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Wisconsin - Duke Live Score,Live Blog

Wisconsin - Duke
Live Score, Live Blog
Time: 8:15 CT

Wisconsin - Duke Score 73-69

Wisconsin Badgers vs Duke Blue Devils
Live Blog

Badgers up early 10 to 5 on the strength of 3 three pointers. 17:27 on the clock.
Fast break chance for the Badgers off of the rebound and Jason lays it in 12-5.
Nankivil picks up a foul on the inbound.
Badgers give up an offensive rebound on the missed layup. Jarmuz cleans the boards on the second chance.
Leuer with the Badgers first miss, tough shot.
Leuer gets a block and a steal.
Three point shot by the Badgers off the front of the rim.
Bad defense by the Badgers gives Scheir an easy two.
Nankivil gets an open three ball down.
Turnover by Duke going back the other way, Duke got a little out of control trying to score quick.
Timeout on the floor. Wisconsin Score 15 - Duke 7
Leuer with a great shot within 12 feet, great movement.
Singler shoots up a running prayer and hits.
Hughes gives up a long shot and hits an easier shot.
Singler heating up as he hits an outside shot.
Hughes tries to draw a foul on a three and doesn't get it. Rebound to Leuer but he doesn't take advantage.
Singler going to work again and is fouled.
Wisconsin 19 - Duke 15
Badgers turnover on the inbound.
Singler on the fall away jumper from long range. He is killing the Badgers.
Nankivil with the big dunk on the great pass from Hughes.
Plumlee inside with the muscle for two and a foul.
Wisconsin 21 - Duke 17
Jordan Taylor with the fancy footwork and the layup.
Singler again keeping Duke in the game.
Bergeren finishes off a dunk after another great bounce pass.
Wisconsin 25 - Duke 19.
Timeout on the court, Badgers foul situation has Jarmusz with 2, Nankivil 1, and Taylor 1.
Offensive foul by Duke.
Badgers look for Ryan Evans on the lob, just off.
Duke can't finish down low, nice hands up defense.
Badgers work the offense but Leuer's shot is off.
Evans is in the game to try and fight off Singler.
Long three by Duke bad miss.
Great offensive rebound by the Badgers, great pass and another dunk.
Duke turns it over.
Badgers loose track of the shot clock and put up an air ball.
Singler again driving and scoring and the foul for 3 points.
JBo rushes a three he probably shouldn't have shot, Nankivil on the rebound and nice pass to Leuer. Leuer gets fouled but misses the first and second.
Fade away by Smith for Duke.
Wisconsin 27 - Duke 24
Hughes drains a very long three, money shot.
Singler misses a three.
Hughes thought he was feeling it again from three, bad shot.
Sheyer with a great pass for an easy dunk.
Nice pass down low gets Duke to foul again.
Timeout. Wisconsin Score 30 - Duke 26
Hughes and Leuer are leading the Badgers scoring with 7 each.
Leuer on nice penetration creating his own shot, misses the roller gets fouled.
Leuer misses another free throw, hits the second.
Singler again driving and scoring, he has 17.
Badgers moving slowly on the offensie end with time going down and get tied up.
Ball back to the Badgers and a good inbound and score.
Poor defense by Leuer gives up two.
Hughes on a good pass to Leuer and he knocks it down.
Badgers pick up a Duke turnover by Sheyer.
Nankivil drains a three after Taylor loses the handle confusing the Duke defense.
Singler trying to do to much on that trip, Badger ball.
JBo pounding the dribble find Hughes inside and he gets blocked, ball back to the Badgers.
Timeout: Wisconsin Score 38 - Duke 30
(The Badger big guys so far are having a great game, Hughes has been solid with the passing and defense as well) Leuer 12, Nankivil 8, Hughes 7, Bohannon 4, Jarmusz 3, Taylor 2, Bergrenn 2.
Bad inbound turnover by the Badgers out of the timeout.
Singler now again trying to do to much.
Badgers on the break find JBo but he rushes a three. Nankivil hits the front of the iron on a shot he always makes.
Badgers good defense forces a turnover.
Sheyer steals the ball and Jordan Taylor fouls him on the fast break.
Sheyer hits both free throws.
Badgers being pressured bringing it across the line.
Kicking on Duke bails out the Badgers. Jason misses another three, this one just off.
Duke hasn't had a field goal in four minutes, but are getting to the charity stripe.
Badgers play solid defense fighting through the screens, and thats the half.

