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UW Badger Basketball:Wisconsin vs Ohio State Score,Live Blog

UW Badger Basketball
Wisconsin vs Ohio State
Wisconsin vs Ohio State Score: 65-39 Final
(Badger recap at the bottom)

Badger Live Blog:
The Badgers are looking to start off their Big Ten conference schedule on the right foot, after save the loss to UW GB having a terrific non conference run to start the year. Ohio State will be playing this game without junior guard and team leader Evan Turner who is still out with an injury (fractured vertebrae).

Ohio State wins the tip and hits a quick 3.
Badgers work the swing Leuer is off from mid range.
Badgrs play good defense and force a three.
JBo jacks up an early three to strong.
More good Badger defense forces a jump ball.
Great pass down to Leuer but he lost it going up.
Badgers force a tough shot down low, Nankivil clears the glass.
Hughes gets fouled with 1 second on the clock, Hughes hits 2.
Badger score 2 OSU 3
Nice touch by Buford on the jumper.
Badgers working the swing all the way to 7 and find Nankivil for the easy bucket.
Lighty hits the basket and misses the and 1 on the Leuer foul.
Jordan Taylor checks into the game.
Trevan Hughes hits a 3 from Milwaukee.
Badger score 7 OSU 7
Ohio State walking violation
Taylor brings it all the way up, drives and just misses the runner.
Leuer picks up his second foul on the rebound, and that is a problem.
Leuer two fouls with 15:51 left on the clock.
So who will step up for Leuer look for Evans to come in the game.
Evans does check in. Badger guards working hard on defense.
Nankivil gets beat but Lauderdale can't hit.
Badgers use the swing to get Evans an easy 2 down low, nice poise by Evans.
Good Badger defense down low but Hughes saves the ball to OSU and Nankivil has to foul.
OSU hits 1, ugly foul shouts.
Badger Score 9 - OSU 8
OSU Foul there third.
Hughes with another long three, this one from the wing.
Late on the help Buford hits a runner.
Taylor with a bad three.
Buford puts up an absolute brick.
Nankivil on the 10 footer for the wing.
Good d down low by Evans. Buford hits with 3 seconds on the clock.
Evans on a turn around, not the shot the Badgers want.
Hughes steals the ball on the rebound and lays it in.
Simmons misses on an open 3.
Hughes drains another 3.
Badger score 19 - OSU 12
They are on their feet in Madison.
Badgers block the shot down low.
(Hughes has been on fire so far in this game and it is needed with the early loss of Leuer to foul trouble, Nankivil seems to be playing hard early and Evans has played solid defense)
Badgers are working on a 15 to 5 run, Hughes has 13 points.
10 minutes on the clock. Rob Wilson hits an open 3 after Taylor draws everyone on the drive.
Diebler misses on a three, Badger ball.
Nankivil hits an open three, and that was nothing but net.
The fans are on their feet again.
Badgers working hard on defense force another shot.
Hughes puts it up to fast.
OSU on the break and the Badgers recover, out of bounds OSU.
Buford misses and Nankivil clears.
JBo hits a runner he shouldn't have taken.
Taylor picks up a foul as OSU went quick the other way. Should have been a travel.
Another OSU miss from 3.
Taylor drives, he has been a little out of control. Evans puts up a long shot no good(someone must have told him to shoot more, because he is taking shots we haven't seen him take in games).
Badgers on the steal, run the break to Taylor and he hits the layup and 1 coming.
Badgers up 15.
Badger score 28 OSU score 12
Badgers trapping on defense, Badgers bails out OSU with a foul with 2 seconds on the shot.
Taylor on the foul, boy they played good defense before that.
Hill hits 2 foul shots.
Jbo works the clock all the way down to 2 and hits a 12 footer straight away.
Buford off the heel. Hughes throws it away on the break.
Buford is off on an open three and he is icy right now.
Wilson dribbles for 15 seconds and can't get off a shot, shot clock violation.
Why Wilson had the ball so long no one will know.
Open 3 for Hill, and he hits.
Badger score 30 - OSU 17
Evans hits a turnaround from 10. Badgers working the clock all the way to 3 seconds again.
Good Badgers defense forces a turnover out of bounds.
Badger score 32 - OSU 17, Timeout
Badgers working clock, Hughes misses a layup with 2 seconds on the clock.
They call Evans on a foul down low, questionable call.
Lighty misses the first, hits the second.
Evans put up a bad shot down low, he rushed when he didn't need to, should have kicked it back out.
Evans on good defense forces an OSU inbounds.
Hughes is late on the defense and OSU hits a three.
Blocking foul on Hill.
Badgers score 32 - OSU 21
Badgers have trouble with the inbound, almost loose it. Need to inbound again and loses it.
Easy 2 the other way.
Badgers don't get a shot off, almost a shot clock violation but it was stolen.
Evans is hurting the team right now on the offensive end.
Jbo picks up a blocking foul, his first foul.
Diebler hits 2 foul shots.
Badgers working for the last shot, Hughes on the dribble. OSU gives a foul.
Simmons picks up his third foul, as Taylor drives.
Taylor with a 1 and 1, hits both.
Badger score 34 - OSU 25

Halftime Thoughts:
The Badgers didn't finish out the half well as OSU went on an 11 to 4 run to cut the lead to single digits. The run seemed to be sparked as the Badgers left the swing offense instead working the clock all the way down inside 5 seconds on every possession. Ryan Evans to often found himself with the ball inside of 7 seconds, and he is not the Badgers best option in this situation. Evans was forced to play almost the entire first half due to the quick foul trouble by Leuer. It will be interesting to see if Leuer can work himself into this game in the second half. The Badgers were able to build a 16 point lead in the first half with Hughes's 3 point shooting and solid team defense. One of the interesting points of the first half is that OSU was the first team into the bonus on foul shots, and it is still hard to believe that happened with the Badgers solid defense.
So ESPN had an interesting piece on Tom Izzo, and while most Badger fans don't like Izzo it was interesting to learn his prized possession is a 1960 Green Bay Packer autographed ball.

