble is fouled.

Badgers Fast Break Thoughts
Leuer had a heck of a game with the double double (24 points,12 rebounds) and a block. Taylor played better in this game and Jarmusz had some nice silent play. Evans got a lot of minutes and made a lot of mistakes showing how raw he is. Evans though with his hustle did have a direct impact on getting the Badgers win. Jarmusz and Evans got switched out regularly at the end to get Evans on the court for defense. Jason Bohannon can't find his shot but he did much better on defense in this game. Nankivil really struggled with his defense and was a non factor on offense, it might be hard to get Nankivil and Leuer going at the same time as there was no reason not to go to Leuer down low every time. Hughes and Taylor each finished with 13, Bohannon added 8 and Jarmusz and Evans had 5 and 4. Rob Wilson in limited action had 3 and Nankivil had a rough game with 2.


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