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Wisconsin vs Michigan Game 2009: Quick Hits

Wisconsin vs Michigan Game 2009
Quick Hits

First off this is the last game at Camp Randall for the senior class. The 2009 senior class has led this team admirably this year from the field and the locker room and deserves a strong showing of support on game day.

1. The Badgers hung on by the skin of their teeth last week as they allowed huge chunks of passing yardage through the air. In particular Niles Brinkley was beat on two throws including a touchdown that he had decent position on and it looked like he went for picks instead of making sure the receiver didn't catch it. That needs to change this week against Michigan, it is great to be a playmaker but you don't want to make plays for the other team.

2. Aaron Henry who started out the year as one of the starting corner backs has been moved to safety and this moves seems permanent. Henry was coming off of major surgery this year and looked tentative when he got the chance to start, my guess is that the coaches also realized he lost just enough of a step in speed from the injury to warrant a shift to safety. Henry wasn't initially happy by the move but this looks like his best shot to get on the field, it will be interesting to see if he gets a shot against Michigan.

3. John Clay last we saw him was running through ample holes and creating all sorts of havoc for the Indiana defense with his patience and then power. Unfortunately he had a head related injury that kept him out of the second half, but still finished with over 100 yards. Clay wasn't named as a finalist this week for the Doke Walker Award but you can count on him being one next year. It would have been interesting to see if a 200 yard game last week would have been enough to get him named, but it wasn't to be. Look for Clay to have his work load at about 20-25 carries as Ball proved last week he should get some carries going forward.

4. Michigan is in a downward spiral that is now two years old and the Badgers need to take advantage this year after last years crushing loss. Almost all of the national analysts are pointing to a UW win in Madison, but this game could become challenging. One of the keys for the Badgers should be to get up big in the game early, if this happens look for the UW crowd to get into the game big time as everyone is looking for some payback. Michigan hasn't won a road game this year and when the crowd got into it against Illinois they folded up shop and went home a loser.

5. Embattled coach Rich Rodriguez is on the record of saying that his Michigan squad is a little undersized on defense this year. All true fans of the Badgers know what that means, a lot Clay first downs and time of possession numbers for the Badgers which are down right scary. It is true that Jake Bscherer will be starting with big Oglesby out with an injury sustained against Indiana, the line has improved every week and while this is a speed bump the Badgers won't lose much with Bscherer in over Oglesby. Josh doesn't figure to play at all against Michigan so redshirt freshman Rich Wagnor appears to be the next man in.

6. Michigan looks to be starting Denard Robinson at QB this week over Forcier, look for the Badgers defensive play makers to be licking their chops as Robinson's nickname is rumored to be the turnover machine.

7. Chris Boreland is the best thing to happen to the Wisconsin defense/special teams sense Jimmy Leonard hands down. Last week he even ended up returning some kickoffs that went short, it would be great to see him back to return the kicks but he has become to valuable to risk injury.

8. Extra Point is Good - The Badgers are going to beat Michigan this year, but there will be no tearing down the goal posts as Michigan is one bad team and the Badgers lost to Ohio State and Iowa. What could have been, at least the Badgers are looking good for a 10 and 2 season and it is becoming clear that the program is headed in the right direction.


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