Wisconsin 38 - Duke 32

Second Half

Score: Wisconsin 44 - Duke 38
Smith for Duke on the drive with the floater for 2.
Hughes with a long three, didn't look like a great decision but nothing but net up 7.
Sheyer misses a bunny with some decent Badger defense down low.
Wisconsin Score 47 - Duke 40 Timeout 14:22 on the clock. Leuer and Hughes have 12 each.
Badgers working the offense slowly, Hughes takes a tough fade away and hits hit with shot clock expiring.
Sheyer banks it off the glass for 18 feet.
Poor drive to the hoop for the Badgers, poor trip down the court.
Badgers almost make a nice steal but can't recover in the confusion and leave an open three ball.
Foul on Duke after the score.
Zoubek picks up another quick one on the defensive end. Leuer shooting two and hits them both.
Badgers leave Siegler open for three and he hits it, another broken play opened him up.
Hughes with a big drive and scoop for two.
Foul on the Duke drive to the hoop, Nankivil with the foul thats two for him.
Time out Duke will be shooting two.
Score: Wisconsin 53 - Duke 48
(Badgers have been playing well but the lead has shrunk after a couple of almost steals by the Badgers led to confusion and open looks from beyond the arc.)
Nolen Smith hits both free throws for Duke.
Shot hits the iron on the fade away by Leuer, he probably should have kicked it back out.
Nankivil to slow sliding over for the Siegler drive picks up the foul. Siegler hits both.
Duke down 1.
Taylor with a nice drive to the hoop and lays it off the glass.
Offensive foul underneath on Plumlee and Duke, fourth Duke foul.
Drive to the hoop is to strong but the Badgers slam it home on the rebound.
Another foul on the offensive end by Duke.
Badgers working the swing, JBo misses an open three hard off the back of the iron.
Scheyer on the breakout draws the foul, hits his two shots.
Evans checks into the game.
Leuer passes up a three and almost turns it over on the pass, Scheyer can't save it going out of bounds over the bench.
Bad shot selection by the Badgers after their second chance.
Hughes rushes a shot and Evans tries to rebound but travels falling down.
Bad Duke play on the offensive end and Hughes sprints the other way draws the foul.
Timeout on the floor
Hughes hits both shots.
Score: UW 59 - Duke 54
Siegler misses it on the drive.
Jason is icy as he misses another open three.
Badgers get it back and on the inbound Hughes nails another three.
Duke timeout
Wisconsin Score 62 - Duke 54
Duke works their play and finds an open three, its off Plumlee with the rebound draws the foul.
Deep three ball hard off the back iron by Duke.
Hughes a little hurt and the refs check for blood, no blood.
Nankivil misses his shot. Badgers get a lucky long rebound.
Hughes with another three ball with the shot clock winding down.
Duke rushing now misses their drive.
Duke is fouling now with 4:25 left.
Nankivil misses the front end of a 1 and 1, they can't have that.
Siegler battling to get his shot off and he is fouled.
Siegler hits them both.
Hughes taking a rest, Taylor pounding the ball. Evans with a poor shot selection.
Taylor with a good steal and then he gives it right up giving Dawkins an open three.
Score: Wisconsin 65 - Duke 59
(Badgers really missed their chance by missing their last two free throws, it could have turned into three points and might have been an emotional dagger to Duke.)
Jason hits two big free throws.
Badgers leave Dawkins open from three again, and he hits again.
Score: UW 67 - Duke 62, 3 minutes left.
Leuer misses a shot close, that is one Leuer usually makes.
Great defense by Leuer down low turns Duke over.
Badgers pounding the ball, don't get a shot off blocked at the end.
Dawkins on another three.
Badgers again working the clock. Leuer just off on a deep three. Rebound goes to Taylor and he is tied up. Still Badger ball.
Duke on a 11 - 2 run and now just 2 off of Dawkins threes.
Taylor working the clock, misses hard off the glass.
Duke can take the lead with 37.5 seconds left in the game.
Need the stop here, Siegler drives to the hoop and Evans plays great defense and gets him to make a poor shot and he gets the rebound. Evans even got it to Bohannon. JBo fouled.
Jason hits both free throws.
Hughes fouls Duke for the worst possible thing he could have done.
Scheyer hits his first foul shot and hits both.
Badgers are able to get the inbound and get it up the court, Leuer gets it and gets fouled.
leuer misses the first, hits the second.
Badgers let Duke drive to the hoop and Duke gets it in after a couple tries at tipping it in.
Badgers need to inbound and they are up 1.
Foul on Hughes on the inbound, 4.9 on the clock.
Hughes shooting two, hits the first and second.
Duke throws it away on the inbound.
Badgers need to inbound, Taylor shooting 2 shots, hits the first misses the second.

BADGERS Win - BIG TEN Wins the Challenge

Wisconsin - Duke Score 73-69

Students rush the court.

Badger Fast Break Pre Game Thoughts:

1. It seems that most fans and pros are in two camps on this game, either the Badgers will get blown out like two years ago or Duke will win by 3 at the Kohl Center.

2. The reason for optimism for the Badgers comes from Dukes slower style of play this year, due to less athletic players and of course because it is the Kohl Center and not Cameron Indoor.

3. There maybe more riding on this game than the final score as the number 1 recruit in the nation in 2012 J.P. Tokoto will be at the Kohl Center. A good impression might go along way to selling Tokoto on the Badgers.

4. It will be interesting to see how the Badgers big Leuer and Nankivil hold up against the Duke bigs. A key to a Badgers victory is to get Duke into foul trouble early inside, the worse possible scenario is that Leuer gets in foul trouble. Look for Mike B. to have a coming out party in front of the home crowd against Duke, Mike proved in Hawaii that he belongs.

5. The Badgers will need for the guards to have a good night, they need to be on for a UW win. The Badgers simply need to shoot the ball well from beyond the arc tonight, otherwise it is over.


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