Second Half
OSU turns it over on their first possession, bad pass.
Leuer from way,way,way downtown and he hits.
Lighty misses a quick shot.
Leuer almost hit from 12 feet.
Diebler with to quick of a three try.
Nankivil puts up a bad three early in the clock.
Badgers pick up a charge .
Hughes with a great pass down low to Leuer, foul on Lauderdale.
Leuer hits both, he now has 5 points early in the half.
Badger score 39 - OSU 25
Buford gets a curling runner.
Jbo gets trapped, Badgers continue the offense and Nankivil with a nice finish down low.
Buford walks, it isn't called and the Badgers foul him. Buford misses 2.
Jbo with a quick 3 miss.
Taylor with a steal and he misses a 3 on the other end, he didn't set his feet.
Diebler misses a three.
Leuer does a very good job of drawing a foul from Lauderdale.
Leuer gets the shooter roll on the first, drains the second.
Badger score 43 - OSU 27
Lighty misses a 3 and Buford can't hit the put back.
Leuer hits from 12 on the wing.
Lighty hits a three to stop the run
Hughes loses the ball.
Quick shot by OSU and they lose the rebound out of bounds.
Badgers get JBo a good look and he rims it in and out. Evans with great work on the rebound keeps it alive. Badgers turn it over and OSU can't convert on the bunny.
Taylor hits a long three, with Leuer and Taylor working a 2 man game.
Fans on their feet.
Buford can't hit, Badgers run and slow it down.
JBo misses a long 3, Badgers get the rebound.
Leuer with an incredible drive for the highlight real.
The fans are on their feet again, and OSU takes a long time thinking about it and finally calls timeout as they need to talk and at least quite the crowd.
OSU down 20 as Leuer has helped the Badgers go to town on them over the last couple of minutes.
Badger score 50 OSU 30
Badger fans still making noise. Ryan Evans picks up a foul, that was almost a great play by Evans.
Lighty hits 2 foul shots.
OSU with a full court press, Badgers break it.
Taylor hits a falling 3 with no time on the clock.
Lauderdale misses inside and kicks it out of bounds.
OSU still pressing, Badgers break and run the swing.
Hughes misses and hasn't scored in 20 minutes now.
Hughes picks up his first foul. Buford hits quickly on the inbound.
Hughes gets fouled with 6 seconds on the clock. Hughes hits 1.
Badger score 54 - OSU 34
Badgers force a clock violation, with solid defense.
Jarmusz has a three rim in and out.
OSU tries an alleyoop and can't connect.
Taylor fouled on a drive, nice pass to him down low. Taylor hits 1.
Buford hits a jumper on a nice design play.
Hughes lays it in on the nice pass down low by Leuer.
Buford out with a leg injury.
OSU misses a three Hughes fouls on the put back. OSU hits both.
Badgers run the swing, foul away from the ball on OSU. Hughes rims out a three.
Jbo fouls on the perimeter, and the Badgers have been a little careless fouling in this game.
Blocking foul down low on the Badgers, their 7th.
Diebler hits 1.
Badgers break the press, and start running clock. Jason finally hits on a long three.
Badger score 60 - OSU 39
OSU quick miss, Badgers miss a quick 3 (why?)
Diebler with a nice step back shot.
Hughes penetrates and kicks to Jason and he hits another 3.
Fans on their feet in Madison and vocal.
Foul on Hughes. OSU misses the front end of a 1 and 1.
Bad pass on the Badgers turns it over, nice defense on the fast break.
Diebler with a miss off the inbounds pass.
Jbo misses the front end of a 1 and 1.
OSU misses and easy one down low after a nice pass.
OSU foul, Wilson hits 2.
Badgers clear the bench with 2 minutes on the clock.
Badger score 65 - OSU 41
Bergeren,Valentyne,Fahey,Mike B.,Smith.
Badgers foul down low. Lane violation on the miss and another brutal miss.
Badgers running the swing with the bench, get blocked.
OSU pounding the dribble, and Simmons hits a jumper for OSU's first bench points.
Badgers turn it over working the swing.
Valentyne draws a charge, and the Badgers run the clock out.
Badgers score 65- OSU 43

UW Badger Basketball Fast Break Thoughts:
This game was all Badgers from the get go as Hughes got off to a nice start from 3 point land, in the second half Leuer led the early charge and the Badgers were able to coast from there. The Badgers just played a very solid fundamental this afternoon and were fairly hot from the field with the exception of JBo. One of the stories of the game is the number of minutes that Evans got in the first half with Leuer in very early foul trouble. Evans looked to try and score much more than in past games and had mixed results, but I am sure it will help his progression as a scorer. What was that about the Badgers being the 8th best team in the conference again, they pounded on Ohio State start to finish and if you don't think they have talent they held the OSU bench to two points scored in the final minute (21 bench points for the Badgers). The Badgers are a deep team right now as some of the younger players like Evans,Taylor and Wilson are stepping up their game. It is true that Ohio State was without their best player Evan Turner, but if he would of played he would have had to of had a super human effort to keep Ohio State in the game. Jump around because the Badgers jumped all over OSU again and again.

Hughes 16,Taylor 12,Leuer 11,Nankivil 9,Bohannon 8,Wilson 5,Evans 4. Badgers shot 46% from the field and 47% from three. Badgers won on the boards 31 to 23.

Buford led the Buckeyes with 14. OSU shot 32% from the field and 30% from three.

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